Top 15 Best Amazon Product Videos

What are Amazon Product Videos? 

A great method of highlighting your goods to potential customers is through Amazon product videos. Videos on Amazon listing pages can increase your conversion rate and aid in turning clicks into purchases. Short movies that highlight your items in use may be seen on They can be used to emphasize features, show use cases, or offer potential customers a better sense of what they are getting before they buy. 

These product demonstration movies are succinct and divided into three key sections: what it does, how it works, and why you need them. 

Product videos allow you to demonstrate your product in action while highlighting all its benefits, which helps increase conversion rates. Amazon merchants may use product videos to stand out and convey their value proposition in less than 60 seconds. Although they are a useful resource that Amazon sellers should use, many are either ignorant of them or fail to use them.  

Why should we use Amazon Product videos? 

You may raise conversions by up to 80%, which is a significant increase. Videos make it easier for customers to shop since they quickly and effectively explain your goods to potential customers. The drawback of internet purchasing is that you cannot touch or test the item to see how it feels. To post videos directly to your Amazon listing, where they will appear alongside your photographs, you must have a brand registration. If you have not previously registered your brand, follow this page to learn how. There is, however, a kind of workaround even if your brand is not registered. You can get to your listing by having a friend or member of your family log into their account (because you cannot do this on your account). You may post your video using “Amazon Video Shorts.” Upload the video by navigating to the listing’s video section. 

The video makes up for the inability to physically hold the thing in front of you by giving it a vitality that photographs and descriptions cannot match. Your chances of generating a sale increase if you encourage the buyer to interact more with your goods. 

Amazon has offered vendors a fantastic chance to submit product videos on their Amazon listings and highlight their goods in front of customers to compete in online retail. Amazon product videos have impacted online shoppers. According to their feedback report, product videos have aided in their decision-making regarding product purchases. Consumers used to go to YouTube to look for the product brand to learn about all its features and qualities. However, to save consumers’ time from looking for and answering questions about a product, Amazon now allows manufacturers to post their product films. Additionally, it increased the sales of the merchant’s goods.

What is the cost of Amazon Product Videos? 

We are all aware of the importance of excellent video in today’s market for eCommerce. Having a video for your product is quite beneficial because it can be utilized for PPC ads, your storefront, and your listing. Great videos always increase sales. The problem has always been the excessive cost of producing excellent videos. Our team’s knowledge of Amazon and what businesses require to thrive has helped us to find a solution to the problem of video affordability. Typically the costs for product videos for Amazon or, for that matter, any online portal starts from about 5000 Rupees per video. Besides Video nowadays, Amazon also gives the option of a 360 photo or a movable mouse photo to give you a 360 look at the product. The cost of a 360 photo normally starts from 2500 Rupees.

How to include an item video in the listing? 

  1. Please visit Seller Central. 
  1. Select “Inventory” from the tab. 
  1. From the list of choices, select “Upload & Manage Videos”. 
  1. Then, you may choose or drag the movie from your desktop. 
  1. Type a title, then include any associated product ASINs. Then, type a thumbnail. 

Guidelines for Amazon Video Creation 

Here are some pointers to bear in mind when you make your video: 

  • The video must be of high caliber. 
  • The entire video should be in English. 
  • The goods must be yours, and the uploader must be the brand owner. 
  • Must not contain any libelous or disparaging remarks. 
  • All remarks given on the product must be accurate. 
  • There should be proof to back up every allegation. 
  • No content that is sensitive, controversial, or sexually explicit. 
  • Neither a health nor medical claim. 
  • It cannot contain pricing, promotion details, discount claims, or time-sensitive information. 
  • The link cannot take visitors away from Amazon’s page. 
  • Contact details are not permitted. 
  • Should not violate someone else’s intellectual property rights. 
  • Cannot display any “prohibited” goods, such as alcohol. 
  •  Any comparisons that are made must be accurate. 

 Which kind of video should be commissioned? 

  • Lifestyle 

The use of lifestyle films helps the client see themselves using the goods. Once they start using their goods, what type of lifestyle will they lead? Better still, does your product fit into the lifestyle that your target customer already leads? Basically, demonstrate how your product is used in actual situations and inform viewers of what kind of experience they might anticipate after using it. 

