Product Videos

You just got your salary. You’ve been saving up for quite a while to purchase a new phone. There are many options, but you’ve narrowed it down to One Plus 6, iPhone X, and Samsung S9. While they fall into different price segments, you want to know which one you exactly want with all its features, because money isn’t the sole factor. What do you do? You refer to videos about the phone that showcase its features and ultimately help you decide which one you really want. Whether it’s a YouTube review video or the brand’s own video, ultimately, the content helps you decide on the phone you will be purchasing.

We all know that to sell a product, you need to showcase why the consumers need it and how it will benefit them. This is the textbook purpose of a product video. Product videos have become the go-to way for companies and brands to showcase their consumers and audiences, the features of their products and why they need to purchase it. After all, the profit and fame of a company depends upon how much the consumers prefer its products. Today, product videos stand as one of the pillars of the marketing strategy of a brand, which is why they’re quite important.

Product Video – What is it?

A product video is basically a very efficient explainer video that demonstrates the features and benefits of a product. Pictures were the traditional way of showing why a product is useful, but today, such videos are used as they give the consumers a real-life experience and show them exactly why they need the product.

Many a times, demo videos are also used to show the consumers for a few minutes, some of the features of the product, so that they can relate to it and ultimately feel like buying it. Such videos help to increase the conversion rates by giving an engaging and creative story that shows how the product functions in real time, and what impact it will have on the consumer. Utilizing metaphor and narratives, product videos easily create a much better lasting impression on the consumer’s mind, which often leads him or her to buy it, in order to actually experience it.

Who can Benefit from Product Videos?

Whether it is a new kind of software hitting the market (like ios 12) or an enterprise having commodities to promote, product videos can be beneficial to many. Brands or companies with too complex a product can utilize such a video to help make it easier to understand for the audience. Brands with vast number of products can make a number of brand product videos whenever they launch something new. The benefits are a lot in numbers which is why, investing in a proper product video is wise.

Product Videos – Types

For retailers, they have to make use of every tool at their disposal to help consumers make the purchasing decisions. They need their consumers to care about their products, but the main problem that arises (mainly while shopping online) is that people cannot physically experience the product. As a result, the care factor doesn’t exist that much. A video is the best way to bridge this gap. Videos help people to at least see the product in motion and understand to some point, why they need it. Listed below are the four major types of product videos used by companies worldwide: –

1) Plain Background Videos

These are product videos where the product is displayed on a plain color background. These types of product videos are the best for situations where you might be trying to save some money. Even though this is a cost-efficient method, its not all that effective because it is better to display the product in a real environment scenario as that is very often aesthetically pleasing for the consumers and also portrays a sense of reality. You may even opt to add a professional voice over, depending on your budget.

2) Tutorials and How To’s

On social media, these kinds of videos are the most popular styles of product videos. Such videos are a clever non-sales way to display your product while you give the people the information they require to decide whether or not to buy your product. There are various types of ‘How to’ videos, the most popular one being the ones having an expert on camera, displaying to the people what they need to know, as this helps the people to connect better. It also provides the particular company with a face to be seen everywhere.

3) Life Style Product Videos

These kinds of product videos generally portray some kind of story-telling, very often a day in the life of a family or an individual and display how the particular product is a part of their day. This type of product video is a great way of showcasing a product in a movie-like manner, captivating the audience’s attention nicely.

4) Direct Response Product Videos

These type of product videos are usually termed as ‘infomercials’, usually what we come across on televisions. We might consider infomercials as boring or monotonous, but they are deemed as highly effective, as they’re very formulaic which is quite helpful if a company’s team cannot grasp creative concepts easily. There are various types of direct response videos; everything depends on what is accurate for your target audience and product.