All You Wanted To Know About Product Videos On Amazon

All You Wanted To Know About Product Videos On Amazon

All the registered sellers on Amazon can now upload videos of their products in their product listings. And, this facility can put an enormous impact on the brand.

90% of the customers claim that product videos help them decide whether to buy the product or not. There is an increase in conversion rate by 80% on the landing pages with product videos.

We can say that adding a product video to your listing’s game-changing opportunity will give your product a competitive edge in the crowded market. Amazon has over 60000 registered brands, and you cannot simply ignore this opportunity.

Let’s learn more about product videos on Amazon to make your brand stand out.

 What kind of product videos are used for Amazon?

You can mostly find common video types used for the products on Amazon.

  • Product highlights video

Product highlights videos, and very simply, they only focus on the product. They can either be just the simple 360-degree view of the product or a little complex video including some close-up shots and images of the product being used. The perfect type of video for you depends on the kind of product you are trying to sell. In the case of products like clothing or footwear, just views from every angle is enough. You might need the elaborated video for other products because of your view on knowing and understanding how to use the product.

While creating the video, think about how our customer would react to a product in a walking store and try to recreate a similar experience in your video.

  • Customer experience video

This type of video shows the product being used by the customers. It helps the tension customers to know the product better and see how it functions. This type of video is ideal for products that need to be interacted with directly. It is especially applicable for cosmetics products for toys, where the product is all about the experience. Customer experience video helps customers to understand the product better, and know-how using the product is going to make them feel.

  • Explainer video

Explainer videos generally focus on the benefits of the products and how they will benefit the customers to use them. They make a perfect explainer video to have a script ready regarding what you want to infuse in the video, whether the features will be spoken aloud or shown on the screen—planet videos on best photos products that need a good explanation.

Products like nutrient supplements need to have an explainer video explaining all the benefits of having them.

  • Comparison Video

A comparison video is a video that shows a product in comparison with another product in the market or comparison with the outcome of a customer not using or having this product. This type of video works well when many similar products are being sold, and your products solve key problems than other products or have significant differences which day customers will want to know about.

What are the technical parameters for uploading product videos on Amazon?

Like all other content on the platform, Amazon has some technical rules and regulations or guidelines applicable for product vecideos.

 You need to maintain high quality on the video while exporting it from your video editing software. Acceptable formats in Amazon are MP4, MOV, MPEG-2, FLV, AVI, AAC and 3GP. Apple ProRes file format is not acceptable.

The complaint image should be a JPEG or PNG file format with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and a minimum of 1280 x 720 pixels is preferred.

What are the grounds on which Amazon can reject your product video?

Amazon has a video content policy according to which a seller’s video gets approved for being uploaded on the platform. Many factors can make Amazon consider that your video is violating the condition of the video content policy. Thus, making your video get rejected at the end.

Examples of the factors violating the terms of the video content policy:

  • Video having some inaccurate or unsupported claims about the product.
  • A video contains derogatory remarks about a product of the competitors or other brands.
  • A video contains a promotion, prices, or some of the other time-sensitive information.
  • Changes in the warranty of the manufacturer or making your warranty.
  • You are referencing your company as a seller or distributor or providing any contact information about the company.
  • A video that mentions customer reviews with accurate information changes a review to change its meaning, using more than 1 year old or asking for positive reviews.
  • A video claims that the product can help in weight loss without exercise or a balanced diet.
  • It improves calls to action for web links that direct the viewers away from the page or away from Amazon.
  • A video that infringes on others intellectual property or implies celebrity endorsements.
  • A Video includes anything that is politically divisive, socially insensitive, controversial etc.

As mentioned above, there are many ways by which your video can violate the video content policy. It is very much possible to do it unknowingly or accidentally if you have not read the policy thoroughly from the beginning to the end, mostly if you have included humour in your video or your product is, in general, sensitive.

So, the smartest move will be to go through the policy first before you begin with the script of the video or filming the video. Getting your video rejected due to avoidable policy mistakes and reshooting and re-editing is very hectic, time-consuming, costly as well as frustrating. So, to avoid getting your video rejected, make sure you know the terms and conditions well, follow the technical parameters and make the script for the video accordingly.

