Roto Photography

I am sure that all must be wondering and are eager to know about this new technique “Roto” photography.  A Roto can be described as a sequence of still images that are sewed together to generate a 3D interactive presentation of a product. The sequence images are of high definition images of your actual products – no digital renditions here! It is generally a step up from routine product photography and permits customers to interact with the product as you would in a real life shopping experience.

Rotos are better than 4K quality, zoom in and out, and presents in an amazing way on any device from your smart phone to your desktop.

How to Make a Roto?

Creating a Roto is just 3 easy step process. If each system in Roto Photography is fully automated photography studio then it will save your lots of time and money on your product photography. The time consumed is very less. It just takes less than a minute per product whether you want simple multi angle product shots for E-commerce or a fully interactive 3D model for your web presentations.


The product should be placed in steady position on the turntable of the automated photography studio. Click on ‘process’ on your screen, and go back to working on other projects! If your Roto Equipment is fully automatic then you don’t have to waste time capturing every image. The turntable and the arc arm can be controlled by the user-friendly software.


All you have to do now is adjust your Roto’s settings and create your HTML5 output file. Here you can assign any meta data about your company or product, de-wobble if required, and select a pre-made skin or make your own.


Upload and publish. The most efficient way to get a Roto into your website is by using an iframe, similar to how you would embed any other video or image.

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