  • Benefits/Highlight 

Describe the key attributes of the product and the advantages you may anticipate as a result. It may be an effective technique to persuade potential clients to purchase your goods if it offers the most competitive qualities. 

  • Amazon Product Instructional Video 

These films are excellent if your product is complex because sometimes it might be challenging to convey the meaning with just copy and visuals. You must agree that it is far simpler to watch someone assemble Ikea furniture than to read the directions. That reasoning still holds if your product’s application is not as obvious as using shoelaces. 

  • Amazon Product Video Testimonial 

Social proof is usually a fantastic tool for persuading customers that a product is ideal for them. Psychologically, when others utilize a product, consumers feel like they are making the proper decision. People who have benefited from using their product and promoting its use are typically included in these types of videos. 

 Argosy Media Player 

This media player has 1 Terabyte storage capacity and supports HDMI connectivity. It allows audio and video files to stream at your television set up without wires and can also play full HD videos at 1080p. To get the best product launch videos contact The Jigsaw, Vashi. They are excellent in this field. 

Canon EOS 1000D 

This is a fantastic DSLR with a DIGIC III Image Processor. The camera produces highly defined sophisticated images. There are art lenses in this camera that have seven focus points.  

360 Product Video 

This is one of the best Amazon product videos with the best quality shoot. To create such a great demo video or any amazon product video, visit their website. 

Amazon Fashion 

This video shows different clothing styles with different accessories items available on Amazon. This type of video attracts the customer, and they get convinced to shop online with proper clothing style and fashion guidance. 

Echo Flex

It is an instructive Amazon product video that instructions on setting up Echo Flex on the device through android mobile. Here, it shows that you first must install the Alexa app on the mobile before the setup and then do settings in the mobile to connect it to the device.  

Fire TV Stick

This video is also about setting up the Fire TV stick with a voice remote. It also shows how to connect the Fire TV stick to your TV and pair it with the remote. 

Top Fashionable Brands 

This video promotes 1000+ top fashionable brands on Amazon that sell all kinds of clothing and accessories with the guarantee of delivery within two days of purchase. 

 Dream Shop 

This Amazon product video promotes sports items of cricket. You can get every sports item on Amazon, be it cricket, football, hockey, badminton, etc. Sports tools are there on Amazon, and the sports kit, safety items, jerseys, shoes, and many more things are required in sports. 

Product Offer Sale 

At every festival, Amazon provides product sale offer on every product brand. This video is also about Festival sale offers on an electronic device that as Mobile phones, up to 40 %. Sometimes the offer also increases. The sale offering attracts consumers to shop online and purchase any product they need or want, offering the best shopping experience.  

Kindle Books

Amazon also provides the facility of kindle books in pdf format for customers who is great reader but cannot afford to buy books. This kindle book can also be lent to friends and family or another reader for up to fourteen days. You can read it for free on the Kindle reading app. 

Fire TV Home Theatre

It is a descriptive video on how to set up an Alexa Home Theatre system for your Fire TV device by pairing two echo devices with the same model of Fire TV device for a theatre experience at home. This kind of video helps the consumer understand the product’s working. 

Camera Advertisement 

Product videos help the customer connect to it emotionally. This Amazon product video of Canon has beautifully and emotionally connected you and makes you feel motivated to follow up your passion despite the age limit. In this video, a mother follows her passion for photography with Canon gifted by her son, purchasing it from Amazon. This video also shows that the product is delivered with all its belongings & catalogs to have the best shopping experience on Amazon.  

Theme Dress 

Amazon ensures that they provide the customers with everything within budget and do not disappoint them in price. This Amazon product video shows that you can get anything and everything at a reasonable price, even at the last moment of need, making you feel like your own shop.  

Fashion Up 

This is an official Amazon Fashion Up promo video where famous artists have promoted Amazon Fashion products such as clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes, make-up products, and many more. The artists have shortly described how to style according to one’s personality and comfort. This is how Amazon sellers use to promote and advertise their products through famous faces. 

Echo Decorative Shell

This Amazon product video has shown steps of changing the 2nd Generation echo decorative shell of the Alexa device in truly short. They have shown three shell variations in three distinct colors but the same model as Alexa. You can change the device’s shell and replace it with a different color shell. 

Here are the 15 best Amazon Product Videos; I hope you have already got some ideas for your next Amazon Product video. 

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