Branding Photo Shoot of Shoes

Branding Photo Shoot of Shoes

Photography is the simple way to attract the customers towards your product. It creates positive shopping experiences for your customers. Sheen and poorly-lit product photographs will likely keep customers away, but if you add few necessary elements required in product photography then your product may start to sell itself. Product photography is the heart of e commerce.

While shooting every type of product, it has some instructions which are to be followed. You should ensure that you never lay a product flat. This is about fashion photography. In jewellery photography, the focus should be accurate. Similarly, footwear or shoe photography has certain rules which we will discuss here.

Never lay footwear flat: Laying footwear flat gives the impression of being lifeless. Such images don’t provide much information about your product and thus create the barrier for customers in making a purchase decision.

Make sure that your shoes look it’s best and lively as if being worn by somebody. You can easily show the shape and design of your footwear by stuffing it with paper or just tying your shoe and hold it in the air. The customer should feel like he/she is holding the product in his/her hand.

Avoid cluttered backgrounds: Cluttered backgrounds create distractions and shift the focus from what you actually want customers to look at i.e. product. Keep things clean and simple to draw the greatest attention to your footwear. In e commerce, your photograph means business. If it gets wrong your business gets wrong.

Harsh light is a big NO-NO: N Harsh light highlight imperfections in the product. So we highly recommend you not to use harsh light. Use soft light or even natural light will do.

Avoid soft focus: Soft focus is not recommended in product photography/ e commerce photography. Soft focus does not allow customers to see all the details they want to see before making the purchase decision.

Provide many angles: One of the very common and biggest mistakes is displaying very fewer angles of the product. Customers want to see the product from all the possible angles. Think of a scenario when a customer visits a shop to buy a pair of shoes, he/she holds the shoes and examines it from 360 degrees. The Same logic applies here at e commerce. Provide as many angles as possible to give real and smooth experience to the customer.

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