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How to control reflection in your photographs

Due to high reflecting surfaces, photographers face many challenges while clicking photos. But the photographers who have good experience and are professionals can click reflective objects easily just as non-reflective objects. Here are a few steps that will help you to click reflective objects easily

Eliminate reflections in the camera

First of all, make sure that the light source is positioned in such a way that it does not reflect back in the object. The brighter the light source, the more it has the potential to end up with reflection. So it is advisable that use a light source as bright as you need in your photos. To know what amount of light is required, do the practice several shots before the final photograph.


Change settings of your camera

Change the white balance of your camera according to the type of light (fluorescent, tungsten, daylight, etc.) you are going to use. ISO should be kept at its minimum level. Sunglasses and watches are much easy to focus as these products details can be auto-focused by your camera and will be easily able to lock onto. Use an aperture of f/11 and focus on the center part of your object.

Change Settings

Arrangement of setup

Use umbrellas to defuse the lights (two large studio lights on either side of your object) and place the object on a table or a block. Behind the product hang a white sheet of rolled paper in such a way that it sweeps underneath the product and attaches it to the bottom of camera lens to block reflection.


Use polarizing filter

Polarizing filters are usually placed in front of camera lens in order to manage the reflections from highly reflective surface like glass, metal and water bodies.

Polarized Filter

There are many different ways to avoid reflections but these are the simplest way which will have a good impact on your products and will avoid reflection to a great extent.

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