Product Photography Tips to Boost Ecommerce Conversions

Physical or brick mortar stores have the advantage of letting customers choose a product that appeals to them what catches their interest. Products are available in physical form in such stores so they can be easily viewed and picked up. Physical stores often render the facility of interaction with the salesperson present for promoting most of the items. But that’s not with an online eCommerce store.
E-commerce or going online with your products for sale is the latest technique for boosting sales which have various advantages over the traditional or physical store such as:-

  • End numerous products are available without any requirement of physical stores.
  • Transactions such as sales and purchases can be done in a super fast manner without any manual help of sales personnel.
  • Sales or purchase can be done 24 x7.
  • There are almost no or very widely spread geographical limit of online stores which in turn means big customer base/reach.
  • High quality of services can be provided to potential buyers with low operational costs.

The list mentioned above of the advantages of the online store is inclusive and not exhaustive. But there are specific prerequisites for going online, and good product photography is essential. For an e-commerce store owner, it is important to have good quality images of every product they offer on their portal. An elaborate and clear picture of the product renders the feel and experience of browsing physical stores for the product. E-commerce portals usually use product photography so that their prospective clients can have an immersive view of the virtual shopping experience. A mere description of the product without its clear images usually fails to attract clients. It is highly recommended to get perfect product photography done for your e-commerce site as it can engage customers and persuade them to buy the products.

Before we proceed to a few tips for eCommerce product photography tips, we will have an insight into why the need arises for product photography. The reasons are listed below:-
1.    It has been found in studies conducted that people tend to remember more of what they see in comparison to what they read. So, if you want to boost sales on your portal, it is always necessary to show people what they would actually be getting when they are buying the product.
2.    Processing images and other visuals are far easier for the human brain almost 60000 times faster, than processing that text in the same reference.
3.    The more people see in their nonverbal communication, the more satisfied they are as visual cues are more reliable for shoppers.
4.    The visual post is discovered to be more engaging and encouraging for clients even on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

In light of the points mentioned above, it is clearly understood that any images of the product that has to be displayed on the web portal will not do the needed task. Simple photographs of your products would not lead to scaling the new heights of conversion rate, so product photoshoot are a must-have.
There is a strict need for eye-catching product images that can attract and engage prospective clients in the online shopping experience, luring them to hit the buy button on the portal.
Listed below are a few products photography tips for boosting eCommerce photoshoot that helps in conversion rate:-

1.   Use the right types of equipment and accessories for creating high-quality product photographs such as a camera with digital capabilities. Have a macro lens and wide-angle lens to provide sharp details to the images of objects. For example, for shooting products like jewelry macro lens helps to showcase their intricate details which are very necessary to engage buyers. To create high-quality photographs, proper lighting has to be there in the background so as, have a full set of light stands. The highly lit environment helps to get creative,  popping out the real effects on the photographs.

Photograph Lenses Photographer Cameras 300mm

2.   Various accessories like arms, wall plates, strip boxes, large and transparent plastic tub, reflector card, backdrops, White foam board, tripod stand, and many more are necessary to set the physical stage for the photoshoot of the products

3.    Product photography is more of using lighting to the advantage of glorifying the images. Light in the background of the product is equally important to the light falling directly on the product as it changes the look of the product altogether. Proper lighting conditions and environment make the product more attractive and eye-catching. Make sure that both the foreground and the background, while photographing is, well illuminated.

4.    Always try to give a natural look to the photographs as customers never appreciate morphed pictures.

5.    For small-budget business owners, natural light could be the best source of lighting to get the authentic look and feel of the photographs. Never mix natural and artificial light, as this could change the complexion of your photograph and would make editing or retouching extremely difficult later.

6.    Choose the background according to the product such as plain white, solid color, El bokeh wall or active backdrops. The plain white background gives a clear vision of the product and its description in a non-flashy manner, whereas the solid color background solidifies your branding. El Bokeh wall photographs are used on splash pages and another advertisement on the landing page of your website as the goal of this page is to lead the prospective clients to words the actual product page.

7.    Make sure to use the active environment in such a manner that it does not distract your audience from your product.

8.   Always get the product photographed fully and in accurate dimensions as far as possible so that the clients are well educated.

9.    Try to cover all the angles of your product in photography so that there is no questioning about the same in the buyers’ minds. As much visual information can be provided, should be provided so that customers switch over to the buy button, the soonest.

10.    The product photograph editing services should be done to perfection so that the product does not appear to be something else. The focus of image editing should be on the quality of the actual image, which would be presented on the page.

11.    Choose the appropriate product size photograph for your product pages. An in-house sizing guide can be provided for further reference all the time. The products displayed on the e-commerce portal should match the size chart on the product page.

12.  Try to avoid using filters unnecessarily because although it can make the picture look pleasant, it can distract the audience from the original product which could be harmful. If the product would distort from what is shown on the product page, the clients would probably not stay with the portal and the brand for a much more extended period. So, always use the filter on splash pages or landing pages but not on product pages as the picture from products are supposed to be an actual presentation of the product.

A quick look
Product photography is essential for any e-commerce portal to get high convergence as such high-quality photographs can attract clients and allow them to have an association with the brand and the product without physically touching them.

But it is very important to invest time, money, and effort in learning the right product photography tricks that can add to the conversions rather than harming the portals. Get the photography done for products by professional photographers for eCommerce portals always.