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20 Best Product Demo Videos To Inspire Yourself

When brands produce videos to promote their products, it tends to influence people more than promoting images. On that basis, here are 20 product demo videos to motivate you to create your product demo videos.


The Nespresso coffee machine demo video is a combination of story narration and extreme visuals. The whole scenario of the video, including the spacious apartment and chilled music, makes the product stand out way more. 


Headspace is an online application that is based on meditation. However, meditation is more of a subject to show and describe. This demo video shows the audience what meditation is and how it can benefit people by using simple and funny characters. The video Lets The viewers know the point from where they can start.


Doorport is an application that is based on Apartment access. The video comprises animation that continues to be an engaging narration of advantages and the proper utilization of the app. The features and benefits of this app are clearly and productively portrayed through compelling storytelling.

Google Chrome

The demo video buys Google Chrome is another great inspiration for videos that show the audience what the product can do rather than just telling. Apart from talking about the featured products of Google like YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, etc., it puts off a story that will nearly warm your heart.


Wistia tried something different and unique with the demo video rather than a short video of Soapbox, a screen recording, and a webcam application. The video is filled with self-awareness. Throughout the clip, there is an ad going on, which is, needless to say, is a fact. The humorous element of the video makes it stand out.


The most effective part of this demo video of slack is the character of Brianna. Without the upfront of this character, the video would just have been screen recorded self-explanatory video, which is pretty much what a product demo video looks like. Needless to say that the video introduces the brand in the first place when it begins.

This demo video is a perfect example of show and tell. The telling is mostly limited because has primarily focused on showing the audience the project management software’s off-the-limits features. The inclusion of slides, slick animations, and short segments make the demo video more engaging and straightforward.


This demo video by peloton does an excellent job explaining the indoor cycle classes by the online fitness company. Apart from the explanation, it shows the viewers what the process looks like. It seems like that the instructor is directly conversing with the audience throughout the video. Not only does the video motivates the potential customers, but it also clears the doubts of indoor workouts.


If Apple is not already hyped enough, then this demo video does all the work to make the product a town talk. Usually, people are always skipping ads, but this video urges for attention. The utilization of the pulse monitor sound to develop anticipation when the new Apple watch is being inaugurated makes the video more thrilling in every way.

Microsoft Teams

Since Microsoft released the product demo video after the height of the pandemic, the video had influenced the audience heavily. The tactic was incredible as the subject was very relatable to the audience. Hence, there is nothing better than using a relative reason and showing the people where your product fits in.


The simplistic characteristic of the demo video by DuoLingo, a language learning app, makes the content very engaging. Firstly, the video potteries different International languages to attract more audience. Secondly, the instructions or the much instead narrated guide helps the viewers to understand the features.


The demo video by Paymentshield is pretty much on the short side of the list. The animation does most of the work by using informative interpretations of what the audience would see on the real dashboard.

Nintendo Switch

The release of the Nintendo Switch demo video was an eventful period. The focus video is mainly on showing how the product is versatile and easy to use in any given conditions. This way, the viewers are more attracted to the console.


Usually, demo videos cannot be too long. This is why the demo video by Houseparty, an online application for video calls, is a perfect example of a short video that effectively gets the message across. 


The demo video of Shopify introduces the brand as if people are getting acquainted with it for the first time. Every single detail is explained thoroughly, including the process of logging in to customization.

IKEA Place

There is nothing better than a demo video that could show you where the given product would undermine faith in your house. The Augmented reality app IKEA placed released the demo video to deliver precisely that.


The demo video of Grammarly, which is a grammar correcting tool or, much instead of writing keyboard, is persuasive as it lists down the features to the audience. It is an excellent tactic to highlight the product. 


LEGO’S target audience is primarily children. The video is interactive and fun. All the characters and fun graphics appeal to the audience, who are mostly children. It adds the details of using the app and what are the features.


As the viewers are mostly students, the online educational app, Masterclass shows the viewers what it is like to be a part of the platform.


Food recipes are essential, and this demo video of Tasty is just about that. There is not too much going on with video but only facts: the steps to use the platform correctly. 

These were all the options for fetching some inspiration for creating the best product demo videos. No matter what, authenticity is the key to success.

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