Ecommerce Photography in Pune

Ecommerce Photography in Pune 

Suppose you had this sudden thought of buying an item from an online shopping or e-commerce platform. Hey! We know you have this urge to buy one but wait. Let us assume such a situation. Now: what actions do you take while trying to do so? You perform a series of actions. At first, you search for your desired item on your favorite search engine, Google. Now, Google shows the list of places for the requested item from where you can buy that item. You compare the prices and also look at the photos of those items and how they look. Moreover, when choosing an item under a category, you choose the item with the aid of its pictures, right? You then order it. 

Pictures tell a lot about the products and items. It tells you how they look. For the sellers, photos of the products act as a fine method to lure customers.  

About Ecommerce Photography 

Ecommerce photography is a kind of product photography that mainly deals with promoting and selling products with a business mindset. In eCommerce photography, photos of a product are clicked in a proper environment and in such a way that they can be used to show off the features of the product a brand is offering and encourage people to get the item. Ecommerce photography also helps in creating a buzz for the brand.  

Ecommerce photography is and will remain a very crucial aspect of online sales and business. No one can deny that. 

Those who shop online frequently do have some idea about eCommerce photography, if not entirely, but a little bit may be.  

Influence of Ecommerce Photography 

Ecommerce photography has an undeniable influence on promoting sales and business. The effects are bold and well documented as well. Ecommerce photography helps sellers and companies to make the masses aware of their new products and services. To them, it is imperative. Because if people are unaware of the products that the companies are providing, fewer and fewer people will know about them, and little or no one will show any interest in buying such an item.  

As the name goes, eCommerce photography belongs to the photography domain, whose main purpose is to fill in with images of products for commercial purposes. These product photographs are used in various places, from online shopping platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Ajio, and so on, to e-catalogs and e-brochures. It is also used as banners in advertisements that show up in the middle of a website due to Adsense. Some platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, give the option to utilize eCommerce photography to  highlight and advertise that product on their platforms. These platforms have an enormous reach. Millions of people are on these social networking sites and using them at one time or another.   

There are various options for shooting the images of products for e-commerce photography, such as:  

  • Studio: One of the most simple yet effective and eye-catching techniques is to shoot photos of the products by featuring them against a plain white background. A plain background aids in highlighting the product more than the background, as a crowded background can distort the focus on the main product itself.  
  • Packshot: Well, if you want to uplift and promote your brand as well, then you can shoot the desired product, featuring the labeling and brand logo of the product along with its packaging too. 
  • Lifestyle: Here, an action shot depicts a product in use. It makes the photos look more real and assuring. 
  • Close-up: A close-up picture can be taken to show off the close details of the product in an efficient way.  
  • Group: Several products can be grouped together, and then they can be photographed. This is a great way to advertise multiple products in a single shot on the eCommerce platform. 
  • Scale: If the photos of products like clothes also give a sense of the size, it can be of added advantage to the brand and will also prove helpful to the customer. This will definitely help us to do away with the disappointment and uncertainty in our minds. 
  • Process: You know what? Showing off the process of making your product, even if only a small portion of it, can help a lot in building an effective bond and connection between the product, the selling company, and the people who want to buy it.  

These many strategies enable you to distribute your goods in a number of ways on the internet, depending on what you’re selling and who you’re selling to. The important thing is that if you’re selling a product, odds are you’ll be able to, and you’ll want to include at least one of these sorts of images to drive a sale. 

If you’re selling videography software or a product, you might choose to show a video rather than an image, but the same views and angles still apply. 

The role of e-commerce photographers and photography businesses 

Photos tell stories through images! Yes, no one can deny that. But, do you know what is more important? The role of photographers is to capture the photo and all stories regarding it with a simple click of a camera.  

But for business scenarios, storytelling and capturing the essence are not enough. It should also give the buyers the exact details of the product that they are seeking. We cannot effectively determine what the buyers want to see. Perhaps we cannot, but there are others who can. They know what is worth capturing and what is not. They know the art of capturing images, which can greatly boost a business and make people aware of their products. Yes, we are talking about e-commerce photographers. They know what is required to make people visit the website and watch the products and make them more influenced to buy them.  

Top 10 eCommerce photographers in Pune 

In this article, we will provide the list of the top 20 e-commerce photographers in Pune for your ease, so that you can select your desired photographer or production company to get your job done.  

So let’s get rolling… 

1. Ecommerce Photography India 

The real credit for a decent photo goes to the creatives who operate behind the camera to make you or your products look beautiful and gorgeous! Here, at EcommercePhotography India, you will see some of the most skilled, talented, and experienced photographers, whose outgoing attitude and passion for photography help to capture versatile photos! Moreover, they also provide eCommerce photography services on demand.  


