Creative Ways To Show Your Customers You Care

In the digital world of e-commerce, it becomes a lot more challenging to have a healthy relationship with the customers that would make them loyal to your brand and make them keep shopping with you. Very few brands go the extra mile to show their customers a genuine appreciation for the business that their customers get for them. This can be a deciding factor while a customer chooses which brand she wants to go with. When everything else is done right, it will finally boil down to providing a meaningful experience to the customer.

Ever wondered what you could do better to build a closer relationship with your customers?

We have made a list of ideas that you can execute to build better customer relationships.

Expressing gratitude for the business that a customer gets you can be one way to go. Saying thank you to your customer is going to give a human touch to your brand and make it easy for the customer to relate to it.

There can be a variety of occasions on which you want to thank your customers. Depending on your budget you can thank any of the following:

  1. Customers who make purchases regularly
  2. Customers who make purchases above a certain limit
  3. Customers when they shop on their birthdays
  4. Customers who provide you with valuable feedback

You can say thank you in the following ways:

Handwritten thank you notes

Handwritten notes are a lost art now and thus will be highly appreciated. Also, if you can procure the material that you will be requiring for these in bulk then it will not be too much spending for your company too. Compare a warm message you can send via email to a handwritten note that can convey the same message. The handwritten note s going to be a lot more special gesture.

Remember to use a good quality of paper for writing your note. Also, sign the note warmly yet professionally. You can also write the purpose for which you are thanking the customer.

Provide free gifts or sample

While you want the customer to enjoy the experience of unboxing by discovering a nice gift, you also want them to be able to explore the products that you think the customer would like to use. Adding a sample of products that you want the customer to try can be a great way of thanking the customer too. The two things that you need to remember while choosing the gift is that the gift must be relevant to the product that you are packing and the gift must be suitable for the customer’s profile.

Add package inserts

While you are about to go about the shipping of the box, the cost of the packaging and the shipping is already taken care of. What can be done in such a case to make the most of it is to add a package insert. Since there won’t be any extra charges for shipping and packaging. This turn out to be a very cost-effective way to make the unboxing experience of the customer delightful.

An easy option could be adding a pack of candies or something that will complement the product that you are shipping.