Top 15 FAQ: Product Photography

Being the best at your shoots but not able to convince your audience? 

New to product photography and want to be prepared to answer all the questions or inquires like a pro?

Here we are with the top 15 most frequently asked questions from the client to the product photographer/studio.

Q1) What are the initial information required to get started with the shoot?

The answer to it is a quick “as much as possible”. Before starting with the shoot there are many things one needs to know:

1) Description of your product.

2) The exact number of shots you’re ordering.

3) Know the angles, product placements, shoot straight on or at angle if any special requirements are needed by the client.

4) Final image format, if you’re not sure, we can guide you.

However, without any special requirements put forward by the client, we execute our best judgment. With hundreds of shoots and clients, our instincts are good. But there is always the possibility that a client’s expectations might not match.

Q2) What kind of tools do you use for post processing?

The initial software that we receive along with the new camera bought are pretty primitive in their approach and don’t allow much editing. Thus, to have new or more advanced post-processing software is very important for a product’s photo shoot. Some of the software which we work with include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe illustrator.

We select the software according to the requirements of the shoot as each shot has a different perspective to itself. 

Q3) What kind of equipment do you use for your shoots?

One of the best ways to find the experience and professionalism towards the shoot the product photographer has.

We try keeping my equipment as progressive as the shoot goes. Having a tripod, Flashlight equipment for perfect lighting are the fundamental ones. For cameras we prefer going with Canon 6D, Canon 5D, Canon 1D and if the shoot is for huge hoardings then we also use Hasselblad and Phase One.

We use Elinchrom Fox 400 and 600, besides that we use LED-backlit softbox. Among the lenses we use include 50mm, 55-105mm, 70-200mm. macro lens and so on.

Q4) How many photos will be shot and what approximate budget can be expected?

The “How much bang do I get for my buck?” question. This question helps the client in deciding and comparing the price per image. Thus, keep it as realistic and possible. You can get an idea about the prices by going to our Pricing table for product photography. The price has to show the worth of your shoots and it should not be over or underpriced. The price has to be quoted according to the requirements like creative photography, commercial photography, e-commerce photography, the requirement for models, hair and make, apparels requirement, and so on. For a more precise idea of the price please do call us.

Q5) Where can I see your portfolio?

You can visit our website which has a product photography gallery. If you need any specific category of photography, then please call or mail us and we will mail or WhatsApp you some more samples of our work. We also have online samples available on our official website and also have our portfolio available on other websites like Behance, Adobe Portfolio, Dribble, etc. Our photographs always try to get a connection with their audience.

Always keep your portfolio updated with the latest trend as they act as the best sample for your shoots and are a deciding factor behind the selection.

Q6) What benefit comes with a product photography? Why should one opt for it?

People tend to remember 80% of what they see, but just 20% of what they read. Product photography might involve larger money for investment, but it is all worth it. It is you who want people to be persuaded to opt for your product or service, this is your end goal and no one wants to compromise on the final outcome. The power of an image is hard to ignore, if you ignore the fact of coming up with the best shoot possible for your product there is a very high possibility you could lose on some serious sales.

Q7) What is your turnaround time?

Try keeping the time according to the requirement, the need of the shoot. Don’t linger on with the time to deliver the shoots as time is of the essence. Take into consideration the deadline told by the client and try giving the best of results for it. Doing the work efficiently and effectively within a limited span of time also adds to the value for your brand or photographic shoot.

An approximate turnaround for our product and fashion photography is about 4-5 days post the shoot. This may change depending upon the number of products required to be shot, the kind of photography, and post-processing that you want.

Q8) What is the monitor you use for your shoot? How often do you calibrate it?

Some of the best monitors that we recommend are from Asus/Eizo monitor. The logic behind the usage of these high ranged monitors is simple, they allow us to see my work with the highest possible quality. It helps me feel confident about the shoots and only if we are confident can we deliver the best quality work to my clients. Another added advantage of using this monitor is its auto-calibration feature. This particular monitor self-calibrates every 200 hours. 

Q9) Who owns the copy rights to the images ?

All my photoshoots have been copyrighted to the clients whom we work for. Although we retain the right to use the images to showcase our work.

Q10) How much experience do you have with editing photos?

We have 10+ years of experience in this field. This gives us an edge as we have been associated with leading online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, and snapdeal. We have also worked for international clients and have catered to customized requirements of online marketplaces in their countries like eBay, Etsy, Kogan, Osale, and so on. 

Q11) What other services do you provide on the shoots? What are the extra charges ?

All and any type of additions to the shoots are provided but at a cost. If working under the scope of work like editing, lightening, etc. all come under the budget but any other additions like:

  • Props
  • Product Video shoots
  • Product Uploading and Cataloging
  • Online Market place registration
  • Models
  • Hair and make up
  • Stylist
  • Travel expenses( for a different location)
  • Digital marketing and promotion

Are all chargeable.

Q12). How do you reach out to your audience / How do you market your work?

Search engine optimization and digital marketing are some of the most powerful tools that help me in marketing. We also rely a lot on referrals and networking. Besides this pay per click ads and paid campaigns also form a part of our marketing and branding strategy.

Q13) Can you help us in promoting our products

Sure. Due to our long-term exposure in the eCommerce field, we can surely help you in product promotions and sales. For this, we mainly use paid campaigns available with the market places, Marketplace optimization for generic high rankings on the marketplace, social media, and other campaign options.

Q14) What if I’m not sure how I’d like my products photographed? Can’t you figure that out for me?

As we have mentioned earlier, we have a rich experience in the product and fashion photography field and hence we are sure we would be able to help you in designing the shoot. But having said that we also believe that having a professional stylist does add value to the shoot, so if your budget permits hiring a stylist would be good, but if it does not, then we will be sure to help you in this regard. We have a good idea about the requirement for various online marketplaces and hence can guide to about the technical guideline and hence ensure that the images are not rejected by the marketplace.

Q15)What are your expectations from me?

Nothing much, just one thing we want from your side is to give your feedback on the shoots. Don’t keep it to yourself. We hope you like our work and we stand according to your expectations. We will definitely try to make it better than you expected.*smile*

This question and the answer decide the relation between the photography company and the client. Thus, try being as modest as possible and try to get a friendly connection with your client.

If you have any other questions regarding product photography, eCommerce photography, or fashion photography, please do call or write to us and we will surely try to answer them to the best of our ability.