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Product Photography Services in Mumbai

We, the JIGSAW, are an art and technology company that specialises in product photography. Our combination of creative talent and technology ensures that you get the best possible kind of photographs for your products. We cater to the online sellers, corporates, agencies and individuals who want to sell online. We endeavour to shoot photographs that are a class apart.

product photography services

Our team of photographers and graphic designers have an eye for detail to make sure that all your photography needs are fulfilled to the best. Our team has shot for online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Mantra,Jabong and PayTM. We are familiar with the technical requirements of these various portals, thus we are able to ensure that the images are not rejected by the online marketplaces.

We can also provide you multiple image sizes on request.

Besides this if required we can also give you the high resolution images.

We use cameras and lenses from Canon, lights from Elinchrom and most of the software is from Adobe. Since all the equipment and technology is from the leading companies in the world, hence we are always sure that we are always up to date with the latest technology and aesthetics trends worldwide.

We believe that Promotion is the best form of persuasion.

If you have any product or service to sell, then promote it. It is because of a simple reason. Until and unless you don’t promote it, people won’t have a clue about it. And when the customers have no clue about any product they hardly buy it. So the essential thing is to promote your product or service.

The Internet has changed everything. This hard old concept of marketing has become simple and easy.

We, as a photographic studio, provide a collection of the product photography that is utilised in leading online shopping websites.

Product Photography Services Provided by Us

Some services that we provide on trending products like;

Watches Photography

Although one can know the time from their mobile phones, there is a craze for watches. If you have a watch shop and you want to go online, then we provide just the services that you need.

Sunglasses Photography

Sunglasses are also a mark in the fashion business. Such a product never goes out of trend and always has a greater market share in both physical and online markets.

Shoes Photography

The varieties of shoes range from one extreme to another. There are so many varieties of shoes that one needs a showroom to browse through all.

Stationery Photography

They also have a wide range starting from simple pen and paper to computer printers, everything is included in the stationery items. We provide services for every product that you have and want to promote.

Machine Photography

Photo-We provide shoots of any kind of household machinery in our studio. Additionally, we also offer onsite shoots for heavy machinery.

We provide unique framing angles and lighting techniques for your product shoot.

Also, we do post-shoot works so that you get everything in one place.

For any such requirements, contact us.

Types of product shoots

Our experience in the photography field and across various categories of products has given us a unique insight in the various categories of product photography possible.

The main classification of product photography is into white background, creative and fashion photography. But the number of different products has meant that the classification of product photography types has increased. You can get a better idea about the various types of product photography on this page.

What is meant by product photography?

meaning of product photography

Product Photography is altogether a specialised branch of eCommerce photography. It is basically used for commercial photography purposes like marketing and advertising certain products or services. Photographs of various products are taken by the photographer with the best prevailing conditions so that it looks appealing and can easily catch the attention of the viewers. Product photography can be seen getting featured in various social media platforms, product pages, websites, catalogues, brochures, e-advertisements and so on. Product Photography is basically for the purpose of portraying an object in a very attractive and interesting manner. You may have surely visited ecommerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon. The images of the products which you see there, which are kept up for sale, are instances of product photography.

Product Photography is an efficient tool in order to drive up the sales of companies or businesses. They hold immense potential and there is no doubt regarding that.

What are the various types of product photography that can be seen?

Product photography is not just something that feels like one size fits all. There are different shades to product photography. This kind of photography has so many types based on the kind of products that are being shot or for the purpose of the products being shot. Ecommerce websites feature different kinds of products which are put up for sale from the platforms. Product photography is also very much similar to that. Product photography can also be distinguished into various types, form factors as per requirement. While some of them can be used everyday, some categories are reserved for some special items or special occasions only.

It is very important to understand the variations among the different types of product photography. Whether you want to maintain a consistent look or feel across the range of product photos or you want to mix them up to create something new or more vibrant.

In general, there are six common types of product photography categories that can be explored. In this article, we are providing some brief introduction to these six types of product photography categories

1.Individual Shots

Individual shots are considered as one of the most common types of product photography. This type of product photography contains only one object in focus, one object in frame. Individual shots help the product photographers to put the spotlight on the main features or characteristics of the product. Individual shots are often seen to be featured in catalogues, as banner images, or on product pages in order to show off each individual product with ease.

