Amazing photography facts!!!

  • The first ever photograph was taken by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826. This was a black and white photo was taken from the upstairs window of Nicephore Niepce. Whereas the first colored photograph was taken by James Clerk Maxwell, a mathematical physicist. The photo consists of three color bow.
  • About 300 million photos are daily uploaded on Facebook whereas 60 million photos are uploaded on daily basis on Instagram.
  • The first ever digital camera was made by Kodak Company in 1975. It was a black and white camera of 0.1 pixels weighing 8 pounds. It use to take 23 seconds to click develop first photograph.
  • In “Wiki Loves Monuments”, a photography event held in 2011, an entrants from Netherland submitted 168,208 images in the competition. It holds world record of submitting maximum number of photographs in a single competition.
  • Kelsey Blackburn and James Schriillo from Wake Forest University, conducted a study that and concluded that left side of human face produces pleasant photos as compare to right side. The reason behind this is that, the left side of face shows more intense emotions than the right side.
  • The 1923 Leica O-series camera was the most expensive camera sold in an auction in Vienna. It was auctioned for 2.16 million euros.
  • Dilish Parekh from India holds the world record of collecting 4,425 antique cameras and one of them is from 1906.
  • “Vulture stalking on child”, a click by Kevin Carter is considered as the saddest photograph. He received Pulitzer Prize for the photograph. The sad story that he captured disturbed him so much that he committed suicide.
  • The number of photo clicks in 2 minutes at present is same as much as whole in 1800s.

Hope you have enjoyed these interesting facts about Photography.

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