Product photography can appear like a scary prospect and it’s definitely not something that everybody gets right the first time. A high-quality product picture can accomplish numerous things however, it most importantly needs to attract attention, interest the prospective buyers, and embody your business and product in a positive way. Similar to the rest of your online store or website, your product photographs should also appear 100% professional. Here are 5 important ways to sharpen your ecommerce product photography:

Use a clean, consistent backdrop

Regardless of what technology you employ, it is advisable to use a clean and consistent backdrop. White is the standard background shade for shooting product photography however, products seem to stand out more when displayed on a contrasting backdrop. In addition, it is good to eliminate a hard 90-degree edge in the background – this can be achieved by using an ‘infinity’ or ‘seamless’ background approach. The automated background removal and replacement tool in the Shutter Stream and Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography programs can help automate this process.

If you are shooting identical products in diverse flavors, colors, etc., ensure there is evenness in how the pictures are shot.

Do not overlook the details

When clients shop around your site, they seek to collect as much information regarding your products as possible. Given that nearly all online shopping limits your guests to visual communication, you need to ensure customers can view each feature of the product being displayed.

This can be achieved by using a series of images shot at different angles and prospective.

Show the product in operation and get imaginative with it!

Does your product include any key attributes that differentiate it from your competition? If your bags are recognized for their changeable bands and that’s something that’s mentioned in the product description, illustrate it with images! Visual communication is a much more powerful form of communication versus text.

Use a tripod

What most people don’t know is that a tripod can save you time, while improving image quality and making the process easier. You do not have to spend a lot of money for one and it always gives a good return on investment. While taking a professional photo, even the smallest of movements can blur your shot, and utilizing a tripod can keep this from happening. It can also assist you to take photos from uncomfortable angles.

Use macro mode or macro lens for small objects

If your camera boasts a macro mode, make use of it. Alternatively, if using a DSLR, use a macro lens for small objects under 1.5 x 1.5 inches. Macro mode is ideal for close-ups, permitting in depth focus from small distances and also a higher resolution result (camera is able to get closer to the object to fill up the screen).

Use these tips while taking your product photos and you will end up with better looking photos that you can use to improve your visitors’ user experience and subsequently improve conversions.

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