Product Lifestyle Photography

Product Lifestyle photography is a segment of photography that includes displaying the product in a way that shows the audience in what aspects does the product fit into our daily lifestyle. It is very different from the regular pictures that are used for marketing. It is all about displaying the item in real-life use. It is different from the pictures that are taken on a white background.

The main motive of product lifestyle photography is to show a customer the use of the product. Plain background pictures don’t convey the objective and the use of a product sometimes. It does let you know about its details but lacks in exhibiting its utilization. Therefore, the advertisement of a product is heavily dependent on product Lifestyle photography.

The creative process of lifestyle pictures of an item is pretty different from creating regular black or white background pictures. This segment of photography needs a lot more planning and organizing as lifestyle product pictures reveal the real context which ultimately helps in selling the product. It is necessary to get pictures that are appealing and useful to the customer.

If you have ever visited the official website of H&M, you have probably seen pictures that are plainly taken on a white background with models in them. In addition to that, there are also pictures that portray a certain scenario.

For instance, in the sportswear collection, there are pictures that show a scene where the models are having a workout. You will see them wearing the pieces from the sportswear collection. This is what helps the customer to understand what kind of impact the product will have in their daily routine.

You will also notice how some of the apparels fit different kinds of occasions in the two pictures. These pictures are all lifestyle photos that illustrate the actual use of the specific H&M item.

Almost all brands use lifestyle images to promote their product. These pictures show the product which is being used in the real-life scenario ultimately conveying the original intention of it to the buyers.

Things to keep in mind

There are certain things to consider while shooting Lifestyle Product Photography. You have to understand what kind of pictures you wish to get out of the photoshoot. There are certain things that you need to determine before beginning with your product lifestyle photography.

  • Determining target audience

You must be thinking about how customer’s influence is related to product Lifestyle photography. If seen practically, you are selling your product to the consumers through the images. A simple image can convey a thousand messages more than any other aspect. Visuals play a very vital role in marketing a product. Other than that, a certain kind of product is directed towards a certain age group. You have to determine whether your product is meant for adults in their 20s or 30s, or will be a product meant for kids or is it a unisex product. You have to consider these things in order to know what kind of people you are going to promote your product with. Hence, when you can determine this, it becomes easier for you to take pictures according to that.

  • Understanding the target audience

After determining the target audience you know who you are about to sell your product. Now you have to understand what your customers are looking for in your brand. It might seem pretty difficult to understand this but in reality, it is not that hard. Certain aspects that make a certain group of people happy, might not be similar to another group of people. For instance, things that make you happy and excited as an adult might not be the same condition for the kids. If it is a product meant for kids, you have to set the concept accordingly by setting the products with a bunch of toys or playful colours. Similarly, if it is a product meant for adults, you have to set the product along with materialistic aspects that are sensible to the customer. 

  • Show them exactly what they want to see

Now that you have determined your customers and understood the thought process, you have to show them exactly what they are looking for. If your product is meant for young adults from the age group of 21 to 30, you have to analyse the perspective through which the customers will view the product. You have to examine if the scenario is sensitive enough to help the customer to make the decision of purchasing the product. You have to do a thorough analysis in order to understand what lifestyle your customers would adapt to.

  • Location

From the perspective of a photographer, it is your decision to analyse whether your images would get along with an indoor setting or an outdoor setting. You have to pre-plan from the beginning about the location of your product lifestyle photoshoot. If you’re considering doing the photoshoot outdoors, you have to manage all the arrangements such as having access to the location. In professional advertising photography, many key locations require an official permit to do photoshoots. If the location is set far away from your actual studio, you have to prepare all the arrangements such as organising your crew, shipping the product to the new location, taking the right equipment, etc. Comparatively, an indoor shoot does not have to go through too many hassles to get the work done.

  • Props

Props are a very essential part of product lifestyle photography. You will be needing different types of props for different types of products while conducting the photoshoot. You have to plan them out beforehand. You have to make sure that the concept of your product is matching with the props. Otherwise, the whole set-up would look messed up. Also, remember that not every type of object can be used as a prop. You have to keep in mind that a certain kind of prop should appear only with a certain kind of product. They have to match the kind of lifestyle you are trying to show.

