What Are the best things about Amazon India?

Since its launch in the Indian market, Amazon has steadily taken over and has undoubtedly turned out to be the best online shopping site for most of the Indian audience. Amazon has tried its best in making sure that they provide all the products a customer would want to shop for in one place. Right from their shopping experience to their after-sales service, Amazon has built a great relationship with customers. They also have a loyal customer base that has been built over all these years. Here is a list of all the great features that Amazon has to offer that makes it so popular.

Variety of products:

Amazon sells a wide range of products and these are made available to you in a minimal shipping time. Below is the list of categories that Amazon sells.

  1. Electronics, Mobiles and Accessories
  2. Home and Kitchen
  3. Fashion and Apparels
  4. Beauty and Health products
  5. Baby products

Product discoverability:

The customers can either discover the products by directly searching for them or by using the navigation bar. Whichever be the case, it is an easy task for the customer to reach the desired product.

Simple UI:

The UI of the site makes the design seem very clutter-free and helps create a hustle-free shopping experience. There will not be many instances where the buyer is confused. The platform takes care of most of the design-related parts, while some options are customizable.


The entire process of buying a product; right from selection to check out is quite easy and confusion-free. This makes the shopping experience seamless.

Easy checkout process:

When a customer reaches the checkout point, it is almost equivalent to having bought the product. This is one of the worst places to lose a customer hence. Amazon has designed a hassle-free checkout process.

Updated with the latest payment options

It has to be convenient for your customers to pay. Different people have different prefer different options and it is your duty to be able to integrate these options into your system.

Master, Visa debit, and credit cards are some of the popular options that people want to go with. At the same time, Amazon also provides an option of Cash On Delivery to their customers.

Prompt customer service

Amazon takes care of their customers in a very prompt manner by taking care of the following queries and problems that customers can have:

  1. Where’s My Order?
  2. Paying for Your Order
  3. Delivery Charges
  4. Returns & Refunds
  5. Manage Your Account Information
  6. Pay on Delivery


Most of the online shopping is done using mobile nowadays which makes it very crucial for the sites to be optimized for mobile screens as well. Amazon has great mobile-friendly properties to take care of this point. The design is also very responsive which makes it easier for customers to shop irrespective of the device that they use to access the site.

Page loading:

One of the key performance parameters that must be taken care of by every website administrator is the time for page loading. If the page takes too much time to load, there is a chance that the buyer might go on to look for the same products on some site. Amazon has a fast page loading that takes care of this.