Commercial Product Photographers in Mumbai

Commercial Product Photographers in Mumbai


Are you looking for compelling and exciting images? Are you looking for photographer that bring your products to life?

Are you looking for photographs for your next online of print campaign? If your answer to all of this is YES…then look no more.
We are a team of commercial product photographers and video professionals based in Mumbai, who have an average of 10 years experience in this field.
We have clients ranging from leading ad agencies to multinationals to government organizations. And this is what enables us to do our job in every budget and for every kind of need. We deal with various clients and provide them quality shots. Yes, here we are ready to provide commercial photography services to you and your company with help our highly skilled product photographer / photographers

Lets, take a look on what Commercial product photography means! Let's get going.

Commercial Product Photography

Here, when we talk about commercial product photography, we are talking about the branch of photography which is mainly concerned with promotion of product or any kind of services, or supporting businesses and organizations in uplifting their brand value.

Commercial Product Photography can be related to product photography, fashion photography, lifestyle photography, jewellery photography or any other kind of product photography. Ecommerce photography also falls under this category. It can also include other categories like architectural photography, food photography or sometimes events as well.

Clients or customers can ask for any kind of product photography service which will help them in advertising their products.

Product photography services do play and important role in the world of business and commerce nowadays. Since, a major part of selling products to advertising has shifted online, uploading and showing product images on ecommerce sites and social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. can help in catching the attention of potential customers and increase sales.

Online shopping is the new trend of our century and in our country, India, having population in billions provides a great opportunity to showcase products over internet using the product photos and leveling up the businesses. Not only that, various events today are also publicized through online sites and social media. So, producing high quality images and videos can help the clients to bring their imagination to life.

Types of Commercial Product Photography

Commercial Product photography is a form of art. This art can be divided under various domains or as per client requirement.

  • Product Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Architectural and Real Estate Photography
  • Jewellery photography
  • Event Photography
  • Here, we have listed some of the important and major types of product photography. There are other types of services as well like shooting events, capturing images for brochures or for a form.

    So, now lets know what it is meant by being a Commercial Photographer.

    Who are Commercial Photographers?

    A commercial photographer is a professional photographer who can shoot images that can assist client and companies to sell products or services or advertise events. Professional product photographers or a commercial photographer to be exact can work solo or in teams. At the end their job is to capture a good picture according to demand.

    Work of a Commercial Photographer

    The first job of a commercial photographer is to pitch a client or a customer. So, creating a list of customers is an important job to do.

    Questioning is the key!

    The second most important job of a commercial product photographer, is to ask a lot of questions and clear the doubts regarding what a client actually wants. As a commercial product photographer, the better you understand your client, their products, and their goals, the more successful you will be. Once you've managed to land that client, spend some time getting a clear vision of what they want from their commercial images.

    You could develop questions that you send to your customers at the start of each project. It should include information such as where the images will be used, the client likes, what their goal is for the campaign or project for which the images will be used, what reaction they want viewers to have to the photos, and other clarifying queries.


    While providing services, your client may occasionally provide clear and detailed direction, you will frequently be the creative brains behind your commercial work. For instance, if you specialize in food photography and a new restaurant approaches you to shoot images for an upcoming campaign, you might be in charge of creating the mood of the photo shoot as well as a range of visual concepts from which the client can choose.

    Shooting Images/videos

    When it comes to creating the best photos for your commercial customers, it's critical to remember that the goal is to sell a product or service. Being very clear on your client's goals will help guide how you approach your shoot. For example, if your client wants a very polished, high-end look for their product photos, you might spend some time in the studio setting up the perfect lighting arrangements. If they want smooth lifestyle images for their outdoor fashion brand, on the other hand, you'll probably be outside trying to catch that perfect golden hour glow.

    Free Man in Black Crew Neck T-shirt Holding Black and Red Camera Stock Photo

    About Post-production.

    We have a dedicated post production section consisting of product photographers who can produce stunningly high resolution pictures, product photograph and videos. By photo retouching and editing using software like Photoshop, Lightroom or other photo editors. Product photographers working in this section takes care of everything like photos which are going to publish on e commerce websites or going for printing.

    The main aim of the product photographers is to take care of the services that it provides , keeping in mind the fact that the main motive is to showcase their products and enhance the brand of the company / companies and help in carrying forward their business.

