The Dark Secrets Of Food Photographers in 2021

Everybody loves food. Often, when you will scroll through social media, you will across numerous posts of food bloggers, restaurants, and advertisements. How do you think those stunning pictures are taken? Well, professional photographers don’t usually use the most edible components to make the food look delicious. You will be shocked to know that the savoring cheese melting from the pizza crust in an advertisement might just be a lot of white glue.

So let’s take a look at the dark side of food photography

If you are just getting started with food styling, you don’t necessarily have to be good at cooking. What matters the most is how you represent the not-so-cooked food with the help of components that will make it look appetizing. Since it is about photography, people will think that that it might just be about the lens, lighting angles, and shadows. However, styling the food is an entirely different job.

So, here are few tricks that you can use to make your food look mouth-watering.

Tips And Tricks

Use Of Shaving Cream

It is a pretty well-known fact that whipped cream melts very easily under normal room temperature. Hence, the option of using whipped cream over smoothies, pancakes, and other desserts, is not a good one. Rather, you can use shaving foam. It lasts longer even though in reality no one would ever consume it.

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Use Of Motor Oil

Isn’t it so delightful to see pancakes for breakfast? You would have never imagined that the smooth maple syrup would be replaced with something as inedible as motor oil. However, it is only for taking pictures. Maple syrup tends to get absorbed pretty quickly so using motor oil will make it look fresh and appealing.

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Use of white glue

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It is hard to keep the cereals crunchy when you pour milk over them. Furthermore, it is also hard to take shots of pouring milk. Photographers use white glue to keep the cereals from getting mushy and unappealing for pictures and advertising. However, the thought of eating glue and cereals might keep people away from getting breakfast at all.

Utilize Cardboard

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Cardboards are widely used in cakes and hamburgers. The use of cardboard in cakes is to avoid crumbles and uneven distribution of cream and toppings. It also gets easier to stick sprinkles and cherries. In burgers, car boards are used for evenly layering the bread and stick together with the help of pins. That is the main reason why the burger on ads looks way more aligned than in your served meal. Although you probably won’t chew on the pins and cardboards. 

Use Of Wax

The consistency of sauce that you see in reality and the consistency you see in photographs used in ads will never be the same. Food stylists often use wax to get the right color and texture. Moreover, pictures appear very bleak when the original sauce is used. When you hear about it, it might not seem to be appealing but that works for photography.

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Using Deodorants On Fruits.

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The fruits you purchase from markets do not look shiny Rather it looks duller in person. However, that cannot be used in photography. Using deodorants over fruits makes it look very shiny and if you get the best lighting, the pictures are to look stunning. 

Use Of Mashed Potatoes

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From making ice creams to stuffing chicken, mashed potatoes are the real deal. Under the normal room temperature and all the lighting, there is no way you will get a good picture of ice cream. They will surely melt. At least with mashed potatoes, you get to see beautiful pictures.

So, these were the various trips and tricks that will help you improve your food photography skills.

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