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JIGSAW is an art and technology firm that specialises in product photography. Our mix of creative ability and cutting-edge technology ensures that you receive the highest quality images for your items. We serve internet vendors, corporations, agencies, and people looking to sell online. We strive to create images that are unique.

Our photographers and graphic designers have an eye for detail to ensure that all of your photography needs are met to the highest standard. Our crew has worked with online marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Mantra, Jabong, and PayTM.

We understand the technical needs of these numerous websites and can thus ensure that the photographs are not rejected by the online marketplaces.

On request, we can also give you with numerous picture sizes.

In addition, if necessary, we can provide you with high-resolution photos.

We utilise Canon cameras and lenses, Elinchrom lighting, and Adobe software for the most part. We are always confident that we are up to speed with the newest technology and aesthetics trends internationally since all of the equipment and technology is from the world's leading firms.

We think that promotion is the most effective method of persuasion. If you have a product or service to sell, publicise it. It is due to a simple reason. People won't know about it until and until you advertise it. And when buyers are unsure about a product, they are unlikely to purchase it. So the most important thing is to publicise your goods or service.

Everything has changed because of the Internet. This difficult notion of marketing has made simple and straightforward.

As a photography studio, we offer a variety of product photography used on prominent online shopping platforms.

What is Product Photography ?

Product photography, also known as e-commerce photography, is exactly what it sounds like: images that are taken and utilised on websites and social media platforms to help drive sales of your product or service. Given the development of online shopping, the variety of items and brands accessible to customers in any given category may be large - which means that photographs that demonstrate what you're offering and why it's worth buying are a critical component for any business selling online.

Product Photography

Product Photography Services Provided by The Jigsaw :

Some services that we provide on trending products like :

Watches Photography

Although mobile phones can tell the time, there is a passion for timepieces. If you own a watch shop and want to sell it online, we offer just what you need.

Watch Photography

Sunglasses Photography

Sunglasses are also making a name for themselves in the fashion industry. Such a product is always in demand and has a larger market share in both the physical and online sectors.

Sunglasses Photography

Shoe Photography

The varieties of shoes range from one extreme to another. There are so many varieties of shoes that one needs a showroom to browse through all.

Shoes Photography

Stationery Photography

They also sell a large selection of stationery goods ranging from simple pen and paper to computer printers. We provide services for whatever product you have and wish to advertise.

Stationery Photography

Machine Photography

In our studio, we provide photo sessions of any type of domestic gear. We also do onsite shooting for big machines.

Machine Photography

We provide unique framing angles and lighting techniques for your product shoot.

Also, we do post-shoot works so that you get everything in one place.

For any such requirements, contact us.


Product photography is not something that is one-size-fits-all. Product photography comes in a variety of hues which has several variations depending on the items being photographed or the reason for which they are photographed. Ecommerce websites showcase a variety of items that are available for purchase through the platforms.

Product photography may also be classified into several sorts and form factors based on the needs. While some of them may be used on a daily basis, others are just for unique products or special events.

Whether you want to have a constant appearance or feel across your product photographs or change them up to produce something fresh or more lively can be determined using product photography tips .

1.Individual Shots

Individual shots for product photos are one of the most popular styles of product photography. This product picture has only one thing in focus and one object in frame.

Individual product photos allow product photographers to focus on the most important elements or attributes of the product. Specific shots are frequently used in catalogues, as banner photos, or on product websites to showcase each individual product.

Individual Shots

2.Group Shots

The goal of group shots is to showcase many goods in a single frame using natural light or natural lighting . It is used to display a collection of items.

These group shots are utilised for BOGO promotions, where the buyers get two for one product.

As a result, group photographs are ideal for putting on social media platforms, and they assist in giving shoppers a flavour of the entire brand or organisation and its product when purchasing.

Group Shots

3.Detailed Shots

Details are important. Details allow us to highlight the minute detailed details of an object. Details shots are commonly utilised in product photography for objects such as jewellery or other little items.

When regular images are unable to capture key salient product aspects, these shots come to the rescue. Detailed shots are extremely useful for organisations and firms who want to showcase specific elements in their products.

To capture such delicate pictures, detailed photos need certain camera settings and extremely specialised lenses.

Detailed Shots

4. 360-degree shots

360 degree product photography is another popular type of product photography. 360-degree pictures are extremely important in the realm of ecommerce. There's a reason 360-degree photos are so unique. These images allow shoppers to see a product from all sides and perspectives.

