80+ Tools That Can Help You Sell On E-commerce Sites

As soon as you’ve begun selling on Amazon, your next job is to boost your sales. For this, you might need a small assistance.  There is a lot to monitor, a lot to handle, and too much to do as an Amazon seller. If you’re looking to scale your profits quickly, these are the Amazon Seller Tools that will make all the difference.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of tools available in the market. It would be an excellent idea to familiarise yourself with all these tools so you can make an educated decision about which ones you need to use. You might have come across some of these tools at some point, while others, you probably have never heard of. New tools are popping up every day to do everything from tracking your listings for malicious modifications to product launching tools. In this guide, we will cover some of the best Amazon tools available.

Here’s my comprehensive list of 80 Plus Best Amazon Seller’s Tools.

  1. Payability

Payability offers daily money flow to e-Commerce Sellers so they can purchase more inventory, and receive the best deals from suppliers. Rather than waiting weeks to get earnings, you can get your earnings as quickly as in 24 hours.

  1. Sellercare

SellerCare specializes in reinstating suspended Amazon accounts. They examine all of a seller’s notices, metrics, and account details and then produce a tailored appeal for every case. SellerCare manages suspensions as a result of high ODR, erroneous listing against detail pages, used sold as new, counterfeit claims, brand removals, and other kinds of Amazon seller account suspensions.

  1. Bindwise

Bіndwіѕе is a tracking tool for Amazon sellers. It is an MWS software, meaning that Amazon is letting them use their real-time information to provide you with fantastic KPIs and panels of their performance of your business. That means you саn bе ѕurе that you are not рuttіng your Amаzоn account аt ѕuѕреnѕіоn-rіѕk.

  1. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout reveals to you which of your products can potentially make you money on Amazon. Their extension assists sellers make decisions based on real data and not intuitions. With the click of a button, you can see a product’s estimated monthly sale, Best Seller Rank, revenue, and other standards which are essential in identifying lucrative opportunities. You can filter, arrange, and export these data to CSV files to aggregate and organize key data points to accelerate and inform your Amazon product research.

  1. Amachete

Amachete has quite a few FBA features to offer, but its real power lies in its own excellent PPC optimization panel. Among its standout features is the capability to see time trends concerning the products that you are selling. If you can spot the times your traffic isn’t buying, you can utilize Amachete to stop your PPC campaigns temporarily.

  1. AMZTracker

AMZTracker is a suite of tools that provides commendable rank monitoring attributes.

It offers a pleasant, clean interface that provides you with an excellent summary of precisely what your competitors are doing and how it’s affecting their rankings. This is helpful when you want to pick out advertising trends and respond accordingly.

  1. AMZShark

AMZShark offers a good rank tracking tool as a part of the suite of products for FBA. While their monitoring service does not include lots of frills, it does exactly what you’d expect it to. A clean interface, easy to follow tutorials, instant assistance from the team, and intuitive functionality

  1. CashCowPro

CashCowPro is a tool that is going to appeal to you if you enjoy lots of data and can sit down to crunch the numbers to calculate precisely what is working and what isn’t. Mostly, CashCowPro presents Net Profit amounts and calculates your ROIs from the data. This is a beautiful summary and offers a firm ‘health check’ for your FBA enterprise.

  1. CamelCamelCamel

Choose any Amazon product, and it’ll show you sales rank and cost history.

This tool is more for buyers than sellers, but it can be somewhat helpful if you’re searching for a completely free alternative to JungleScout. The sad part is that you will need to do your own sales estimates.

  1. Salesbacker

Salesbacker lets you set up automated emails to buyers, which you can use to solicit product reviews or collect marketing information about your products.

  1. Sellerapp

Input a keyword, select a category, listing quality score, amount of sellers – and you’ll find a list of products that fit this criterion. Sellerapp is very similar to the JungleScout web app but contains fewer features. It is also possible to check the random Product Ideas section, which can be quite fun to look through. You can select either BSR Movers, New Arrivals, Trending, or Most Wished, and you’ll find a list of arbitrary products in arbitrary categories.

