30 Best Product Launch Videos in 2021

30 Best Product Launch Videos in 2021

Companies are using product launch videos to launch their products when a great product launch video is added to the product launching strategy.

It acts well in promoting the newly launched product. The style & tone of the video should be decided according to the customer base, like the teaser or the promo or explainer. Before starting, one should look at what the other marketers are creating for their company’s newly launched products.

30 Best Product Launch Videos in 2021

In this article, we will talk about the 30 best product launch videos as of 2021.

Best Product Launch Videos Of 2021 Are As Follows


A great example of a corporate video from OnRobot presents all the features and specialities of OnRobot Sander by showing the product’s abilities in different situations. With the progress in technology, the robots are progressing as well, which means that they are capable of doing more advanced tasks.


Another example of a great corporate video showing how kingfisher’s automatic range can be combined or mixed and matched into storage ranges of different combinations. It shows how the storage ranges into every room of the customer’s house according to their needs.

Danfoss crown Plaza

Danfoss, a company that manufactures products related to optimizing energy consumption, shows in the video how one of its lines uses the products in the most understandable and environmentally friendly manner. The video includes methods like interviewing, graphics, explanatory texts, site viewings, and so on, which together makes the company and their clients stand ahead of the competition.


Sustainable Strategy has become very important to stay in competition among the companies in the market.  

Schur, a company that offers packaging, packaging systems and machines, the opportunity to showcase that sustainability and innovation can go hand in hand. The corporate video presents Schur’s eco-friendly bag solutions made out of degradable and recyclable material.


Relatability plays a huge role in the process of decision making of the millennials. Video by slack portrays common issues that an average human goes through in their busy work life in a typical workday. In the video, they show how their products fit in this relatable scenario without being over-promotional. The visuals look bright, enticing and creative. Slack seems to have taken the phrase,” actions speak louder than words,” quite seriously.

Dollar shave club

Dollar shave club understood their audience and used humour to their advantage by going viral with the video displaying the simplest things like razors most humorously and innovatively. The video was no doubt such a success for the company.


This video of FiftyThree’s pencil-shaped mobile styles that only depends on music and images to convey their message is another innovative product video. It relies on the saying, “Speak less, show more”. Video managers to present all the product’s functionality without altering a single word until the very end of the video is commendable.

Switch fix

Switch Fix is one of the most explainer videos ever. It is a company which offers personal styling service which is quite famous in the millennial generation. Their video features a stylish woman selecting clothes online and then receiving a personalized wardrobe through a courier. The brand successfully shows the appeal of its service and establishes its message within 30 seconds flat.


Kano’s explainer video shows how their technology helps the children interact with some common things they do every day, like listening to music, on another level. The video shows how shoe coding and creating a computer can be so much fun, making their products appealing to the kids.

Flowater product launch

Flowater is an innovative water filtration system that is working to rid the world of plastic water bottles and provide ng filter water of high quality in public places. Their 3D video of the product launch shows how the company is revolutionizing how people drink water and eliminate plastic bottle waste from the earth.

Canon EOS 1000

Another example of a product presentation video is the video of the new Canon EOS 1000D. The video shows the amazing DSLR with the state of art lenses with seven auto-focus points. The camera has a DIGIC III image processor and produces high-quality images. The video vividly describes all the amazing features of the camera.

Compac CQ420

The product explainer video of Compaq CQ420 is another great video of all the amazing qualities of the product. The product has a whopping 320GB HardDisk and also provides for multiple USB ports. The video provides complete knowledge of the product and its features and includes the procedure for using it. If you’re new at making product launch videos, this video has to be a must-watch.

Argosy Media Player 

Next is the product explainer video of the Argosy Media player. The videos show how the media player works without the wire. It also shows its amazing features like the 1TB storage and HDMI ports for slideshows. This is a great product explainer video to get inspired if you are new to planning a product launch strategy.

Pay 6 Spiritus

The explainer video of Pay 6 Spiritus, which is a digital payment gateway, is another amazing explainer video that you must watch. The video shows the amazing feature of Pay 6 spiritus, how you can get connected through Bluetooth to have hassle-free internet. 

Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas ultra boost is a popular running sneaker from Adidas. The launch video of Adidas ultra boost sneakers shares how comfortable and amazing the sneakers are and gives the best-ever-running feeling. The revolutionary midsole helps in returning the energy from the foot to make you propel forward. The video focuses on its super cool design and appealing features to attract the viewers to try. The launch video presents Ultra Boost as the ultimate running shoe that everyone needs. The video successfully gives the viewers a light, comfortable and energy-packed experience. 

