Why You Should Take Photos In Raw

You have apparently heard that shooting should be RAW. However, are you aware why it’s so important? OR What role does it play for your images? Below it’s explained all about “Why you should take photos in RAW“ We are from E-commerce Photography India. If you want best quality product image then do contact us.


Product photography can appear like a scary prospect and it’s definitely not something that everybody gets right the first time. A high-quality product picture can accomplish numerous things however, it most importantly needs to attract attention, interest the prospective buyers, and embody your business and product in a positive way. Similar to the rest of […]

Roto Photography

I am sure that all must be wondering and are eager to know about this new technique “Roto” photography.  A Roto can be described as a sequence of still images that are sewed together to generate a 3D interactive presentation of a product. The sequence images are of high definition images of your actual products […]

Global Ecommerce: No boundaries, just customers

  Global Ecommerce sales have increased steadily since 2010. However, according to a recent report by the Ecommerce Foundation, this trend is not expected to continue. A growth rate of +17% is forecast and a global B2C Ecommerce turnover of $2,251bn. This growth rate is still significant but is nothing like those we have seen so […]

Ecommerce Photography – Is image quality the only consideration in product photography?

E-commerce Photography – is image quality the only consideration in product photography? What is effective e-commerce photography? First of all, it’s about photography that consistently shows products in a way that demonstrates the quality of each and every item.  It’s a set of images that consistently imparts maximum information about the product in a way […]

How to be creative in product photography

Creative photography is an opportunity to show the people that your brand or product is unique from others. Creative product photography can make your product stand out from the crowd and can engage more people. But before you go for the creative photography you need to understand the basics of product photography. Here are some […]

5 Tips for Choosing a Product Photography Service

  Do you want your product photography project to be a success? If so, you will need to choose the right photography company. A good photography service provider will ensure that your photo requirements are met and that your project is delivered on time and within budget. We’ve put together these seven tips on how […]

Branding Photo Shoot of Shoes

Photography is the simple way to attract the customers towards your product. It creates positive shopping experiences for your customers. Sheen and poorly-lit product photographs will likely keep customers away, but if you add few necessary elements required in product photography then your product may start to sell itself. Product photography is the heart of […]