Probably the next best thing to actually having and experiencing the product in your hand. For 360 degree product images, photographers must capture the object from all sides.

360 degree Shots

5.Lifestyle shots

You've probably seen lifestyle advertising in newspapers, social media postings, brochures, and other places. Such lifestyle photos are frequently featured in YouTube adverts as a marketing posture for firms giving sales to promote their goods.

Products are displayed in lifestyle photographs in the same manner they would appear when utilised. Essentially, it is the presentation of items in use. Lifestyle photographs are wonderful for social media, emails, advertising, and other visual channels since they grab the attention and make your items feel more personal.

6. Studio Shots

The photos in the studio are exceedingly contrived and minimal. Shadows are frequently employed in studio photography, and they typically seem much more creative than ordinary commercial pictures.

7.Scale Shots

When we purchase from online store, we may not realise the actual size of the object. Such issues are most common when customers purchase clothing, shoes, and other items via online ecommerce shopping platforms. This is when Scale Shots come in handy.

Customers benefit greatly from scale photographs since they provide an impression of the true size of the goods and hence what it does is that it increases the confidence of the buyers.

8. Packaging Shots

When you buy anything, it does not come at your door naked, nor do you take it home without some form of covering or packing. Customers have a consistent experience from the beginning of the trip, that is, from placing a purchase to eventually getting the product.

And hold on! Presentation is very crucial. It looks great when a product comes with suitable packaging that is branded and attractive. Those can also be included on product pages, which will definitely get a lot of interest.

Packaging Shots

9. Studio Photography

The photographer must modify studio lighting on the basis of textures, packaging, and materials of each product, yet the overall effect is always coherent and comparable. Whether it's an item of apparel, a pair of shoes, or a bottle of perfume, the end result will be an image aimed at selling the product and clearly presenting its features.

 Studio Photography

10. White Background Photography

White background photography is the most popular type of product photography, in which the object is presented in a clean and unobtrusive manner using artificial light. It is also commonly used in e-commerce and directories, albeit it is frequently used in conjunction with other styles of product photography to express an idea. Here, we need to soften shadows and use light modifiers for a background simple look.

White Background Photography

11. Set Photography

When a product has a certain attribute, such as colour or style, and is available in many variations, it is generally ideal to shoot all of the alternatives in a single shot using proper product photography lighting, so the consumer can see all of the options right away (avoiding the need to browse the product page to get this information). Nonetheless, this sort of photography is generally followed by individual images of the items, so the consumer may view the product listings in the colour that most interests him.

Set Photography

12. Comparative Photography

It is occasionally necessary to add a comparable product on the photograph in order to portray the exact size of the product and prevent deceiving the buyer. In these circumstances, universal items are required so that the buyer can view and compare. Because white photography alone may not be apparent enough in some items, the size makes all the difference. As a result, the consumer may quickly determine if the product is suitable for him or whether he should get the larger or smaller version.

Comparative Photography

13. Real environment Photography

For some products, presenting the product in a daily life setting that is contextualised with a lifestyle may be the ideal answer. This form of photography is becoming increasingly popular among companies since it allows them to associate their history and ideals with each of their products. More than one thing, the brand is selling the client's desired moment and atmosphere, and the consumer ends up not making a more emotional purchase and forming a stronger bond with the brand. The soft light allows the images to get highlighted.

Real environment Photography

14.Photo Composing

Photo editing focuses on small details using various shapes and proper color correction for product photo. This type of photo editing results in compelling product photos if proper white balance is maitained.

Photo Composing

What is the cost of product photography?

It is now time to learn how much product photography will cost. Well, there are a number of factors to take into account when talking about the price of product photography. In addition, photographers frequently bill by the hour, by the quantity of photos taken during a single session, or by the type of objects or goods being photographed.Cost also depends on things like using artificial light, using a specialised studio, which has all the necessary equipment and a complete setup already in place.

The final cost may even increase if the photographs need to be edited, and it all depends on the degree of editing necessary to get the desired effect.

When shooting a garment on a white background or photographing a garment with a model, the cost is substantially more than when photographing a garment on a hanger.

Again, because creative photography takes more time, the cost for white backdrop photos will be lower.

The cost is also determined by the location of the shoot, image quality, the background utilised, props, and so on.

Product photography typically costs between INR 250 and INR 500. For things such as jewellery, product photography may cost as much as INR 1000, and that is only for one piece.