Link: https://youtu.be/QFQ2ATtkNlc

NVIDIA GRID Virtual GPU solutions

NVIDIA GRID and GPU virtualization offer optically demanding applications from either on-inference or cloud-based virtualized servers. The virtual PC and Virtual Apps offer an amazing user formulation for every handset business application, comprises Office 2016, Microsoft Outlook, web browsers, Windows 10 operating system and Adobe Photoshop. It can completely obtain the benefits of virtualization while assuring that the users have the tool they require to be effective. 

LIMS Accelerator 

Pharmaceutical organizations are decreasing the amount of time spent on controlling copies and their data alongside LIMS Accelerator. Enhancing with both precision and integrity, the Labs are doing their job as quickly as possible. With the help of eradicating manual data, they provide a more flexible testing network and enable more synchronization in the procedure used from one lab to another.


Logitech is one of the leading companies globally that helps attach people voluntarily and intuitively to the digital knowledge that they care about. After several different firms, the company procures PC peripherals, keyboards and cases for tablets, tools for gamers, smartphone speakers and earphones for people who are into music, sports and entertainment and various control products for inbuilt purposes. The advertisement video portrays how Logitech can create sliding through lengthy web pages sooner and simpler.

GE Lighting

GE Lighting is offering the prospect of lighting through a new and contemporary world technology that differs from the first light bulbs and the first telephones to ever exist. The product launch video clarifies a synopsis of developed power technologies like LED and solar with web detectors and software, making the retail buildings and industrial installations more energy-yielding and effective.

Google One Pass

Google one pass is a web-based application where publishers can sell subscriptions to their content. The product launch video shows how Google inaugurated a distinctive way to enable the publishers to concentrate on their top qualities and not bother about creating an online marketplace.

WAVE air purifiers

Wave purifiers focus on a distinct strategy to refining the air, water, ventilation and energy facets of any construction. It attracts the UV technology preferred by hospitals and sanitary medical establishments utilizing advanced discerning technology. The product launch video portrays how the edgy, green air purifier from WAVE is different from others in giving consumers the best tenancy environment.

Danfoss Micro Plate Heat Exchanger

The Danfoss plate heat exchanger range comprises both fixed and gasket fitted plate heat exchangers with both sector heating and chilling applications. The product launch video highlights how Danfoss offers powerful substantial outcomes with the microplate heat exchanger.

Aquanta Water Heater

Aquanta, the water heater controller, offers its consumer the capability to use their gas or electric water heaters only when they require it. The product launch videos clarify the uses and the reliable web-like discretion of water heaters.

Cochlear Kanso

Unlike most of the existing Cochlear implant noise processors put on the ear, Kanso is a tiny and versatile hearing appliance that offers a discreet earshot treatment and transmits the exact hearing ordeal as a back-ear sound processor. The advertisement video portrays how the Kanso sound processor contributes a distinctive way for cochlear implants consumers to hear.

Boat Rockerz 600

The boat Rockerz 600 is the ultimate modern earphones for the upcoming generation. The adjustable options within the appliance are truly tremendous. Now, it is not that hard to find a classic Bluetooth headphone. As a pioneer of modern generations, heavy heating baselines and dropping leaves Rockerz 600’s super extra bass technology transmits strong, unmistakable bass sound where it’s tough to discover in its graded Bluetooth headphones. The product launch video illustrates Rockerz 600 as a litter-free and efficiently oriented layout for spontaneous use.

Eurex Clearing ISA Direct

Eurex Clearing is a leading world management sector that assures safer marketplace and post-trade assistance to their customers. The ISA Direct criterion incorporates an immediate clearing membership and the traditional service connection in client clearing adapted specifically for the purchase side. The product release video indicates how ISA Direct helps to get advantages from different assistance and modules.

Dalmia Cement

Dalmia Cement is one of the leading cement manufacturing companies based in India. Their manufacturing plants have increased immensely in terms of quantity that they are considering expanding their manufacturing label all over the country. Moreover, the objective of innovation and integration sets Dalmia Cement apart from the other cement manufacturing companies based in India. The product release video portrays the arrival of Dalmia Cement as settlers in the industry of raw materials.

Advent Portfolio Exchange

Advance Portfolio Exchange is an unsegregated portfolio and Customer Management treatment that puts everyone in your organization, from administrators to portfolio managers, undertakings on the exact stage. The product release clip highlights the benefits that people can get from searching and getting access to the data and information they need, the custom-made dashboards, robust custom reporting abilities, APX and the huge report library.


TRIAX is an international supplier of innovative Hi-Tech solutions for recording video audio and data signals. The solutions made by the company are used by broadcasters, domestic dwellings and close local networks. The product release video indicates how TRIAX TDX Technology creates the intake and reciprocally self-sufficient outcome formulation. 


Customers who use appliances based on their taste and preferences use Soluto, an anti-frustration software that helps and teaches you how to do new things with the devices. The product release video is animated and shows how Soluto entrusts people to make the most of the technology.

These were 30 great product launch videos of 2021 that will elaborate on the product visuals and concepts. 

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