Roto Photography

I am sure that all must be wondering and are eager to know about this new technique “Roto” photography.  A Roto can be described as a sequence of still images that are sewed together to generate a 3D interactive presentation of a product. The sequence images are of high definition images of your actual products […]

Global Ecommerce: No boundaries, just customers

  Global Ecommerce sales have increased steadily since 2010. However, according to a recent report by the Ecommerce Foundation, this trend is not expected to continue. A growth rate of +17% is forecast and a global B2C Ecommerce turnover of $2,251bn. This growth rate is still significant but is nothing like those we have seen so […]

5 Tips for Choosing a Product Photography Service

  Do you want your product photography project to be a success? If so, you will need to choose the right photography company. A good photography service provider will ensure that your photo requirements are met and that your project is delivered on time and within budget. We’ve put together these seven tips on how […]

Different types of product photography

Many professional product photographers understand which components make an impressive product photograph. When taking a product photo, some of the basics include using a tripod, knowing how to use the correct settings on your camera (changing the aperture), and utilizing the background. Creating eye-catching product images could help your website appear more attractive to your […]

5 Best DSLR Camera for Beginners

If you want to buy a camera for someone who likes photography but who doesn’t want too much options or settings in the menu this selection is for you! Canon EOS 100D 18.0 MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm STM Lens Kit   37,000/- Rupees It is one of the most compact DSLR camera there […]

Knolling Photography

From the word knolling, one might think that it has nothing to do with e-commerce or commercial photography, but it is one of the fastest trending photography this year.  Implementing knolling photography not only puts you on trend, it could be just the style you need to show off your brand image and products. The […]