Examples of product videos on Amazon

Here are some of the best examples of e-commerce product videos that you will find on Amazon. The list is as follows:


Product video starts with artworks, records and cassettes, from the Disney Music & Emporium exhibition of distinctive and actual trademarks on a tailored studio set.


Fruit of the loom

This iconic clothing brand has minimally developed product video, highlighting Fruit Of The Loom’s relaxed yet fashionable product. These studio clips use heightened script components to accentuate product details. See the video for yourself in the link mentioned below.


Baby trend

The product video is created over a classic white background that highlights the product features and sorted details of this popular baby gear brand holding out all the benefits. It gets easier for the parents to examine the quality and the incredibility of the product. Check out the video given in the link.


Prive Revaux

Prive Revaux is a newly launched sunglasses brand launched by Jamie Foxx and Hailee Steinfeld. The brand is having immense success by manufacturing affordable and reachable sunglasses to a variety of audiences. Take a look at the video mentioned below.



This brand of professional Chef knives has reached various audiences with its e-commerce product clips, public advertisements and acknowledgements from regional chefs. The video content updated by the brand keeps the online marketing on board through their networking channels and websites. Take a look at the video mentioned below.



The project video was created within a full drawing room setting comprising artificial sunshine light getting in through the windows for Now users will understand how to assess their orders and inaugurate the excellent window sheets for their house. Look at the video mentioned below.


Why Are Videos Important For Amazon Product Listings?

Using product video on Amazon is one of the best reasonable means to optimize that listing. Videos offer a medium to associate with potential customers. Good quality clips indicate product details and benefits and show how it is utilized. Explainer videos jump deeper into what a commodity is capable of doing or its mechanism than any other aspects are capable of putting front. Comparison videos depict the capabilities of the product about other striving products of the same type. 

For consumers, videos let the receiver a large amount of information as quickly as possible. They make the customers aware of the capability of the product and its distinct features. If the video provides some value, it is likely for the customer to purchase your product by convention.

Videos allow the products to hold onto the spotlight without seeking too many distractions, which ultimately helps the audience to get the view of exactly what they want. There is no better option than videos to highlight the key features of the product wished by the customer and about its sustenance. Moreover, product videos allow the audience to get more details on the brand and the goods it provides, which allows them to bring about a purchase determination and increase the marketing rate. There are a few key points that prove that videos boost the marketing rate.

  • More than 90% of customers find product video beneficial as it helps them make online purchase decisions.
  • More than 65% of online customers would instead see a video clip to learn about a commodity then read the product description on a website.
  • There can be an increase in conversion by 80% if the right kind of product video is used.

Furthermore, videos can decrease negative feedback if the video states all the correct information about the product. Audiences are much likely to abide by them if they feel the need to be sure about their purchase.

Who can use video in their Amazon listings?

Amazon does not allow all the sellers to put product videos. In the present scenario, it is allowed to two main groups:

  • Brand-owning manufacturers listed as official vendors in the Vendor Central are allowed to put A+ plus content on Amazon.
  • Manufacturers or marketplace sellers whose brands are registered under Amazon’s Brand Registry can put on a video with A+ content (recently EBC) in the Seller Central.

Even if allows videos from brand-registered sellers, most European merchants are yet to get the option to put on product videos. In countries like the UK and anywhere in Europe, videos are still curbed to vendors solely. Therefore, if you are a seller with a particular unregistered brand on, you will not be able to use videos of product reviews. This is a sure fact that Amazon allows product videos from brands that can be completely trusted and makes the most sales on the platform. So, if your merchandise is not up to that mark, then your alternatives are restricted. 

Self-production or hire companies to make the videos?

The first thing you need to remember while making a product video for your brand is to either make the video by yourself or make and contract with a video creation team that especially creates product videos for Amazon. This option depends on your budget, deadlines, and aptitude for in-built faculty versus an agency or production firm.

No matter what you consider doing. Whether it is inbuilt production or a video created by a professional agency, you have to remember to conserve the virtue of your business and ensure the outstanding probable quality of the occurring video. Nevertheless, official brands are most likely to use paid production videos to increase sales on Amazon.

 All you need to know is the product videos you need to use on one of the world’s biggest online marketplace, Amazon. Hopefully, this has helped you understand the potential of graphics and videos to increase product sales on e-commerce platforms.

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