5 Indian Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

Instagram is often derided by serious artists and photographers as the platform that birthed and nurtured the selfie culture and destroyed photography as we know it.  However, as usual, there are two sides of the coin. Instagram is a powerful and popular medium to showcase your creative work and build a strong online presence if you really want to. That is why today we want to showcase five Indian Instagram accounts belonging to five accomplished photographers. They have thousands of followers and their works are hugely popular. These should also inspire you to

Ravi Choudhary 

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As a photojournalist, Ravi has worked for several newspapers including the Indian Express and the Hindustan Times and has got his work published in scores of others. He hails from Muzaffarnagar and was actually a student of agriculture. But one day he discovered photography and there was no looking back! But a glance through his account will also give you a sense of travel across India, enabling you to soak in its rich colour and texture.

Joshi Daniel 

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From Kerala to Kashmir, you can get a virtual tour of the country with Joshi. He has a great interest in documenting different cultures, traditions and lifestyles. His portraits and glamor shots can also make one drool. A lot of his works are in sensuous black and white. Apart from the DSLR, he also experiments with GoPro and iPhone photography nowadays.

Rathika Ramaswamy 

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Rathika is one of the foremost wildlife photographers in this country. Although trained as an engineer, she gradually moved towards photography in order to satiate the connect she always felt with mother nature. She has probably been to almost all the national parks in India and has also ventured into the African jungles to follow her passion. If you are a nature lover, there is no way you will not be mesmerized by her feed. She is also a member of Nikon Professional Services.

Dinesh Khanna

Best photographer accounts on instagram

Dinesh is one of India’s foremost professional photographers. His life story itself is a fascinating one. Since his father was also into photography, he tried to avoid it during his youth. He worked in various professions for a long time but eventually, he realized that his true calling is nothing but photography. So, he left everything and came back to his roots! His works cover a vast range, owing to his work across a myriad of sectors. From street portraits to lavish weddings and from travel to commercial shoots, you will find almost everything in his account. He is also the founder of the Delhi Photo Festival, India’s only full-fledged photography festival that takes place every two years.

Neeraj Priyadarshi

Neeraj Priyadarshi

Neeraj is the national photo editor of Indian Express. You just cannot ignore his vast experience as one of the topmost photojournalists of this country. He has also covered many important events from bomb attacks in Kabul to Bihar floods throughout his long career. A lot of his work includes classy portraits in black and white. It is a good place to learn how to play with light and shadow.

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How to control reflection in your photographs


Due to high reflecting surfaces, photographers face many challenges while clicking photos. But the photographers who have good experience and are professionals can click reflective object easily just as a non-reflective object. Here are few steps that will help you to click reflective objects easily

Eliminate reflections in camera

First of all make sure that the light source is positioned in such a way that it does not reflect back in the object. The brighter the light source, the more it has the potential to end up with reflection. So it is advisable that use a light source as bright as you need in your photos. To know what amount of light is required, do practice of several shots before the final photograph.

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Change settings of your camera

Change the white balance of your camera according to the type of light (fluorescent, tungsten, daylight, etc.) you are going to use. ISO should be kept at its minimum level. Sunglasses and watches are much easy to focus as these products details can be auto-focused by your camera and will be easily able to lock onto. Use an aperture of f/11 and focus on the center part of your object.

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change settings

Arrangement of setup

Use umbrellas to defuse the lights (two large studio lights on either side of your object) and place the object on a table or a block. Behind the product hang a white sheet of rolled paper in such a way that it sweeps underneath the product and attaches it to the bottom of camera lens to block reflection.

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Use polarizing filter

Polarizing filters are usually placed in front of camera lens in order to manage the reflections from highly reflective surface like glass, metal and water bodies.

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polarized filter

There are many different ways to avoid reflections but these are the simplest way which will have a good impact on your products and will avoid reflection to a great extent.

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Amazing photography facts!!!

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  • The first ever photograph was taken by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826. This was a black and white photo was taken from the upstairs window of Nicephore Niepce. Whereas the first colored photograph was taken by James Clerk Maxwell, a mathematical physicist. The photo consists of three color bow.
  • About 300 million photos are daily uploaded on Facebook whereas 60 million photos are uploaded on daily basis on Instagram.
  • The first ever digital camera was made by Kodak Company in 1975. It was a black and white camera of 0.1 pixels weighing 8 pounds. It use to take 23 seconds to click develop first photograph.
  • In “Wiki Loves Monuments”, a photography event held in 2011, an entrants from Netherland submitted 168,208 images in the competition. It holds world record of submitting maximum number of photographs in a single competition.
  • Kelsey Blackburn and James Schriillo from Wake Forest University, conducted a study that and concluded that left side of human face produces pleasant photos as compare to right side. The reason behind this is that, the left side of face shows more intense emotions than the right side.
  • The 1923 Leica O-series camera was the most expensive camera sold in an auction in Vienna. It was auctioned for 2.16 million euros.
  • Dilish Parekh from India holds the world record of collecting 4,425 antique cameras and one of them is from 1906.
  • “Vulture stalking on child”, a click by Kevin Carter is considered as the saddest photograph. He received Pulitzer Prize for the photograph. The sad story that he captured disturbed him so much that he committed suicide.
  • The number of photo clicks in 2 minutes at present is same as much as whole in 1800s.

Hope you have enjoyed these interesting facts about Photography.

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How online marketplaces generate revenue?

online market placesThere are tons of ways to earn through your market place. You can earn by the earning option given below: 

  • Transaction fees or Commission:

It is one of the main sources of income of market place. We can ask for fee or a percentage of the total size of sales. You can see this in most of the popular market places like ebay, uber, Airbnb, etc. starting with commission as earning through your marketplace can be an amazing idea.

  • Advertisements:

It allows greater visibility of seller or product and you can charge them at a fee. Listing features of products in your marketplace is one of the oldest ways of earning.

  • Ecommerce services:

There are lots of vendors who do not have their own website. You can advertise their product on your marketplace and charge them. In this case both head and tail of the coin will be yours. Not only you will earn money by selling their products but also you will expand your business and supply.

  • Freemium:

You could have a free base offering for most of your users and some paid features for your power users. These could include things like delivery, insurance, or providing more visibility.

  • Membership or Subscription:

You can charge the vendor for a subscription to display their advertisement on your online marketplace. Subscription can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

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