Knolling Photography

Knolling Photography

From the word knolling, one might think that it has nothing to do with e-commerce or commercial photography, but it is one of the fastest trending photography this year.  Implementing knolling photography not only puts you on trend, it could be just the style you need to show off your brand image and products. The detailed design of knolling means the resulting pictures are attention-grabbing, prominent, and clear – exactly what you want from commercial pictures.

KNOLLING- What it means?

You might not have heard about Knolling photography, but I am sure that you have definitely seen examples of Knolling photography

The art of arranging the products such that they are placed at 90o or parallel to each other is called knolling. Keeping things organised helps to click noticeable and clean photographs. The reason behind arranging things together and clicking it is that they can be related to a particular field. For example: Cosmetics

The organisational design, occasionally known as flat lay photography, has been used for years and some brands have been utilising it to showcase their products ever since. But the rise of social media means that it’s become a trend and the appreciation for order is growing. Today it’s a style that’s being used to create attractive images of everything from tools to food.

Reasons to use KNOLLING photography
Implementing Knolling photography style will enhance your images to next level. This are just five reasons that why one should consider Knolling photography for a professional product shoot:

  1. Grabbing attention– The neat lines and angles immediately capture attention. You only need to look at how popular knolling images are on social media to see how fascinating people find them.
  2. Trending – Knolling is growing on social media and being part of that trend could help raise your profile. Getting your image shared across Instagram could be an invaluable piece of marketing.
  3. Distinctly shows every product – One of the key benefits to knolling is that it effortlessly shows off each item in the snap. While you can create a focal point, the uncluttered nature means that products aren’t hidden.
  4. Smoothly show related items – If you’ve got a collection or items that are perfect together, knolling could be the ideal way to show them off together. With a single theme running throughout the photo, viewers will automatically link them together.
  5. Replicates your brand image – Knolling gives you a platform to reflect your brand image in a clean, uncluttered way. Whether it’s through using bold colours and patterns or adding a little chaos into the usually organised style, there are lots of ways to inject some personality.

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