5 ways of keeping your digital images safe

  1. Copyright

In order to protect your picture copyrighting is the simplest way and it is a good way of protecting your images. What many photographers fail to realize that if you fail to copyright your photographs then your pictures are open to the public and can be distributed freely.

In order to copyright your image, a number of tactics can be done. The format that you should claim should go as follows: the universally recognized symbol ©, the word copyright, or at least an abbreviation, followed by your name and the date. This symbol can have used a text or a watermark on your image. Copyright means this image can’t be redistributed without giving credit to the image taker.

  1. Establishing Permissions

Mostly photographer creates a work that other may need to use. This could come under a private license that photographers need if they need to get hired for work, where you contractually sign away your rights to the image or distribution under Creative Commons.

Establishing the right of an image means successfully protecting your images and its accompanying permissions for the task. Here are the frequent options available.

Commercial – Commercial photography is defined as any photography that is used for marketing or advertising purposes.

Editorial – Editorial photography can be referred to photography that is done for educational or journalistic reasons. Print media generally requires this kind of license

Retail – Retail photography is usually created for the buyer’s personal use. This license can be used for weddings, portraits, creative art, etc.

Creative Commons – Creative Commons are free licenses that can tell how the image can be used. Varying of how you use it, it can be of nonprofit.

  1. showcasing your pictures online.

The biggest threat that photographers face is that getting your pictures stolen sometimes you watermark your pictures with your name but that can be removed and it’s impossible to know when people are trying to download your picture. If u somehow manage to figure out how can you stop anonymous download what can u do about the screenshot?

However, these are simple tricks to reduce the unwanted distribution of work:

Low resolution – it can particularly stop your images to getting blown, like people won’t download it and print it or put it somewhere.

Tiling – turning your pics into pieces and putting it on your website it can unlikely reduce the chance of getting your work stolen and thieves would avoid downloading all the pic and putting them together by themselves.

  1. Running Your Website

For any photographer hoping to step their legs in the industry, having a website is a must. However, even if you manage to keep your pictures safe from downloading from domain, there may be other threats that you can run into.

Hackers are accessible to your work through the admin panel and this can cause some serious trouble. Hackers will target you, if you are a well-known artist. Or your work is in trend.

Malware can be very dangerous for your site, it can altogether steal your work or corrupt it or destroy it. Malware can affect your computer as well, they can have transferred into your computer through an infected website.

There is no such foolproof way to deal with these internet viruses but, there are few tactics that you can employ to decrease your risk.

– password protect – make sure, that your website password is protected if you want to avoid and make sure password is not easy to crack, use over eight characters and try to use different symbols and numbers to make it strong.

– stay up to date – make sure that your operating system is up to date, the browser you are using is up to date and WordPress or whatever software are you using

  1. why not to use cloud storage?

The biggest problem is that some photographers prefer to store their data online. But it’s very risky, as mostly online content can be accessed by hackers. they gain easily gain access via public WIFI.

If you let your data to be stored online they can easily steal it or publish it somewhere.

How can you prevent it?

-Change password regularly

-Keep check on your post

-Keep your copies in hard drive rather than

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