  1. Sellics

Sellics is a robust All-in-One tool that unites everything a seller needs to be successful on Amazon. Key features of Sellics include a PPC Manager (manage your Sponsored Product campaigns right from Sellics), a profit dashboard, a keyword rank optimizer, competitor tracking, and much more. They also provide a clear picture of your important SKU wellness stats so that you can handle product performance in real-time. Your prices are also reduced by relieving the requirement for individual Amazon software tools.

  1. Asinhunt

Asinhunt is a web app, in which you put in your keyword, and it presents you with a list of outcomes, quite similar to JungleScout, with their BSR, variety of sellers, and Cost.

  1. AmazeOwl

A wonderful custom-made tool, to help you find new products to sell. Works somewhat similar to JungleScout, in a sense that it detects what’s currently selling well on Amazon. The free version of this tool is filled with features.

  1. Shopkeeper

You can observe daily sales profit, and get informed with a ‘Kachiing’ sound every time a new sale comes in. Additionally, dashboard widgets show you:

Just how much money will probably soon be coming in from Amazon

Record earnings, your top sellers, profit margins

Your target daily gains and how much% you achieved

  1. AMZ Refund

AMZ Refund is an Amazon seller tool that helps discover qualified reimbursements. FBA Inventory Reimbursements are tough to see. If you sell on Amazon with FBA, then you’re probably owed money for ruined, lost, along with many others because of Amazon mistakes. AMZRefund is an Amazon seller tool made just for this difficulty.

  1. Refunds Manager

Utilizing your Amazon account MWS credentials, the Refunds Manager will identify Items That are damaged or missing, Find orders not credited or over credited to the customer, Locate Overdue returns, open a case with Amazon. As soon as they find these scenarios, they will personally and manually file claims on your behalf, monitoring your case from start to finish and making sure that your account will be credited the money that Amazon owes you. 5000+ Amazon sellers trust the tool and, all of the refund claims are filed manually, keeping you in line with Amazon TOS.

  1. Listing Eagle

If you would like to jump on hijacking attempts instantly, then Listing Eagle is exactly what you need. It guarantees 24/7 real-time alerts sent by email, SMS text message, or both. Listing Eagle provides you with auto-generated letters which are pre-populated together with the appropriate information, letting you issue the relevant cease notifications instantly. Each of the letters is customizable that allows you to include whatever you want to the templates that are already excellent.

  1. AMZAlert

AMZAlert is an Amazon seller software that tracks all your ASINs and tracks sellers‘ Amazon listings, and automatically sends alerts by SMS or email when it finds hijackers, product suppression, negative reviews, title changes, category changes, and much more.

  1. Kenji ROI

Kenji ROI believes itself to be a one-stop-shop for all your listing creation requirements. And they surely deliver on that front. They break down their service into four components: copywriting, photography, videos, and Enhanced Brand Content.

  1. AMZ Insight

Utilise AMZ Insight to monitor the performance of your organically searched keywords, analyzing which product is ranked in addition to which market and from which seller. They also offer an Amazon Price Tracker, Best Seller Rank Tracker, & Amazon Revenue / Estimation.

  1. Refund Retriever

Refund Retriever is helpful for every company that sends out shipments. Having to manage shipping partners is most likely the least favorite part of being in business for many, many Amazon sellers. Even the most excellent Amazon seller tools cannot save you from regular phone calls, the automatic client support mixtape, and the frustration that comes with knowing you are not getting exactly what you paid for.

Refund Retriever is a shipping (mis)management solution that manages every one of these headaches for you.

  1. CAPx

This tool will let you execute strategies and focus on customer goals by making the smallest or biggest tasks readily doable. You can perform keyword bid alterations in moments, perform keyword harvests, and alter daily budgets at scale. As a result, you get to skip the workflow challenges of Seller Central and concentrate more on key business initiatives.

  1. MerchantWords

If you have been selling on Amazon for a while, you would probably be familiar with MerchantWords. It is a simple web app that collects consumer search information from almost every Amazon market on the planet. MerchantWords’ Amazon keyword tool offers you access to their comprehensive database of Amazon shopper search data readily available now — more than one billion unique keywords since they began in 2012, which will be more than most other tools.

