Brochure Marketing refers to the marketing where a small paper or document or pamphlet is used to promote various goods or services. Many companies prefer to get its marketing brochure developed by a professional printing company who has considerable experience of printing the same but many others have a setup of computer printing software in their organizations to print their marketing brochures.Some might think that a brochure is no longer acceptable or can be used as a marketing strategy as everything has been digitized. But that’s not the gospel truth. A professionally designed brochure can act as a key to your marketing strategy and henceforth, increase your brand value. Marketing brochures are acutely adjustable, simple to create, and can be used anywhere and for anything. It is the foremost and the best marketing strategy that can be utilized by any organization. An appropriately designed marketing brochure helps your company to graphically demonstrate its visual brand so that every customer can understand and learn it.


There are many types of brochures that can help you to communicate your ideas in different ways and perspectives. Not to confuse you with so many printing and design business terms; here I am listing down the various types and formats of brochures.

Bi-Fold Brochure: This is the most common brochure used for product descriptions, catalogues, organizational goals and strategize introductions, tradeshows, corporate meetings, and so on. It is usually made of one sheet which is folded in half.

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Tri-Fold Brochure: This is a brochure in which, primarily, the right panel is folded inwards, and above that lays the left panel folded. In all, this brochure is fragmented into 6 equal sized panels where the information can be laid in various forms. Tri-fold brochures are dynamic and comfortable to open; which makes them suitable for creating professional designs for basic marketing campaigns.

Tri-Fold Brochure


Presentation Folder: This is a type of Bi-Fold Brochure. There are a number of sheets printed so as to bifurcate the material appropriately and these printed sheets go inside a folder which is called inserts. Folders can be customized as per the different requirements of the clients by adding or removing inserts.
Inserts are flyers which are specifically designed to commensurate with the folders. Inserts allow the folders to be customized as per the relevancy of each client. Also, it allows you to lay emphasis on vital information, service or product.

Presentation Folder Brochure


Booklets: Multiple of Bi-Fold Brochures are compiled together so as to form a booklet of multiple printed pages. Sometimes, the front and back cover is printed on a thicker paper so as to project a professional and bookish touch. Sometimes, the word “brochure” is interchangeably pronounced as “booklet,” but this is incorrect as a brochure is designed in a single piece of paper whereas “booklet” is designed by compiling the multiple brochures together. Booklets are probably printed for high-quality stock, catalogues, corporate profiles, and organizational presentations.



Flyers: Flyers are usually printed on a single sheet of paper without any fold. They are generally smaller in size. Most of the flyers are printed in only one or two colors. The printed material might be single or double-sided. Flyers are ideal for mass communication and distribution so as to promote a particular campaign, product or service as the printing costs of the same can be budgeted. They are also known as pamphlets, leaflets or circulars.

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Brochures are an effective way to present your data through the mode of high-resolution images and colored printing. Brochures are versatile and can be utilized in many sectors. There are multiple uses of brochures in various fields which I am listing down below:

  • Brochures can be used as Presentation Packages. It may include catalogues, product descriptions, company guides and so on. Virtually, it can be used for e-mail marketing.
  • Brochures can be used as invitations. Invitations can be for business as well as the personal party. The most common type of brochures used for invitations are Bi-fold and Tri-fold Brochures but these can be customized in any form as per your creativity skills.
  • Brochures can be used as an employee’s resume.
  • Brochures can be used as the restaurant’s menu. The most common type of brochures used for menus is Bi-fold and Tri-fold Brochure.
  • Brochures can be used as Maps so as to uncover various location details.

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