How to Make Your First Ever Ecommerce Sale?

You may have seen many of your friends and family members having that one note or amount always in their wallet, haven’t you? We wonder why is that always with them? Well, that might be their first ever sale’s money. They might find it really special as it is their first sale amount and so they carry it with them. If you are starting your e-commerce business you may also want to earn your first sale as soon as possible and want to frame it and cherish it for a lifetime.The first sale of your e-commerce business is precious but also it is quite difficult to achieve that. Where some entrepreneurs get it as soon as they get featured online, some has to wait for a couple of months. Well, there is something with us that can help you get your first e-commerce sale in less time and also before Google or other Search engines noticing your online organization.

Here are some ways that could be beneficial to get your first sale


The very first step is to inform your family and friends about your new e-commerce startup. Share with them the link to your website and brief them about your products and services. Ask them to share the link to your site on their social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. By doing so, you are not only encouraging them to purchase your products but also asking them to share your site to their networks.


The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is the strategy used for buying traffic to your site. The PPC marketing can be nuanced, but it is pretty sure that this is the quickest way to get site visitors and thus increase the sales. According to Shopify, its every new store owner receives a $100 (Rs.6494) Google AdWords Credit upon signing up. Use your AdWords credit to drive the traffic of targeted customers to your online store. It is very difficult to find the right audience across millions of websites and when you are paying per click, the costs can add up. Before you invest too much, make sure you learn some Google AdWords best practices.


Giving away stuff may not sound very good to you as a seller, but trust us this the best way to earn more subscribers and so more sale. Here is what you can do about it. All you have do is before you open your online store, host a product give away. Just ask your visitors to register to enter the contest and give the bonus entries for sharing the contest on social media networks or forwarding it to friends.  Once you open your online store, or when the contest comes to an end, send a promotional mail offering a great deal or a discount.


Informational Graphics, mostly knows as Infographics is used to visually display your whole data in the easiest way. These are easy to understand and helps your user understand your product and services easily. This form of data communication became famous in the business world recently. As an example, you can check out an infographic on our website right here. Hire a designer who can make interesting infographics of the products and services you are selling on your store. If you want to opt for online media, you can use Canva and Picktochart to create your Infographics for free.


Whenever you are building your business, your vendors might help you to reach maximum people. Like your distributors and manufacturers will list your business in dealer listings and might share your site’s link on their social media. Also, they can advertise your business by displaying your business banners in their store. So, feel free to ask your vendors to shower some love your online store.


Content marketing is an awesome strategy to reach out your site visitor (read potential visitors) by providing good-quality content. There are few key ingredients that you should focus on while making a blog: Offer good and relevant content, make sure it’s visually appealing, show your products in action, keep it short and snappy, and show them behind the scenes. There are chances that visitors might read your blogs and share them with their networks. This will bring in more visitors for you.


Every online retailer must own a business card of his online store. Get a business card with some eye-catching stylish design and font. Something that reflects what your store is about. Make sure that you have your store URL in the front and in center of your card. The Vistaprint designs amazing business cards at a very reasonable price. Once you get your card ready, hand it over to the people you know or meet.


You might go through a lot of blogs on social media, the reason you do so is that these blogs are helpful to you and you enjoy reading them.  Just like those, if you are well active on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc with your blogs there are huge chances that people notice your business and start shopping on your online store.


Everything has a right time and right place. Just like when a new restaurant is launched in your area, it does not get noticed, hiked and runs well right from the beginning. It takes time to earn the profit in every business. Same way is your e-commerce business, it will take some time to get noticed and earn huge profits.

These are our tips on how to earn your first sale, do let us know in the comment section below how these tips helped you gain your first sale and profits for your business. We wish you all the very best for your e-commerce startup. If you want to know about more such ways then do visit here.