  1. Scientific Seller

This app shows you Amazon buyer keywords. If you type in any of these into the Amazon search bar, auto-complete will finish typing it for you (since Amazon customers frequently type it.) The free tool gathers keyword ideas from many different sources such as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI); however, if they don’t prove to be Amazon keywords, it filters them out. It enables sellers to eliminate words to produce the keyword set more applicable, but there’s no numeric value related to the keyword phrases along with the service so that it can have a longer duration of time to conduct the last report.

  1. Rank Tracer

Rank Tracer finds the Amazon sales rankings and graphs for almost any item. Virtual real-time earnings data (i.e., within the hour) that you can respond quickly to new opportunities.

The tool also tracks the sale of any publication or product sold on Amazon to find out what is selling and what is not and learn what promotions and marketing competitors use and include these strategies for your marketing and advertising playlist.

  1. Bqool

The main segments of BQool (Review Central and Feedback Central) enable you to track your ratings and ask your customers for feedback and reviews. You can manage reviews and opinions, personalize email templates, receive an email alert and create VAT invoices with ease.

  1. ZonGuru

ZonGuru is a package of tools for professional Amazon sellers, covering product research, eBay listing, email automation, and much more. Features include competitor sales volume monitoring; eBay listing and order processing; earnings rank tracking; keyword optimization; negative review notifications; customer email automation and keyword rank monitoring.

  1. Sonar

Sonar is a keyword research tool developed by Sellics and is available entirely free of charge, irrespective of your usage levels. Sonar operates by discovering what shoppers are searching for exclusively on Amazon. When the phrases are gathered, they are kept in a massive online repository for new projections.

  1. Brand Protection Agency

The Brand Protection Agency allows manufacturers of any size to manage, track and apply each facet of their MAP, IMAP, or UPP pricing coverage. BPA’s discreet product buying system permit manufacturers to acquire serialization visibility and prevent product leakage and rogue sellers.

  1. ThornCrest

ThornCrest is a brand expansion, brand security, and brand enforcement company working in partnership with premier brands internationally. With a unique and personalized blend of legal and business solutions, ThornCrest helps brands to expand into new retail channels and international markets thoroughly.

  1. Brightpearl

Brightpearl provides services to control stock, orders, customers, and financing in one system. Brightpearl also helps sellers obtain the efficiency and insight required to accelerate growth and gains through retail accounting, multichannel retailing (online and offline), and of course — an order management program.

  1. RestockPro

RestockPro is a cloud-based stock management tool built to assist Amazon sellers to save time when monitoring shipments and inventory. Whether you are an FBA seller or manually fulfilling orders from your warehouse, RestockPro can quicken your Amazon business. Manage your Amazon stock levels and predict effectively using Restock Pro. According to the company’s site, the product” simplifies the often-difficult action of building FBA predictions. No more guessing or spreadsheet burnout. RestockPro does all of the number crunching for your benefit, freeing up more of your time to cultivate your business.”

  1. Skubana

Skubana provides cloud applications to handle inventory, and build up prosperous multi-channel e-commerce. They provide click integration into Amazon, eBay, marketplaces, and shopping carts, but to leverage the energy and business intelligence of Skubana, you need to do at least 1,000 orders each month. Skubana includes a Profitability webpage, in which the app brings the most significant costs, for example, your Amazon fees and PPC.

  1. Forecastly

Forecastly is an FBA Stock replenishment tool Centered on Supply Chain Efficiency, Prevention of Stockouts. They use hard data to determine when to purchase more stock and how much to buy.

  1. Joelister

JoeLister empowers eCommerce business owners to list their Amazon stock on eBay easily. The features include one-click active listings, automatic order fulfillment, amount synchronization, smart pricing tools, and much more.

  1. Sellbrite

Sellbrite is a multi-channel solution for e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and other mid-tiered marketplaces. It assists online sellers and brands manage their stock, listings, and order fulfillment in various channels from 1 place, helping them maximize their selling procedures and respond quickly to customer requests. The tool is great for sellers with three or more channels and is looking to boost their selling speed without scaling operations. As an example, listing in bulk on top marketplaces and your internet stores is compact and easily tracked from the Sellbrite dashboard by a single person. There’s also auto-sync to stop stock-outs and guarantee pricing is always updated. The tool also supports printing postage and transport fulfillment, and the latter could be connected to Fulfillment by Amazon.