 How to do  Lifestyle Product Photography in a Correct Way

After finishing the research and Everything about lifestyle product photography it is time to start shooting. As we are already done with the Brainstorming about the lifestyle products know the kind of pictures you need to click. Let’s begin.

  • Prepare for the shoot

This stage is optional and depends on the product. If your product needs some sort of touch-ups before you can start with clicking the pictures.   If the product is made up of suede material or any kind of cloth material that needs dusting when it gets dirty. You would be needing a suede brush to clean the cloth up.

In the case of backpacks and bags also you need to fill them with papers to make them look fuller or else they will be in unusual shapes and you will not be able to click the perfect picture you desire.

Before you begin with the shoot you need to make sure that you have all the materials that you need for the shooting purpose. The best thing is to create a checklist Of the items that you need during the shooting procedure.

Choosing the right gear or equipment

In accordance with the concept of the lifestyle photography shoot, you need to arrange for the gear or the right equipment for the shoot. 

You will require a standard lens to shoot pictures in case of lifestyle product photography. You can also choose a telephoto lens which will help in compressing the backgrounds of the picture.

Selecting a lens for the photoshoot entirely depends on the product you want to click pictures of. So, make sure you choose the correct gear.

Choosing the right lens is not a very easy job because there are a lot of lens types available in the market.

  • Picking the correct Location

The next is to pick up the correct location for the shoot. The shooting procedure can take place both indoors and outdoors. It should be decided according to the concept of the product.

When shooting outdoors you can utilize natural light. Make sure you choose a place where there is plenty of natural light and it doesn’t get blocked by the high buildings or huge trees. Choose a location that matches the colour of the product.

When shooting indoors you will require a proper lighting setup because sunlight may not enter your room adequately. make sure you choose a good quality off-camera lighting setup. 

There are a lot of shooting lights available in the market so make sure you choose the best one.

  • With or without models product setup

Now the next thing that you need to do is set up the product for sure. In case you’re using models keep in mind that this is not normal portraiture or a fashion shoot the main focus has to be on the product. The model is just helping in promoting the product, showing how the product works in real life.

For example, in case the product is a headphone, you have to click the photograph in such a way which depicts that the model is wearing the headphones and the music

  •  Adjusting the lighting

The next process is to adjust the lighting after you are done with setting up the product and the model. When you are shooting in natural light, ask the model to pose in a way that the product does not get in the shade. In case you’re using artificial light make sure your product is the brightest. Endure that you aim more of the light on the product.

  • Take the photographs

Now you are ready, to begin with clicking the pictures, click as many pictures as you can so that You have a lot of options to choose from while you’re editing.

Make sure you click the images in the right exposure. You can use the ETTR method which is exposed to the right until you achieve the right exposure.

After you are done with the exposure. Start with making the product pop out from the background for this purpose you can use shallow depth. Modules wider apertures because it will make the product softer.

  • Editing the lifestyle product photography pictures

The next step is editing. Editing the product photography pictures can be enjoyable. But make sure that you do not over-edit the picture. Meet them naturally. Insert infographics and texts inside the picture. Ensure that it looks stylish and satisfying.

Other tips for clicking lifestyle product photography is to make the model feel comfortable, guide your model throughout the shoot and make her feel at ease. Suggest the poses are possible. Check out the products of other competitive lifestyle product pictures. And, make sure you click out the best photos. Try different schemes, in location, clothing and props. Make sure you produce attention-grabbing pictures.

So, that is all you need to know about product lifestyle product photography. Make sure you take the best pictures possible because the quality of your pictures has the potential to decide how the product will perform in the market. Follow the tips and the rules mentioned above. Cooperate with the model if used. Guide her throughout the shoot.

Choose the right location whether outdoors or indoors. Take care of the lighting and make sure your product is not shadowed. Do good editing and keep it simple. Make the product label and descriptions clear and readable because that is where the brand name of the product is going to be. Make sure you are using the right gears and lenses.

Choosing the right lenses is very essential if you desire to get the best quality photos. Work According to the concept of the product because a lot of things are going to depend on what kind of lifestyle product it is. For example, the props, the angels in which the pictures are to be taken, whether it requires models and a lot more is going to depend on the category of the product.

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