In previous two blogs i.e. Part 1 Part 2, you were acknowledged about the skillful and knowledge-based DIY services which you can provide as a freelancer by working from your home & the power of online selling. Sometimes, you may have some other talents which don’t demand any qualified degree or knowledge to pursue it. You can start the work as your side business or full-time business without the requirement of any professional training and guidance.Ecommerce photography India presents some more DIY Business Ideas which can be pursued on the basis of your talent:

  • Life Coaching or Mentorship: Maybe, after retirement, you may share your success stories with the young generation so that you can inspire them in their phase of struggle. You can provide them with tips to excel in that field in which you are an expert. You can make videos and post it on YouTube.
  • Fitness Trainer: Are you acknowledged fitness facts and nutrition? If you are a health savvy person, you can provide training to many individuals who want fitness related training. You need to prepare a diet chart for them, with the proper development of their fit anatomies through the mode of exercises and yoga.
  • Massage Therapist: For this, you might need a license which entirely depends upon the place you are living in and the regulations formulated by the law. Mainly you need to invest in massage beds and different types of oil.
  • Laundry Services: If you are willing to make money by working at home without the need for learning and acquiring new skills then home-based laundry services is a good option to offer. Advantages are: they are easy to offer plus there is a possibility for expansion in the future. Decide that how much you will charge for per unit and also maintain the records of your sales and expenses.
  • Hairdressing or Makeup Services: If you have worked in a salon before or you just know how to cut hair you could start this business from your home itself. This way you won’t be requiring a large amount of capital to open your own business. All you need is to invest in some important tools of the salon so as to do your work comfortably. With this, you can provide other beauty services like:
    Hair Colouring
    Hair Straightening or Curling
    Hair Extension
    Manicures or Pedicures
  • Jewellery Making: You can design and create your own jewellery by using fancy beads, threads, and other supplies which you can easily pick up from an online or from a local craft store. Use jewellery photographers to get some splendid shots of your ornaments in order to market & sell online.
  • Dress Tailoring and Designing: If you are good with tailoring techniques like stitching, knitting, sewing and so on, you can simply design and sell the garments you produce. This has low investment cost and this work can be simply started from home plus it entirely depends upon your creativity and the capability of designing.
  • Making Scented Candles: Candles are popular products that people tend to purchase from the market as well as e-commerce websites. You can purchase some basic supplies and then you can make your own scented designed candles by sitting at home.
  • The business of Paintings: If you are good at art like painting and sketching, you can either make portraits or abstract paintings and can further on creating a studio at your home. Also, you can sell your original works in an online or in an offline store.
  • Calligraphy: Letters written through the mode of calligraphy is a creative a gift item which many people can buy and present it to their near bys. If you are good at it, you can even earn through this mode.
  • Paper Goods Seller: You can sell various paper products like greeting cards, note cards, invitation letters, notepads, diaries, and so on. These are easy and less time to consume to make.
  • Sculpting and Pottery: Sculpting is a popular method of making handmade products which can be feasibly sold in the market. You can buy clay or the designated sand for pottery and other materials which are required with the specialized equipment that will help you to produce your goods. These creations are highly valued in the DIY industry.
  • Phone Case Makers: There’s a huge market which is willing to buy mobile accessories. You can make your own phone cases and covers and can initiate it as a side business.
  • Popup Shop: While there are limitless barriers to own a retail shop, so you can simply cut down your costs and limit your investment and decide to set up a weekend pop-up shop as your side business. You may sell anything in which you are good at. It might be any food item, clothing, jewellery, gift items and so on.
  • DJ Services: If you are fond of music and you are capable enough to make your own music then you can bring this idea into action. You need to be a pro at mixing. You can start with local endeavors and further on you can take this business idea to higher prospects. All you need is to have a command over sound designing, mixing and music production.

By going through all the three blogs, Ecommerce Photography India has managed to present you 35 ideas in detail. As per your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) you can decide that which business idea and plan will work out for you.