    The best way to collaborate with people at this stage is to create photo galleries to showcase the shooting and the kind of service that the company provides. Since, nowadays, in the era of internet, ecommerce website / websites provide shopping service online to the masses in India with the help of sites Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay atc.

    It is important to have catalogues having the best shots and videos with proper photo retouching and editing to keep up the brand value and also to display the models. This helps the brand to convince customer that it providing quality product or service online in that price.

    Following up with the customers

    This isn't required, but following up with the client after the shoot is a nice touch if you want to ace your client relations and hopefully land future gigs with existing buyers. You can thank each one for working with you, inquire about the progress of your commercial image rollout, and inform them that you are available for future work.

    So, now you might a having a question on your mind that how much amount of money does a commercial photographer/photographers can ask for to provide service i.e. the price. Lets discuss this in details.


    Since, a professional commercial photographer is not only associated with photography like other photographers, but also takes care of quality, price, service, editing, they can charge you much. But the price that photographers ask for mainly depends on the skill of an individual photographer.

    A product photographer's fees vary greatly in many ways. A Photographer can fix price in a variety of ways, including hourly rates, per day fees, per image price, and price based on the products.

    The average price for product photography ranges from 5000 INR to 13000 INR per hour, depending on the photographer's skill and experience. A Photographer, on the other hand, can charge anywhere from 50,00 INR to 1,50,000 INR per day, depending on the level of expertise and service.

    Following that, the price is determined per image. Most brands require more than one image for a product, and the average price for each image ranges from 500INR to 25,000INR. Finally, the photographer may charge per product. If all of the shoot products are the same, the photographer can easily come up with a fixed or negotiated price. However, the average rate per product typically ranges between 1000 INR and 6000 INR.

    Determining the actual pay rate and price is a complicated process that involves a plethora of variables. An excellent product photographer devotes a significant amount of time to capturing the best shots of products and editing too. However, it is only a minor aspect of his job.

    The primary responsibility of a skilled, professional product photographer is to interact with customers (including individual or business or a company seeking service), understand their needs, and then design the shoot accordingly. After that, he delves into the editing process. And, after a long and exhausting journey, the photographer produces the best shots that help businesses grow. All of these processes necessitate a significant amount of time and expertise. As a result, customers end up paying more for high-quality work.

    Price on Hourly or Daily work basis

    Daily or hourly payments appear to be the most straightforward and straightforward in product photography. However, if you own a business, you must ensure that you hire an efficient product photographer who works on an hourly basis. As any kind of delay or revisions may have an impact on your budget. If you can't find a reliable, professional photographer or if you have a long-term project, it's best to look into different pricing models.

    Price on per image basis

    As a business owner, this type of pricing may be ideal for you, as in other pricing methods, you may be stuck with the product photographer's high pricing. This is one of the most transparent pricing methods. To get the most out of this payment method, you must be specific about your needs. Making a list of the products whose images you require, decide on the number of photos you require ahead of time, and specify what information you require about the images.

    Charging on per product basis

    This is also a reasonable pricing option for all e commerce stores that sell a large number of products. This is one of the most common pricing models that includes unlimited product images to help you get the best shots with stunning editing. However, if you have a large quantity of products, this charging method may be prohibitively expensive for you. You can use the per-image pricing method in this case. You can use this pricing method if you have two or three products and want to show the audience a clear picture of the details in the products.

    Charge on Project basis

    So if you're a photographer looking for a full-time job. This is the best option for you. For example, you may be aware that your client requires a large number of photographs for a specific project. You can work with them on a project pricing basis here.

    You can understand the customer ’s demands, the number of images she wants, and the charge for the project based on the quote. This pricing structure enables you to offer discounts to consumers, thereby fostering a positive relationship. Paying per project can also be advantageous for purchasers because there is less pressure on budget planning and they get a clear picture of the work-to-pay ratio.

    However, on occasion, all-inclusive charges can reduce the perceived cost of each image, leaving consumer with no incentive to prioritise their needs. As a result, before deciding on a pricing method, clients must assess their needs and the demand for their product or service.

    What are the top 10 product photographers in India?