2. Pixel Pune Photography 

Website: PixelPune Productions – Celebrity, Fashion, Lifestyle, Product, Wedding, Pre Wedding & Architectural photography by Devendra A Kulkarni – – Marathi Celebrity Photographer, Marathi Celebrity Blog 

Pixel Pune production, founded by Devendra A Kulkarni provides a lot of photography services, including wedding photography services, fashion photography, creating a fashion portfolio, product photography, event photography, media solutions, and architectural photography. They also provide services for web design and development. Their after-sales service and technical support are highly commendable and responsible as well. They have good expertise in photography. And this is highly evident as well, because they are the first choice for celebrities. They have completed 465+ projects, have 385+ satisfied clients and a whopping 29,4K Instagram followers. They have just begun their journey, and they are doing quite well.  

We have provided you with the link to their official website.  

3. Pune Product Photography 

Pune Product Photography is a photography studio and a cinematography studio, basically all in one. They have well-experienced photographers and technical support staff. Their services are of high quality and professional as well. They provide advertising, fashion, food, jewelry, products, e-commerce, and lifestyle photography services. Their people are always ready to be in touch with you and collaborate with you. Their team of photographers is highly professional, active, and passionate about making sentences. They help present the services and products your company provides with an added flavor and appeal. 

Website: | Pune Product Photography 

4. Mimo Productions  

Mimo Productions is based in Shivaji Nagar, Pune. It is also a good photography studio. Various services are provided like pre-wedding photography, pre-wedding videography, candid photography, and e-commerce photography as well.  

Milind Deo founded Mimo Productions, and Mohan Bhatt is the man who manages all the technical jobs.  They have also handled several projects. You should give a look at their website to learn more. 

Website: MIMO Productions in Pune, India 


WDSOFT Agency has 11 years of expertise in branding. They are brand enthusiasts who have developed several 360-degree marketing success stories throughout the years. They are pleased to be a creative, multi-platform, end-to-end communications and identity partner for a wide range of company sectors. 

They are innovative  problem-solvers who create meaningful brand experiences for their customers. Today, WDSOFT Branding Agency operates with both start-ups and establishes businesses to develop their brand and realize their vision. 

Meaningful branding solutions from WDSOFT Pune that give value to our client’s businesses. We provide our customers with what they want most: reach, response, and results, thanks to a dynamic creative culture, perfect execution, unique ideas, and mature communication. That is why we are regarded as the top branding agency in Pune. 

WDSOFT provides various services, including e-commerce and product photography. 

Website: Branding Agency in Pune | Branding Services Pune – WDSOFT 

6. Indian Magic Eye 

Indian Magic Eye is a design and media firm based in India. They are primarily a digital marketing agency, an event management firm, an audio-visual production studio, and content and television producers. 

Indian Magic Eye was founded in April 1997. 

Its ambition is to become a media center, offering all multimedia services in one place. IMEPL is a “one-stop-shop” for all of your media needs. 

They also provide services for product photography and e-commerce photography. 

Website: Home | Indian Magic eye|Interactive|Television|Film Production|Events | ( 

7. Focus Pixel 

Focus Pixel is also an e-commerce product photography studio based in Pune, India. They have a good team of hard-working and creative professionals. They have completed many projects and they also have many ongoing projects.  

Website:  Focus Pixel | LinkedIn 


The Digi 6 Sense Studio, located in Katraj, Pune, Maharashtra, features a team of recognized photographers that define innovation and give excellent customer care without sacrificing quality or durability. Their mantras are professionalism, high-quality clicks, aesthetic sense, and, most importantly, adaptability. Their enthusiasm and determination in their minds and hearts shine through in all they do. With their superior photographic skill set, their specialists provide the top services. 

Website: Digi 6 Sense Studio – Top Photographer and Photography Services in Katraj, Pune, Maharashtra, India ( 

9. Studio IRS 

Studio IRS is a very popular photography studio located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Studio IRS is a commercial photography studio. They provide good services and they are well known for their good quality output.  Here is the link to their website. 

Website: Studio IRIS – Commercial Photographer in Pune (

10. Leben Studio Product Photographer  

Leben Studio, based in Pune, Maharashtra, mainly provides product photography services, which is also helpful for eCommerce photography.  

Click on the link to know more:  

Website: About | Lebenstudio 
To know more about E-Commerce Product Photography, do visit our website. There you would get a lot of information about how product photography is done and its Maharashtra. Feel free to contact us. We are a leading eCommerce photography service provider in India, delivering quality photographs at a very convenient budget. 

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