Products with high demand in online selling in future

Online selling has proved to be a really lucrative option for people desirous of making good money online. This has become more of a boon with the boom in e-commerce. People, not just businessmen even housewives, and other people already in different professions, everywhere are involving themselves in this process. Online selling is really advantageous as it doesn’t require any formal office space for you to regulate your business. All you need is an active online presence and ensure the timely delivery of your products. With so much information about online selling out there, competition is bound to scale up. Numerous players in this industry have led people to incorporate new and unique strategies in order to maximize their profits. For beginners, it has become mandatory to properly research and analyze the trends in their particular category. You have to get the upper hand through some unique features which appeal to the masses in general. The choice of eCommerce platform, the pricing of your product, and the choice of the product itself are to be carefully thought over. You need to consider every little detail and approach your marketing plan in a phased manner. You need to understand the nuances of the market that you are going to be a part of. All of the online markets have the following attributes,

  • High monthly revenues across the board, so, not just one seller at the top, in most cases
  • Low average review count, so, you can dominate the market faster
  • Non competitive and non obvious ideas

Let us see some of the products that are going to be high in demand in the coming years. As the choice of products is really crucial for you to make good profits, it is recommended to take a look at this list of products and keep it for your future reference. These ideas with proper execution can change your life for good.

  1. Soap Making supplies – practitioners spend a disproportionate amount of money on items and accessories as they like to make their products, which is soap in this case.
  2. Industrial aprons – regular aprons are saturated. Here you can tap into the demands of commercial kitchen workers, laboratory students from universities. Never underestimate industrial and scientific products is the take away here.
  3. Kids terrariums – you’ll need to source the crowd’s opinion for this one as these are subjective products. Make sure you ask for what they would pay for instead of what they like.
  4. Geology kit – this niche rocks (pun intended). It offers a great opportunity in educational and recreational category. Geology is a bit more specialised, so, the competition is low.
  5. Fraternity flags – fraternity and sorority products are really interesting as they have low competition. It’s not that big a market but you can definitely tap into its potential and carve out a niche for yourself. This could prove to be an example of sweeping the market with small beginnings.
  6. Saltwater fish tank stuff – notoriously expensive as a hobby and it gets some nice recurring revenue. You should pick a product in the niche that’s consumable and combine that with good customer service to keep the customers coming back to you. You could sell fish foods, salt, filtration systems, Water testing equipments, ration systems etc. Such businesses can scale quickly because of repeat sales.
  7. Luggage protectors – suitcases are big and expensive, so, go with suitcase protectors. Selling accessories to high-ticket items is a really good strategy. Charge a premium without paying a lot. You could also go with other Suh accessories like large furniture protectors, car protectors or protectors for big appliances etc.
  8. Portion control products – it is tough to find a niche in kitchen and dining these days but this one is alright. It provides good monthly revenue. You can add value with a physical guide like a small booklet as well. This is like remarketed Tupperware, where containers physically fit together. This one is similar in terms of shipping costs and ensures that your margins are intact.
  9. Medical alert bracelet – remember that utilitarian items should look nice too. The user needs to wear it all the time that’s what makes it more of a fashionable item. Although it should be fashionable  along with being polarised and gender neutral. Increase the perceived value through branding.
  10. 3D printing filament – 3D is touted as the next industrial revolution. We can produce any physical object out of plastic by melting it down and then printing it layer by layer. Filament is fed into the printer and it’s melted down to make objects. The opportunity is rope in this category.
  11. Car headlights – the beauty of this market is distributed revenue. There’s a drawback to it, though, that they are easily breakable. Make sure the packaging is robust and you are good to go.
  12. Quiet books – these are breed of books for children made of soft and chunky fabrics. This market rests between the border of books and toys and games categories.
  13. Desktop zen gardens – these are small Asian style sandboxes with tiny rigs. They are believed to bring a sense of calm, inner peace and order to office desks. It is an evenly distributed market with modest monthly revenues.
  14. Neck brace – some medical problems faced by people force them to shop online. They might be hard to find at your local departmental store. There’s a healthy revenue distribution in this market.
  15. Math flash card – make sure you design these cards keeping in mind a certain age group like kindergarten math, middle school algebra or University calculus etc. Include some good artwork on the package to increase its appeal.

These are some of the unexplored product categories that have the potential to make it big in the coming years. If you are willing to mark a unique presence in the online marketplace, then these are worth considering. You could even improvise and sell any product of your choice. You need to do is personalize it, give it a unique touch and you are good to go. You need to offer more emotional worth to your customers. So, gear up for the competition and excel and come out shining.