  1. SellerActive

SellerActive is a multichannel management system that helps e-commerce businesses grow their product reach. Easily build a centralized product catalog, bulk upload new listings into multiple channels, and utilize automated repricing technologies to set pricing principles which may help catch the Purchase Box an average of 72 percent of their time. Backed with live assistance from a group of e-commerce specialists, SellerActive helps you automate manual jobs, expand your internet presence, and develop your business.

  1. TradeGecko

TradeGecko is a strong inventory and order management tool, built for multichannel brands, higher growth eCommerce, and wholesale. It empowers automation for omnichannel operations, improving efficiency and increasing profitability. TradeGecko provides seamless integration with Shopify, Xero, QuickBooks Online, Amazon, WooCommerce, and much more. The features also include smart reports and forecasting, manufacturing, a customizable B2B eCommerce platform, and a mobile sales and stock app on iPhone and iPad.

  1. Feedvisor

Feedvisor is an Amazon repricer that helps with algorithm repricer analysis providing you with a full 24/7 picture of your competition. While placing your profits goals, their algorithm will function to offer you a reasonably close bias strategy to examine markets, sellers performances, competitions, and potential targets, while giving you a maximization of your overall gains.

  1. EComSpy

eComSpy provides quick and precise product research information for items that Amazon sellers are thinking about adding to their stock. Just upload a list of items to research and receive a comprehensive report that offers essential intel concerning the competitive landscape of a product.

  1. Amazon’s Vine

Amazon’s Vine Program is an invite-only set of reviewers who get products at no cost in exchange for impartial reviews. They will frequently receive products until they’re released. Anyone who’s a part of the Vine Program will have a badge on each of the reviews they leave on Amazon identifying them as Vine Voices.

  1. Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius is an automated communication solution by SellerLabs, a company that offers online tools and advertising services for Amazon sellers. It empowers users to engage buyers with automatic emails to improve their buying experience, also, to solicit product reviews and seller feedback.

  1. Efficient Era

Efficient Era is a management platform for Amazon sellers. It offers solutions for alerts, analytics, automation, and much more. Efficient Era can help any seller save plenty of time through their automation resources. With the Efficient Era, you can create and personalize many different email types. You can weave in text, pictures, placeholders, attachments and also add links to a request for product reviews and seller feedback. Efficient Era offers weekly recommendations to correct bids to optimize keyword and campaign performance.

  1. Amazon FBA Freight Rate Calculator

Use this Amazon FBA Shipping Calculator to get direct freight rates comparison, with freight estimates for sea, air, and trucking shipments. This tool is ideal for freight forwarders. Not shipping to an Amazon warehouse? Assess estimated transit times using their freight transit time calculator. You need to utilize this tool, specially made for the Amazon FBA sellers, to calculate the shipping costs from your supplier’s factory to an Amazon fulfillment center place. Amazon has some pretty strict requirements regarding global shipments and Freightos has assembled these requirements into its quoting procedure.

  1. MarketHustl

MarketHustl is a preeminent provider of listing optimization and promotional solutions which help boost conversion rate, enhance ranking for your main keyword phrases and assist you to streamline your content.

  1. Market Intelligence

Get accurate sales estimates, historical reviews, and costs of an item, and receive a preview of upfront price and profit. However, even if you’re not seeking to launch a new product, it’s a fantastic place to estimate the seasonality along with other metrics to get a keyword.

  1. Marksman Refurbishment Service Center

Marksman RSC is a one-stop return processing center providing full return managing and refurbishment services. Their customers include Amazon’s online third-party sellers, e-Commerce wholesalers & resellers, and leasing businesses. They give the sellers a convenient and straightforward method to regain the equity which remains in the stock customers have returned. They thoroughly test and refurbish returned products so that you can resell with assurance. During their handy customer portal, you can monitor their progress and relist your items straight to Amazon whenever they are prepared for resale.

  1. ImportDojo

ImportDojo removes a massive amount of legwork from finding good factories in China. Essentially, they take your needs, then head out to the Chinese marketplace and discover an existing product that’s appropriate and suitable.

