Essential Elements to Your Brand’s e-commerce Style Guide

Essential Elements to Your Brand’s e-commerce Style Guide

Regularly updating and developing through experience an e-commerce style guide make sure that you are able to provide the finest experience to clients even when they do not purchase in person.

The e-commerce style guide is the pictorial representation of the DNA of your brand. It is the appearance and atmosphere that keeps your existing and future clients involved with your brand — your style guide figures your army. Generating and sustaining this guide needs creativity, strong decision-making, and buy-in from executives. For guiding, here is a list of the basic requirements of what an e-commerce style guide should comprise of.

Photography: Professional images grab the attention of customers while they browse your merchandise. The style guide should include standards for lighting, background, editing and other necessary factors that come into play during the photography process.

Voice: An online brand must convey its own point of view that gives the brand a unique personality and your e-commerce style guide should have a definitive explanation of what the brand voice is. In the race of long run, it saves time and work and greatly helps onboarding new employees, like copywriters, who will need to communicate your voice.

Typography: Even though it looks like a less important element, the font style of your website must be sensibly selected to match the whole brand personality. Consider the impressions that certain types of fonts might leave and omit the ones that don’t coordinate.

Colours: Colours bring about emotions and can connect different meanings depending on the power of your brand. The colours you select for your website should bring about a common connection between your brand and potential customer and this will help to tell customers what you are all about. Normally, the palette comprises 5 different colours that can be used throughout your website.

Logo: A logo is considered as one of the major identification factors of your brand. If different versions of the brand logos are used, the style guide should offer all probable options and classify uses for the diverse logos.

Your online business style guide should be renovated at least once a year or as every year has different trends. Without coming up with customer trends and adding new features, your e-commerce business may seem outdated. Since it is important to be a constantly developing brand, an e-commerce style guide allows you to keep records of the changes your online business is going through. The reputation of your brand is a crucial part of keeping your teams aligned and ensuring the best representation of your business is on your e-commerce website.

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