What is Shoe Photography? How to do great Shoe Photography?

We are very aware of the fact that the most important factor in photography is creativity. Likewise, shoe photography is about creativeness. To sell a product, we need to provide customers with the most satisfying shots of the product. Therefore, footwear photography can be further called product photography. In shoe photography, the main motive should highlight every portion of the pair from every angle with pleasing backgrounds and lighting.

Tips For Newcomers

If you’re planning to shoot for e-commerce websites, you should have a well-defined plan. Customers will want to get as much view of the product. So, you have to be aware of your client’s preferences and needs. Usually, in a store, a customer can touch and examine the pair of shoes. However, it is not possible on e-commerce websites. The shot you capture should convey the quality and physique as much as possible. That is why you need to follow certain rules while taking pictures of the shoes.

Suitable background

Backgrounds play a very crucial role in product photography. In online stores, you have to demonstrate most of the product through pictures. A dull background might not highlight the pair of shoes with many conveniences. Likewise, in many cases, if the background matches the colors of the product, there will be no distinction. It is better to prefer white backgrounds in this case. White backgrounds will bring contrast and funk to the shoes.

Furthermore, use three bright lights if you lack a lightbox. Adjust the light on three sides of the pair- top, right and left sides. Also, use dental floss to maintain the shoe frame. Ensure that the product is in the spotlight as if it is already owned. Do not detach the shoes from their environmental factors, shadows, and lighting.

Using Models For Shoe Photography

The appearance of models will bring more action to the product. However, that will only be possible if you are ready to invest ample time and money. Rather than being vacant and mild, the view of the shoes on someone’s feet will give it more vigilance and set your ability higher. If you can add both models and background in the picture, your e-commerce website will portray more to the customers. Let models come up with variant postures to display the product better. These will let the customers imagine their feet in the pair of shoes. Keep in mind that the main focus should be on the legs and not the entire body. Allow movements like walking, jumping, etc. Ensure a similar type of outfit that matches the colour of the shoes. In ladies’ shoe photography, you can most certainly use models with skinny legs.

Use Various Angles

Don’t capture pictures from a single angle. Try to get shots from every angle. It gets easier for customers to pick a product when they can figure out the product from all angles. For shoes, they might want to look at the sole, the heel, the sides, etc. Take pictures of the bottom view, side view, front view, top view, and every possible shot that is possible. The picture needs to be as detailed as possible so that it can convey its physique and quality. This allows the clients to want the product as it convinces their demands.


Processing and editing your picture will make your shots more professional and flawless. However, no matter how good the picture looks in your camera, it is still raw and untouched. When you are shooting for an e-commerce website, it is very important to erase haziness, sharpen the details and remove any unnecessary spots from the background. If you are not using a white background, you can certainly edit it.

In every type of photography, there are do’s and don’ts. Likewise, footwear photography needs to be done by maintaining a few guidelines.

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