  1. FreeUp

FreeeUp pre-vets thousands of freelancers and agencies Every week for skill, attitude, and communication then allow the Best people to the Market. They make it effortless for you to hire an assistant for your Amazon business. You do not have to go and search and examine assistants before you find one who can do the job properly. You combine this particular platform, tell them everything you require, plus they find an ideal fit for you. The folks at Freeeup have the most elite freelancers/virtual assistants. They screen out meticulously their contractors to see that they have the qualities/skills needed by each customer.

  1. Vendio

Vendio is an eCommerce solution that provides a vast selection of features for managing and building an internet store. The software includes tools to help to sell on multiple channels, in addition to many applications that cover picture management, client communication, marketing & promotion, and reporting & analytics. Vendio assists small- to midsize merchants (SMM’s) triumph by providing them an integrated solution to handle their earnings seamlessly and cost-effectively across multiple online sales channels such as their online shop, Amazon.com, eBay, Google, Shopzilla, and much more.

  1. Expandly

Expandly is a multi-channel e-commerce management platform that advocates live inventory management, order management, listing, and shipping management capabilities into a single, compact package. It’s intended to empower online retailers to list their products on various sales channels like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and Wish.com effortlessly, track their inventory in real-time across these channels, centralize and manage their orders, and print shipping labels out of a single, uncluttered interface. Expandly helps online retailers and merchants take control of their operations, giving them a comprehensive summary of their channels in real-time so they can sell, market, engage, and perform more with productive outcomes.

  1. JoeLister

JoeLister empowers eCommerce business owners to list their Amazon stock on eBay easily. Its features include one-click live listings, automated order fulfillment, amount synchronization, smart pricing tools, and much more. Just click “list” on your FBA products, and Joe automatically generates an eBay list. Once an item sells, Joe automatically produces a fulfillment order with Amazon and uploads the monitoring information into the eBay order.

  1. Provely

Provely is a conversion booster tool in the form of a site widget, which may be used on any webpage that runs with WordPress, PayKickstart, Instapage, and a lot more. This system works on full autopilot and provides real-time social proof to any website of your choice.

  1. FeedbackWhiz

Feedbackwhiz is an all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers to track, manage, and automate emails, orders, feedback, and product reviews. Track product reviews on a single display, get notifications on all product reviews, and respond directly on Amazon. Handle order metrics and see detailed analytics. Create custom automatic HTML templates with professional buttons and images to create more product reviews. A/B test subject outlines, see individual open prices, and monitor all messages with this FeedbackWhiz.

  1. My Seller Pal

My Seller Pal helps you accelerate the growth of your Amazon Business through the ability of smarter Amazon PPC Campaigns and Social Media Marketing. It creates landing pages for advertising on Facebook, Twitter, or other channels – one-click generation. It can also give promo codes out onto the landing page. My Seller Pal controls the number of codes were given out and gathers email addresses for you.

  1. AMZ Coupon Server

AMZ Coupon Server is a WordPress plugin, which adds promo code management to your landing page. It collects emails and provides promo codes, which makes sure only one per client is provided. It helps you automatically distribute your single-use coupons while getting buyers’ e-mail addresses. With this tool, you will get more reviews, higher rankings, and increase your earnings.

  1. FosterFBA

FosterFBA provides a Selection of research, listing optimization, and support services for Amazon sellers.

List optimization bundles may comprise a complete keyword research and backend search phrases, title optimization, optimized bullets, and HTML product description, PPC keyword analysis, PPC setup, and optimization plan.

  1. The Private Label Lawyer

Have you been overwhelmed by Amazon hijackers on your Amazon listings?

Are you currently on the receiving end of a trademark cease letter?

Are you concerned about choosing a solid trademark that aligns with your brand, and could be viable and healthy from both a legal and advertising standpoint?

The lawyer’s name is Suzi. She has practiced intellectual property law for more than 13 years. She has experience running her own business for more than six years. She assists private label sellers to protect their brands.

  1. AZLabels

AZLabels is a Chrome extension that provides a new button to the normal FBA shipment workflow: Print Thermal Labels in a single click, labels are formatted in the ideal dimensions for thermal printers, saving around 20 minutes per shipment. Just one click is all that is required to print straight to your Dymo or Zebra thermal printer.

