How to Choose the Best Type of Video for Your Business?

There are various types of videos that can help you achieve your marketing goals and enhance your business. To have a great impact in business and digital marketing, choosing the best type of video for your business is of utmost importance and necessity.

Videos have become an impactful medium for communication. Many people watch videos online to know about the product or brand in detail to better understand their ideas before purchasing them. It has become a norm and is no longer a trend.  

Videos have sought the attention of customers and audiences for a long time than any other advertising medium. To promote your brands and uplift your business, professional and high-quality videos are essential. Moreover, you can use your brand in YouTube commercial vlog or social media. 

Video production is quite a risky job, and a lot of work is required. Hence, before starting, it is important to think about what kind of videos you want to make for your product.  

To help you out and give you more insight into the types of videos for your business, we have discussed the following videos to provide you with knowledge.

This would help you to choose the correct type of video for your business: – 

1. Explainer Video 

Explainer videos are a type of video with educational information that helps the audience relate their problems and then solve the problem with new skills that they have learned after watching your videos. Explainer videos always add value to your brand’s product. Since this type of video requires detailed planning, you have to put more effort. This video is generally of 2-5 minutes. Your content is very important, and it should be dynamic. 

2. Product Video 

Product videos should be a must as it shows your product’s feature and uses. In the Product video, you must show how your product works or its uses, providing all required details about your product and the brand company? This type of video production takes time as multiple edits and revisions are done to check if something’s missing or not. These videos are also for 2-5 minutes. Within this time limit, you have to make sure that you put all the necessary details about the product and its company. 

3. Testimonial Video 

No doubt how nowadays people so easily influence people. Especially social media nowadays can change our mind or opinion of your product by convincing us to buy. Rather than searching or reading big paragraphs, videos have become helpful. Testimonial videos can take anywhere around 1-2 minutes. This type of video comes within 5-10 minutes. Play rate and conversion metrics are the keys to these videos.  

4. Spot Videos 

The spot is one of the most classic types of videos produced within a time of 15-30 secs. This videos content depends on your brand. The main purpose of this type of video is that you can distribute it virtually anywhere you want to, like in TV commercial that breaks YouTube videos or even as a trailer before the movies. This type of video will be successful only if you put engaging content concisely to tell the story within the runtime. Spot videos can easily be shared on your social media too. 

5. Animation Video 

Animation videos have become popular nowadays, especially 3D animation, even in the digital marketing business. It is a fantastic idea for small businesses. You can also create these videos with the help of your laptop and mobile by using animation software.  

6. Social Media Videos 

Social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., are great mediums for advertising your product but making sure the videos you post in your accounts should not be more than 2 minutes. The shorter your video, the more views you will attain. The visitors quickly scroll down and do not give much time to watching advertisements for long. First, edit down your video and then post it in the account because these videos don’t require much effort rather than just editing.  

7. Live Streaming videos 

If you are ready and confident to host conferences, share big products announcements with the audience, or conduct seminars, then you can easily go for a live stream to reach a wider audience. This is one of the best types of videos your company can start with, and there are endless possibilities. Before starting a live stream, make your schedule to keep track of time as it may last from minutes to hours. If you are wondering where you should do your live stream, you can choose Facebook or Instagram. 

8. Promotional Videos 

Promotional videos are used for inviting clients or customers to a conference, webinar, or anything else. In this type of video, you must uplift your business and give the audience a feel of your brand. It would help if you focused on generating leads or viewers by prompting the audience to take action. The production time can take days to produce a promotional video. This video type length ranges from 1-3 minutes. 

It doesn’t matter for what you want to produce videos; be it promoting any product, connecting with the audience, or sharing your vision, always remember that audience attention is necessary to capture to build your brand more dynamically.  

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