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Products Photography Service in Mumbai

We are an art and technology company that specialises in product photography. Our combination of creative talent and technology ensures that you get the best possible kind of photographs for your products. We cater to the online sellers, corporates, agencies and individuals who want to sell online. We endeavour to shoot photographs that are a class apart.

Our team of photographers and graphic designers have an eye for detail make sure that all your photography needs are fulfilled to the best. Our team has shot for online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Mantra,Jabong and PayTM. We are familiar with the technical requirement of these various portals, thus we are able to ensure that the images are not rejected by the online marketplaces.

We can also provide you multiple image sizes on request.

Besides this if required we can also give you the high resolution images.

We use cameras and lenses from Canon, lights from Elinchrome and most of the software is from Adobe. Since all the equipment and technology is from the leading companies in the world, hencewe are always sure that we are always up to date with the latest technology and aesthetics trends worldwide.

We believe that Promotion is the best form of persuasion.

If you have any product or service to sell, then promote it. It is because of a simple reason. Until and unless you don’t promote it, people won’t have a clue about it. And when the customers have no clue about any product they hardly buy it. So the essential thing is to promote your product or service.

The Internet has changed everything. This hard old concept of marketing has become simple and easy.

We, as a photographic studio provides a collection of the product photography that is utilized in leading online shopping website.

Some services that we provide on trending products like;

Watches Photography- Although one can know the time from their mobile phones still there is a craze of watches. If you have a watch shop and you want to go online, then we provide just the services that you need.

Sunglasses Photography- Sunglasses are also a mark in the fashion business. Such a product never goes out of the trend and always has a greater market share in both physical and online market.

Shoes Photography- The varieties of shoes range from one extreme to another. There are so many varieties of shoes that one needs a showroom to browse through all.

Stationery Photography- They also has a wide range starting from simple pen and paper to computer printers, everything is included in the stationery items. We provide services for every product that you have and want to promote.

Machine Photography- Photo-We provide shoot of any kind of household machinery in our studio. Additionally, we also offer onsite shoots for heavy machinery.

We provide unique framing angles and lighting techniques for your product shoot.
Also, we do post-shoot works so that you get everything in one place.
For any such requirements, contact us.

Types of product shoots

Our experience in the photography field and across various categories of products has given us a unique insight in the various categories of product photography possible.

The main classification of product photography is into white background, creative and fashion photography. But the number of different products has meant that the classification of product photography types has increase. You can get a better idea about the various types of product photography on this page.