This article discusses ten product photography services in Mumbai that will help you succeed with your product photography projects, including professsional product photographer, quality equipment, workspace, accurate product lists, production workflows, software, image QA processes, and project management systems :


In the financial hub of India, Mumbai, is home to the corporate video production firm Video Explainer. They assist their business customers and clients in achieving the best outcomes from digital multimedia marketing. Clients may promote their company, brand, service, product, or events in an efficient, engaging, and highly successful way with the aid of their explainer videos produced in Mumbai. Additionally, Video Explainer Mumbai provides an incredibly cost-effective and high-quality video publication and marketing solution in Mumbai that enables your business to advance. They provide you total control over every aspect of the corporate film—from screenplay creation to final distribution, from introduction video planning to web channel promotion.


Video explainer Mumbai


In the realm of e-commerce, product photography is a need if you want people to find you and your goods/services. To meet the demands of our customers, Ecommerce Photography provides a range of creative, knowledgeable product photography services in Thane. Our business employs skilled, educated, and informed photographers. To produce the highest level of colour accuracy and clarity, we employ top-notch tools.

For product photography, Ecommerce Photography have an interior studio, but they may also visit you if you choose. If you're unclear how to photograph your products, we also provide the best product photography and product packaging services in Thane in addition to the lowest pricing in town.


Ecommerce Photography


Capsicum MediaWorks frequently stand out and grab the audience's attention with innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology. Their motto, "Client success is equal to Our success," drives them to painstakingly prepare every project to benefit the client. Their online experts are also current and use their expertise to give panache an edge.


Capsicum Mediaworks


Redragaa is a vibrant film production firm with its headquarters in Mumbai and operations all throughout the country. Regardless of genre, size, or platform, the organisation creates visual content that connects with viewers with the help of professional product photography. Whether you have a sketchy idea or a fully developed concept, Redragaa can make your dream a reality.




Pansworld uses two distinct skills to create powerful movies: first, innovative filmmaking abilities, and second, and maybe more significantly, in-depth understanding of industrial goods and markets. It was started by Mr. Joe Pan, a corporate filmmaker with a distinctive history in commercial and industrial marketing. The top corporate video production business, Pansworld Television, has produced more than 600 movies. consistently providing top-tier Indian corporations with business promotion, advertising, branding, product, project, employee training, human resources, corporate social responsibility, and corporate jubilee films.


Product Photography


One of the top corporate video producers in Mumbai, Buzz Creatix, helps you share your company's vision with customers through entertaining corporate videos that are both straightforward and effective.

With high production value videos, the team of skilled and qualified creatives will assist you in bringing your video material to life. They will take your idea from concept to final output, including everything in between. With their combined efforts, they'll help you generate more leads, educate them, and improve the way people perceive your brand.


Buzz Creatix


A video production company based in Mumbai called Orange Videos was founded in 2016. They combine the advantages of a boutique studio with a big house production capability in their modest yet professional workspace. They also assist companies in building their brands and achieving their marketing objectives.


Orange Videos.jpg

8. PIXELCARVING just recognised Pixelcarving as a top agency in India. It aims to provide you with business videos that are both creative and powerful in their message. They don't use films that follow a pattern and just provide graphs and numbers. These are crucial features, too, but they think that what makes the films stand out is keeping it short and engaging. Regarding their social media video material, Pixelcarving is known as both a one-time and a recurrent agency. Their young and motivated crew enjoys the filmmaking process. The business has been in this sector for the past five years and has had wonderful opportunities working with leading brands both domestically and internationally.


Pixel Carving

9. 8k Entertainment and Media Production

8k Entertainment and Media Production in Mumbai is a leading company in Entertainment Event Management and Video Production. It’s established in the year 2010. The Company is registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Government of India). This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop solution, serving customers both at national and International level. Over the course of its journey, 8K Entertainment and Media Production has established a firm foothold in the industry. Considering, the belief that client satisfaction is as important as their products and services, have helped this establishment garner a vast base of clients, which continues to grow day by day.


8k Entertainment


Mumbai-based Kreative Garage Studios is an expert in 360-degree media. They specialise in print & digital media, current online and media solutions, rebranding, events, conceptual, production, public relations, and entertainment. They introduced services like Explainer videos and Whiteboard animation, corporate and commercial films, digital marketing, website and graphic design, 3D views and walkthroughs, and virtual reality since they are dedicated innovators. Top international corporations are also among its clients.


Kreative Garage

This was a basic overview of product photography, which should be plenty to get you started or employ product photographers to enhance your items.

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