  1. ShipStation

If you do Merchant-Fulfilled on Amazon (FBM), then this app will automatically pull the order information and address for you, prepare the transport labels, and send out email verifications to your clients. It’s a handy tool to organize standard shipping and relevant tasks, assisting you to keep Amazon seller performance high.

  1. BlueVine

BlueVine is a top service provider which enables small business owners to secure capital to cultivate their business. The provider offers flexible financing solutions which include an invoice factoring facility along with the conventional business line of credit.

  1. Kabbage

Kabbage is a fantastic solution for business owners who need money instantly and do not mind paying higher prices for the speed. The application process does not require paperwork; instead, you connect a business checking account, bookkeeping payment, or software system such as PayPal. If your earnings are greater than $50,000 annually and you need money to purchase more inventory, Kabbage includes a unique program for Amazon Sellers.

  1. Fetcher

The Fetcher Software is among the products in the marketplace today that provides Amazon vendors the arrangement in handling their business assessment and benefits all the more effectively and precisely. The basic highlights of this product are to collect deals information and also do some estimation that engaged with business bookkeeping such as discounts, benefits, fees, PPC, other pay and prices created by working an Amazon business.

  1. Avalara

Avalara helps businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with use and sales, excise, communications, VAT other transactional tax demands by delivering comprehensive, automated, cloud-based solutions which are quick, precise, and simple to use. The Avalara Tax Compliance Suite – Avalara AvaTax, Avalara Returns, and Avalara CertCapture – provides solutions for various transaction taxes, such as sales and use, VAT, excise, communications, as well as many others. The package allows you to calculate taxes, file and remit returns, and comply with all document management requirements. Over 700 integrations are available for accounting systems, ERP and CRM suppliers, e-commerce platforms, and more, in addition to professional services and training services.

  1. TaxJar

TaxJar is the leading technology for eCommerce businesses of any size to handle sales tax and is reliable by over 15,000 businesses. Founded to assist merchants and developers spend less time on earnings tax and much more time growing the businesses they adore. They present TaxJar Reports, an online reporting program that projects sales tax information into return-ready reports by state.

  1. BrandBuilders

BrandBuilders make a site for your brand. You’ll require a site to get Brand Registered with Amazon. Their solutions are specially created for FBA Sellers. They can also help get visitors to your website for further brand exposure beyond Amazon.

  1. Helium 10

Helium 10 is a product that includes a Package of tools to Assist Amazon sellers in Locate Merchandise ideas, Assessing the competition, and Finally Monitoring their success Concerning keyword Positions. Helium 10 can help you research new product ideas, evaluate keyword results, and a lot more things in one package.

  1. Price Checker 2

Price Checker 2 is a software that calculates Amazon profit FBA. Upload some list of wholesale products from the provider (no limitation on file size), search from the Amazon database, and it identifies the fast turnover, higher profit items to sell on Amazon.

  1. Viral Launch

Viral Launch is your go-to software and solutions platform helping brands Source, Launch, and Dominate on the Amazon marketplace. It calculates sales estimates for lucrative niche products, finds profitable keywords for the product that will assist you in position and target advertisements.

  1. FeedbackFive

Maintaining a stellar Amazon reputation is important to success in an increasingly aggressive e-commerce landscape. On Amazon, your reputation is heavily determined by one primary factor: your feedback percentage. The key to creating this statistic is proactively soliciting your satisfied clients. However, with the complicated and time-consuming nature of the task, how can a merchant attain feedback success?

Feedbackfive is ideal for almost any Amazon seller who would like to conduct full-fledged email campaigns. The unlimited number of emails ( after you upgrade to the premium package ) doesn’t limit your growth at any stage. With Feedback Five you can seriously develop and manage your email marketing in addition to your feedback, assisting you to grow your Amazon store.

  1. RocketRefunds

Rocket Refunds Assists FBA sellers claiming back reimbursements from Amazon for Stock Problems — from units getting lost to Erroneous pick & pack Charges.

If you’re an Amazon FBA seller in the united states or UK, then RocketRefunds should be your very best method to learn fast how to spot and claim back money that Amazon FBA owes your business.