Individual Shots

2.Group Shots

It is the time for group shots. I guess you can get the feel from the name itself. Group shots are all about showcasing multiple products in a single frame. It is used to display multiple products from a group. Group Shots convey the customers or clients a complete view of the offering. These shots display the relationship between items like promotion where someone who buys one item gets an additional item.

These group shots are utilised for BOGO promotions, where the buyers get two for one product.

Hence, group shots are just perfect for posting them on social media platforms and they help in giving the shoppers the taste of the whole brand or the company and their offering while buying.

Group Shots

3.Detailed Shots

Details matter. Details help us to show off the small intricate particulars of an item. Details shots are mainly used for product photography shots for items like jewellery or other small items.These shots come to rescue when traditional photos cannot capture certain highlighting product features. Detailed shots are especially helpful for the businesses and companies who are trying to highlight some features in their products which can actually act as a competitive advantage over other key players in the market. Detailed shots require some specific camera settings and some highly specialised lenses to capture such delicate shots.

Detailed Shots

4. 360-degree shots

Another popular category of product photography is 360 degree product photography. 360-degree shots play a very vital role in the world of ecommerce. There is a reason why 360 degree shots are special. These shots help the customers to see a product from all sides and from all angles. Probably this is the next best thing to actually holding and feeling the product in hand in reality. For 360 degree product shots, the photographers are required to take the pictures of the product from all the sides, which are later clubbed together to form a total continuous 360 degree shot at the end.

360 degree Shots

5.Lifestyle shots

You might have often seen lifestyle advertisements in newspapers, social media posts, pamphlets and so on. YouTube advertisements are often seen featuring such lifestyle shots as a marketing stance for companies offering sales to sell their product. In such kinds of lifestyle shots, products are shown in a way as it would look when it is being used. Basically, it is the demonstration of products in action. While lifestyle photos can be used to supplement individual product shots on your product page, they're also great for social media, emails, ads, and other visual channels because they draw the eye and make your products seem more personal.

6. Studio Shots

The studio shots are extremely staged and sparse. Shadows are commonly used in studio shooting, and they are often much more artistic in appearance than standard product images.

7.Scale Shots

Sometimes when we shop online we could not realise the actual size of the product. I am sure that happened with you as well. Yes, there might be product descriptions which certainly explains everything about the product including its size, colour and so. Such problems can be mainly seen when shoppers tend to buy garments, shoes etc from online ecommerce shopping platforms. And, this is where Scale Shots come to help. Scale shots help the customers a lot by giving them the idea of the actual size of the product. This is done by comparing a certain product with other similar items which we use daily in our day to day lives thus making the whole process a lot easier for the consumers. Scale shots help the customers to get the clear picture about the product which they are willing to buy and hence what it does is that it increases the confidence of the buyers.

8. Packaging Shots

Well, when you buy a product, it does not arrive naked to your home or you do not take it home without some sort of covering or packaging. From the beginning of the journey that is from making a purchase and finally receiving the product, customers always have a consistent experience. And wait! Presentation is important too. When the product comes with proper packaging in branded and a beautiful way, it looks so good. Those can be featured on the product pages as well, it will undoubtedly catch a lot of attention

Packaging Shots

What is the cost of product photography?

Finally, it is time to know about the cost for product photography. Well, there are several variables which need to be considered when discussing the cost of product photography. Besides that, photographers also tend to charge money on hourly basis or by the number of shots that are being taken in a single session or on the kind of objects or items which are being photographed. Cost also depends on things like using artificial light, using a specialised studio, which has all the necessary equipment and a complete setup already in place. Final cost might even increase if there is a necessity for editing the pictures and it all depends on the degree of editing which is to be done to get the picture with the required feel. When photographing a garment in white background then the cost or photographing a garment with a model the cost will be much more as compared to taking the picture of garment placed on a hanger. Again, the cost for white background photography will be less than creative photography as it takes more time. The cost also depends on the location of shoot, background used while shooting, props etc. The cost for product photography usually ranges quite around INR 250 and up. For products like jewellery, the pricing for product photography can even go up as high as INR 1000 and that is even for a single product.

So this was all about product photography and to gain more insight into this and for further details you may contact us! Hope this article helped you to know about product photography.