Commercial Photography Categories

E-commerce business has come a long way now. The variety of products is increasing day by day.  Sellers want to reach out to maximum customers and they use e-commerce photography has one of the medium. E-commerce photography is a commercial photography done for the purpose of selling products online.  Let’s check out the list of commercial photography types.

  • Advertising photography

Advertising photography is primarily a sales driven form of photography which mainly focuses on creating brand awareness of the products in the form of advertisements. You can view this on  television ads, websites, digital ads, and billboards promoting a certain product or brand. It is the most popular form of commercial photography.

  • Aerial photography

Aerial photography is a form of photography wherein the pictures are taken from a higher level. Pictures are captured using exclusive and expensive camera from an elevated position like from helicopters, parachutes, or balloons. Nowadays, a device called ‘Drone‘ is used to perform this style of photography. Fiducial marks, frame numbers, focal length, roll, flight lines & index maps and stereoscopic coverage are the concepts used in aerial photography.

  • Architecture or Interior photography

The architecture or interior photography deals with capturing the images of structures like building, restaurants, or houses. This type of photography makes use of different lighting techniques and shooting tips to capture the warmth and beauty of the place. This photography is mostly used by the people who want to promote their real estate business or restaurants.

  • Product photography
Camera Advertising Advertising Agency Business

Product photography is used by the companies to promote their products. In this, they display all the features and benefits of their products in the form of digital pictures. This photography is in the industry for a very long time and is enhancing over a great level. Product based companies find this photography style handy to promote their business on a large scale.

  • Journalism photography
Photographer Press News Journalist Headlines

Journalism photography basically deals with capturing images that are newsworthy. It goes along with the images that goes with the content of news and makes it worth reading. Journalism photography is not an easy job to do, the journalist photographers have to run here and there risking their lives. The photographs captured are used by different news channels, newspapers, or online news portals across the world.

  • Jewelry photography

Jewelry photography are the core of the jewelry industry. In this, the features of bracelets, necklace, rings, etc. are highlighted nicely which makes the customer choose the best one for themselves. This pictures are seen on brochures, digital advertisements, newspapers, or social media promoting the jewelry brand.

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