  1. FBAAuditor

FBAAuditor is a powerful FBA tool that assists Amazon sellers to recover unpaid refunds for damaged and missing stock, failed returns, and misapplied fees. Recovering money from Amazon could be quite a tedious, yet crucial task. FBA Auditor does the practice of claiming these funds incredibly straightforward, allowing sellers the liberty to focus on the principles of their business.

  1. Keepa

Keepa is a tool that is very identical to CamelCamelCamel. However, the key distinctiveness lies in the time frames you can choose to look at a product’s history. This tool, however, gives you a more quick view of CamelCamelCamel’s more long-term look.

  1. Seller Snap

Seller Snap provides you a completely automated, proprietary AI-powered Game Theory Repricer, assuring the best achievable performance no matter the way the competition varies. Seller Snap automatically improves the pricing strategies to optimize earnings and profit. Seller Snap guesses when a move will provide the seller with an edge without producing a bidding war. Setup is as easy or as customized as the seller needs.

  1. Asteroid Aim

Are your Amazon listings not converting at the Speed you expected them to?

If not, then this might be because your product isn’t satisfactorily optimized for the keyword it ought to be ranking for. Another frequent issue is the lack of persuasiveness. The terminology you are using in your listings might not be building confidence in people seeing your products. Asteroid Aim will discover keywords on your behalf and tweak your product description to convert more traffic. It also offers unlimited revisions at no cost.

  1. AMZFinder

AMZFinder is a real-time tracking and management tool for reviews on Amazon. It’s a completely free auto-email tool for sellers. It can synchronize reviews in real-time, daily reporting, one-click client contact. Also, it supports several more advanced review features.

  1. Feedback Express

Feedback express can automatically thank your customers for their positive comments and request a product review at the same moment. This will help improve your chances of obtaining a response. Feedback Express filters messages, automate review requests, schedules messages, blacklists customers, and excludes some products with the probability of getting negative feedback.

  1. Trendle Analytics

An all-in-one application for Amazon sellers that incorporates automated review solicitation emails Sponsored Products Advertising analytics, product review monitoring and alerts, profitability and stock analytics, keyword search rank monitoring, and listing split testing. This Amazon all-in-one tool does offer a mailing-list service, where you can register to get free eBooks, feature updates, Amazon News, and nearly everything you do need to excel at being an Amazon seller.

  1. AMZMailer

AMZMailer helps sellers manage negative feedback, get more Amazon reviews, and rank higher. It sends you an email whenever negative seller feedback is submitted (i.e.1-3 stars) and won’t inform you about the 4-5 star reviews.

  1. UpFund

UpFund is a crowdfunding platform for Amazon investors and sellers. Amazon investors and sellers make funding campaigns that can contribute money to manufacture or buy goods on consignment, to be sold by the seller. Sellers can increase up to $100,000 in their first campaign and can offer investors between 10 percent and 25 percent ROI over 3-6 months. All sorts of Amazon sellers with a sales history are eligible.

  1. Brandignited

If you want your brand to get approved by Amazon, you generally have to provide them your store URL, a genuine non-Amazon one. This program automatically creates a website for you, which is extremely handy – no need to understand how to set up Shopify, or any WordPress+Ecommerce Plugin setup – sign up, and you’ve got it. It will also list all your clients’ names and addresses, which they will get from your Amazon orders. It’s possible to export this list to make a custom-made audience on Facebook, and then create a similar audience of 1 million individuals, to market your goods on Facebook.

  1. HelloProfit

With HelloProfit, keyword monitoring is included at no additional cost, as is their handy Chrome extension. You would want to pay for these choices in case you go for Sellics. It’s also helpful to know that HelloProfit gets the option for multiple user log-ins also to assist you to assign multiple access levels for your team members.

  1. Zonmaster

Zonmaster has some pretty robust features combined with an inexpensive price. Most competitors in this subject either are a lot more costly or are lacking critical features like excluding customers who’ve left negative reviews or feedback from accessing your emails.

  1. KeyWorx

KeyWorx automatically monitors and reverse engineers the advertising and promotional methods that can help boost the organic position of your Amazon products. KeyWorx assesses the organic positions of any merchandise continuously over time. You need to utilize KeyWorx for your Amazon business to determine the single element that builds automated and makes your Amazon business passive– the organic keyword positions