Ecommerce Photography – Is image quality the only consideration in product photography?

Ecommerce Photography – Is image quality the only consideration in product photography?

E-commerce Photography – is image quality the only consideration in product photography?

What is effective e-commerce photography?

First of all, it’s about photography that consistently shows products in a way that demonstrates the quality of each and every item.  It’s a set of images that consistently imparts maximum information about the product in a way that emphasizes certain characteristics of the item, like detail, shape, color, and texture.  Attention to detail is most important in the production of images. It demonstrates a pride in your business, a precursor to developing trust and confidence in a prospective customer. The effectiveness of e-commerce photography can be judged by its ability to sell the product. In a highly competitive market, your photographer needs to raise your profile and make sure your products are seen as far more attractive than your competitors. In short, each and every image must have a direct and beneficial effect on the ‘basket’.

E-commerce photography and its relationship with design

Only photography is not enough for success. The concept, design, and ease of use of your website will be critical. A well designed professional looking site with excellent product photography will maximise your impact with consumers, collectively giving you the best chance of converting interest to sales. Content and style are therefore all important and will need careful and detailed planning.

Planning considerations

Your product type, whether it’s something that fills a basic need or is something that’s aspirational, will go a long way in determining the look and style of your website.  Studying your sales demographics will provide answers as to how to appeal to your target market.  Looking closely at your competition will give you an insight on how to raise your profile and stand out from the crowd.  It’s not, however, only a question of looking good but also of understanding consumers’ needs, the benefits you have to offer and assessing what will motivate the customer to press the purchase button. All these considerations will have a bearing on the quality, style, content and look of your photography.

E-commerce photography – other considerations

In order to drive sales, there is little point in producing inferior images which will struggle to compete effectively in the market place. The approach and design of these images should be capable of giving you a competitive edge. Certainly, for a business specializing in desirable items, your photography needs to be of the highest aspirational quality. For a business set up to meet the demands of consumers’ basic needs, the photography must be, clean, crisp, detailed and consistent in its approach. On all types of product, it’s the consistency across the whole site which enhances the feeling of quality. From a customer’s perspective, your site is only as good as the worst attribute on it. One bad or mediocre image or a difficult to navigate a site is all it takes for a consumer to lose confidence and with the push of a single key, turn to your competitor.

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