15 Product Demo Videos That Inspire You

A demo video is a short video of 60 to 90 seconds commonly used by companies to explain a particular product in an understandable way such that all the features are explained well. 

Here are some examples of 15 Product Demo Videos that Inspire You. 

Canon EOS 1000 

This Product demo video is about the sassy Canon EOS 1000D, an amazing DSLR with the best lenses with seven auto-focus points. All the features of the camera are showcased in the video. 

Compaq CQ 420  

This product demo video shows all the extraordinary features of the Compaq CQ 420. This video clearly shows and explains the features of Compaq CQ 420 with some pretty visuals on screen. 


This company believes in the humor of the product demo video. The humor they use is so relatable to their audience in advertising and marketing that they gain huge numbers of shares, attract media coverage and go viral in a short space of time.  

Vat 19: World’s Largest Gummy Worm 

Vat 19 is an online gifts shop. Vat 19 has produced hundreds of videos, and nearly all of them have reached a million views. This product demo video is for the 2.5- foot giant gummy worm, weighing around 3 pounds. This wacky video features the product’s characteristics. They believe that if your product is absurd, your product video should also belong to the same kind. 

Dollar Shave Club 

This company also plays with humor and has successfully produced some product demo videos that inspire you. Unilever later bought the company for one billion dollars. They have been successfully making ends meet by making razors funny and memorable in their product demo videos

Solo Stove Bonfire 

This is the product demo video for the Solo Stove Bonfire, which shows the creation of the one-of-a-kind firepit, emphasizing its sleek, efficient design and high quality. This product demo video showcases a passionate community of Solo Stove users, as well as the advantages of meeting around a campfire. 

 The Origins of Nike Free 

This Product Demo Video tells the story of the Origin of Nike Free running shoes. They showcase the idea and the vision behind the origin of this particular product. Their tagline reads “Engineered for Modern Motion.” 

Survey Monkey 

This Product Demo Video is nearly two minutes long and features some of the great visuals of Survey Monkey’s benefits. It explains all the features pretty well and walks you through the product interface. 


Whenever Apple comes up with something, it has to be amazing. This particular product demo video introduces the new iPhone 12. They have kept it simple for the viewers with simple text alerts and vivid visuals. 

Crazy Egg 

They make such video explainers that are truly explainable and understandable for non-technical persons. Not only does it summarize the unique heat map tool for the viewer, but it also shows the product in action. This particular product demo video starts with explaining what “Crazy Eggs” then goes into the features and the tools in action.  

Western Union: U.S. Mobile Bill Payments 

This animated product demo video fem Western Union features mobile payment options for a business to provide to the customers. Each of the options has been well- explained by the animated characters. The remarkable thing about this product demo video is its consistent brand design and colour. Western Union’s trademark yellow and black elements abound in the animation. While the rest of the information is delivered using the colour that reminds you this is a Western Union message. 

Say Hej to IKEA Place 

This product demo video begins with “IKEA would like everyone to know about Place, our new augmented reality app.” The app’s functionality and the problems it answers are nicely demonstrated in this product demo video. 

Salesforce: what is CPQ? 

 This is a simple product demo video with Kylie Fuentes, the Salesforce CPQ product team (configure, price, quote). She answers two questions when selling the product: “What is CPQ?” and “Why would I need it?” She lists the advantages of CPQ and three reasons for its importance. Finally, in the end, she gives visitors extra resources in the form of links. This film is a wonderful example of precisely identifying a product and giving its demo, even an abstract object like software.  

Ring Door View Cam 

This product demo video is a great example of showing what your product can do instead of just telling pre narrating them the features. This product demo video shows the everyday used Ring’s Door View Cam in different ways. 

Duolingo: The best way to learn a Language 

The Wall Street Journal and PC Magazine both support the product in this demo video. The product demo video not only explains how Duolingo works but also includes third-party data on its effectiveness. It is a good reminder that expert endorsements have a lot of weight. 

So, these were the fifteen- product demo video, hope these demo videos would inspire to work on your next product video. 

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