The Benefits Of 360-degree Product Video/Photography For Your Business

Whenever a customer comes to visit a product, especially online, the first thing which he would like to check for is the product’s photograph or video and then the details.  

Always the focus of a customer is attracted by photos and videos.   

Let’s imagine the product’s photo is taken only from a few angles, guess 3-4 angles. The chances that your product will gain customer satisfaction is less.  

Now, what if your product’s photographs are not just a few clicks but a package that surrounds the object and provides the customer with a 360-degree view of the object?  

The chances are high that the customer will get attracted towards the product as it will feature more details, more angles to view from, and hence a more reliable sight of the product.  

The same goes for product videography details or information can be fetched from a product’s photograph, but a 360-degree video of your product becomes more accessible for the customer.  

So, now that we have a basic idea of why 360-degree Product Photography/ video is essential, let us move ahead and check what exactly this 360-degree Product Photography/ video is and how it can benefit your business. 

Occasionally, we all have heard about panorama or panoramic photography, right!  

So, 360-degree photography can also be referred to as panoramic photography. Still, here it is not just horizontally, but a full circle of a horizontal plane and vertical plane starting from a particular point and ending into the same. 

So, from the term 360-degree product photography, we understand a panoramic photo of a real-life object (product in our case) whose view covers almost the entire sphere.  

Looking into a 360-degree product photograph means that the customer is getting a complete view of your product. Customers can analyze the product from any angle surrounding it. From up, down, left, right, and all the directions of his wish.   

360-degree Product Photography or video has the power to replicate the experience of viewing the product in person.  

Now let us come to few points which describe How 360 Degree Product Photography or Video can Benefit your Business. 

  • 360 Degree Product Photography or video, we can say it speaks more than just a thousand words. 

People nowadays do not have the time to go through all features of your product in detail. So impactful 360 Degree Product Photography or video can help the user analyze more features of the product without investing much time in reading.  

And we have already heard quite often that “A picture speaks a thousand words,” but in 360 Degree Product Photography, we can say it speaks more than just a thousand words. 

  • 360 Degree Product Photography gives a realistic sight of the product to the customer 

While viewing a 360 Degree Product Photograph or video, the customer can come closer to the experience of holding the product in actuality and viewing it from different angles as desired. 

  • 360 Degree Product Photography, which reviews all sides and provides a 3rd-dimensional appearance into the frame we look into to improve the quality checks through a visual interface, 360 Degree Product Photography is much needed. At the same time, we are comparing a 2D picture that shows just one facet of the product with no dimensional effects with a 360 Degree Product Photography. It not only reviews all sides also provides a 3rd-dimensional appearance into the frame we look into. 
  • In 360 Degree Product Photography, the images of the product can be moved, zoomed, panned, and manipulated. 

Have you heard of Macro photography? It allows the user to zoom right in to check the clarity of the smallest element of the product. So, it is like viewing the actual product and analyzing its flaws and glory. 

  • 360 Degree Product Photography doesn’t keep you away from the 2D photographs 

As already discussed, 360 Degree Product Photographs are made up of panoramic images of the products from horizontal and vertical planes. So, they can comprise up to 72 images or more in some exceptional cases. If you want, you can get the individual product photographs and use them for posters, marketing, advertising campaigns, and more. So, you need not pay more for just the flat images.  

Viewing the product from different desired angles can give the buyer immediate confidence and build a robust mental conception of the product considered.   

  1. 360 Degree Product Photography will reduce the chances of post-purchase dissatisfaction of the customer 

A 360 Degree Product Photography gives a facet of the product to the customer before making the purchase. So, the customer knows what they are buying and has already analyzed the product’s details. Hence, the probability of returning the product is reduced to the least. Therefore, your product is only likely to be returned if and only if it is damaged or broken. 

  • The expense of 360 Degree Product Photography is much lesser than the traditional Product Photography. 

Traditional Product photography involves models, props, backgrounds, scenery to make the product photograph more eye-catching. Still, in the case of 360 Degree Product Photograph, you need a surrounding white background for the product, and that’s all. 

  • Add AR or AI in your Product Photograph and what else you need to advertise. 

If Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial intelligence (AI) could be added to your 360 Degree Product Photography, then much of your work is done. These two or any one of these two technologies can significantly impact your customer and increase the satisfaction level.  

So, to conclude, we can say that a 360 Degree in Product Photography is the key to enhancing your business.   

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