    1. Ecommerce Photography India

    So here we are, providing product photography services. We provide a wide range of services / services. From fashion photography, ecommerce photography, product photography, food photography services to industrial videos everything is done in a very professional way. You can search and see the price which we charge on our online website and other blogs also which we will continue. Our product photographers are highly skilled and each and every photographer takes care of the minute details. We are very much confident in product photography services and providing you quality service. Our service will be provided by our team of best product photographers in Mumbai who are ready to take on your website and level up your brand. We are situated in West Mumbai. In fact there are many other companies as well in West Mumbai, but we are unique. Our price model is made keeping you in mind. We provide best in class editing with a suitable price. We are available online. So if you are interested you can contact us and we will explain our work and price model in detail.

    Ecommerce Product Photography | Product Photography in India | Product Photography in Mumbai (

    2. Saurabh Dua

    The most impulsive advertising photographer is Saurabh Dua. He is employed in both Delhi and Mumbai. He works with eminent clients both domestically and abroad. For his exceptional work in the field, he has won numerous National and International awards. He has a close relationship with advertising agencies such as LOWE, Happy Creatives, Mudra and CHEIL.

    Saurabh is a fashion, beauty & advertising photographer based in New Delhi, India. His images have graced various magazines and advertising campaigns across the Globe. (

    3. Vikas Dutt

    Vikas Dutt is a very talented photographer who comes from one of the oldest cities in India, ‘Varanasi’. He has a great passion for photography and for the same he draws inspiration from life. He has photographed products of brands like Swiss Eagle, Vespa as well as for the tourism industry such as Sri Lanka tourism, Bali tourism, etc.

    4. Amit Dey

    Amit Dey is an exceptionally skilled photographer. His work has established him in the advertising sector. He enjoys trying out various styles and techniques rather than sticking to one. Among the advertising agencies he has worked with are Dentsu, Ogilvy, JWT, and Mc Cann Erickson. has a lot of high-end customers as well, including Reebok, Coca-Cola, Monte Carlo, Nescafe, etc.

    5. Munish Khanna

    Leading style and marketing photographer in Delhi is Munish Khanna. He now shares his expertise in photography by trying to teach photography to individuals from around the globe. Numerous prestigious national and international websites, books, and magazines use his photographs as illustrations. He has worked for well-known Indian brands like Maruti, VLCC, and the New Delhi Airport, among others.

    6. Sanchit Sonawane

    Sanchit Sonawane is an award-winning photographer based in Mumbai who has worked with clients from various Indian states. He is a member of the team at Each of his images is a visual delight. Brands like Anchor Panasonic, Goqii, Supermax, Anasuya Fresh, MB Pharma, A.K. Motiwala Jewellers, Kiran Jewellers, Maserati Watch, Julie by Julie Shah, Swiss Watch, Deme By Gabriella, Candies, Pappco, Oven Fresh Dadar, Raymonds, and many others are associated with

    7. Sandesh Jayakar

    Sandesh Jayakar is a celebrated photographer based in Mumbai. He carries a number of premium brands in his wallet, including Lee Cooper shoes, Metro shoes, Giordano watches, and Idee eyewear. The combo of emotions, eloquence, drama, and beauty in his iconic images is what distinguishes him as the best photographer.

    8. Ritam Banerjee

    Our nation's Ritam Banerjee is a very skilled photographer. He works with Getty Images and is a photographer based in Mumbai. Additionally, he has assisted clients from numerous nations. He doesn't just take still photos; he also records commercial videos. He has worked with companies like Guess, ICICI, Elizabeth Arden, Cosmopolitan, Royal Enfield, PETA, Rotary International, and others. He has captured images of commercial goods from various industries.

    9. Sushmendra Dubey

    Sushmendra Dubey, also known as "Dubs," is an accomplished commercial photographer. He has worked with Saatchi & Saatchi, Lintas, and has taken product photos for numerous global companies.

    10. Sharad Haskar

    Sharad Haksar started studying photography when he was 18 years old. Later, he travelled to the USA for a global workshop to hone his abilities. He had the opportunity to learn various photography techniques from some of the top lensmen in the world during this workshop. In recognition of his noteworthy photography work, Sharad Haksar has received numerous honours and gold medals.

    See you soon and don't forget to contact us! We are ready to provide you our services.