E-commerce Photography vs Creative/Lifestyle Photography

Photography has become of the most popular career choices now. Long gone are the days when all you could do with a camera is take random pictures and show them to your friends. Now, one can do a lot of things with a camera in hand, the job options are numerous. The photos you see in wedding albums, newspapers, online sites, magazines, social media, etc. are all the products of a camera and a professional behind the lens. Photography is truly an art.

In the commercial world, photography has two main branches which are known as e-commerce photography and creative photography. In this blog, you will be reading about what both of these are and in the debacle of commercial photography, you can decide which one is better. Let’s take a look at what these two are all about, shall we?

Creative Photography

Remember when you see those amazing hoardings or advertisements of your favorite product, which makes you want to buy it even more? Or those cute couple pictures in valentine’s day cards that put a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart (not so much if you’re single)? Well, these are the products of creative photography. Also known as lifestyle photography, creative photography is one without too many restrictions. As the name suggests, you can let yourself be creative and allow your ideas to flow. You can change the backdrop, change how your subject looks, make it look more attractive, add props, etc. In the other kind, that is e-commerce photography, all this isn’t possible because it has several set restrictions.

Creative photography is the kind of photography that allows you to see things differently. Some people may argue that every photograph is creative, but I beg to differ. Creative photography demands you to have a perspective not many will have. For example, taking a picture of a building, but from the ground up, by keeping the camera on the floor. Most people wouldn’t see the building that way, from the floor up, but you would, as a creative photographer.

Creative photography is usually used to make hoardings, brochures, cards, print advertisements, blog pictures, etc. Various props like long exposure, spray bottles, mixed lighting, freelancing, tilt shifts, etc. can be used to provide your client with breathtaking photographs that they just cannot help but admire. Obviously, you will require quite a number of equipment, as well as give in a lot of time and effort, but the end result will definitely be more than amazing.

E-commerce Photography

This is more serious and commercial type of photography where you cannot play around with the lens. E-commerce photography is also called product photography, which is usually done for displaying pictures of products. Thus, its other name. E-commerce photography bears a lot of guidelines you have to stick to. You cannot be too creative and break the rules, especially when shooting products. The background, props, lighting, everything has to be static and according to what exactly the client wants.

E-commerce photography is usually done in a professional setup and in a set location. You can’t let your ideas flow just like that, you have to strictly adhere to what the client wants and not apply your own ideas, even if they could make the photo look better. E-commerce photography is highly required when it comes to displaying products online. When you buy products online, you first see the picture and then decide whether to go for it or not, right? Well, sellers know this and that’s why they hire the best e-commerce photographers to help make the product look exceptional.

E-commerce Photography vs. Creative Photography

“Competitors, prepare your guns! It’s time to fight” – A lot of budding photographers often face this serious debacle that which one is better, creative or e-commerce photography. While both of them have fair points to say that they’re better than the other, it actually depends on what you want to do and which circumstances are better for you. Now, it’s time to witness the battle, so let’s go!

Creative or lifestyle photography takes more time as you use more equipment and put in more effort to help get a great final product. It mainly depends on your client’s budget and the result required by him or her. Creative photography also depends on the end users and how your client intends to use the photo. So, as you can see, a lot of thought process goes into taking creative photographs.

On the other hand, e-commerce photography is short and sweet (not in all cases).in e-commerce photography, standardized format exists, which means you cannot fiddle or change too much when it comes to the angles and sizes, there isn’t too much of a scope to change anything in the aesthetics as well. While that might sound disappointing, it does mean that you have to spend less, give less time, and effort as well. E-commerce is also a lower-cost option than its creative counterpart. This is the reason why several studios opt for e-commerce photography because it is cheaper and quicker, thus it would take them less time to edit and produce the final photographs. This is also reflected in the equipment and models used in e-commerce photography which just shows it means business and nothing else.

The major difference between both of these competitors is the client’s budget. Your client’s budget will actually determine which type of photography you opt for. If your client has a small budget, you can keep things short and simple with e-commerce photography. If your client has a good budget, you can hire better equipment, use more props, have better backgrounds, and have better-looking locations.

So, now that you can see what e-commerce photography and creative/lifestyle photography have to offer, which one will you choose?