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Product video production

Product Video Production

When a product becomes very unique, unusual, or maybe intriguing, we develop this urge within to know more about the product. We say "tell me more about it" sort of things, don't we? This is exactly the place where product videos come into the picture.

Product video aids in explaining a product in more detail but in a very efficient matter like never before. Product videos are like product demos. It showcases the features of a product or a service to the customers to create awareness about brands and their products. It also helps to increase its sales.

Product Video Production

Product video production is in trend these days. With the emergence of the e-commerce sector, it has become more important than ever. Nowadays, customers or online shoppers tend to perceive information visually because with the help of video content, whether it is an animated video or a video made from scratch, we get to explain everything about the product more profoundly. So, product video production has immense importance these days.

What is a product video?

You all have seen product videos, not just once but multiple times in your life, and you will see me more and more with time! Haha!

Product Video

In simple terms, a product video can be described as a video that explains the features and benefits of a product in form of a video. This is the most simple way in which you can understand what a product video is.

More about Product videos

Product videos or product demo videos are made in different ways. The purpose for which you produce the videos, though, will differ from time to time as it depends on the type of video that you are about to make. For example, a Tesla walkthrough video will look and feel a lot different from a software walkthrough video, both being a type of product video, and this is pretty much obvious, isn't it? But it does not matter what kinds of videos are created based on various concepts or ideas, and the purpose remains the same.

The primary agenda is to inform the prospective buyer about the potential and the features of a product with the help of product videos.

Quality Video

As stated before, product videos are trending a lot these days. Quality video production benefits any company, business, and organization. People are connecting with each other through the internet pretty well these days, and thus everybody has better access to watching videos online.

A trend has been found on the internet that there is a strong positive correlation between watching a product video and the behavior of customers buying them. It definitely aids in marketing to a greater extent.

Types of Product video production

Well, when talking about the types of product videos, there are many different types. We will discuss the types of product videos in this blog that can be seen in the video production process. Here, we will explain the 8 most common types of product videos and video creation.

1)Product Demo Videos

Product Demo

A product demo video is like a teaser video. A product demo video helps to give a quick overview of how the product looks or what the product does and how it can be helpful for the customers. These types of videos are very affordable with the online sales and the support teams. These videos are thus essential for marketing purposes, and whenever clients show any sort of interest in a product or a service, the support team creates and records a product demo video and attaches it to the email. Sometimes, the video is already uploaded on YouTube, and the YouTube link of the video is shared with the customer via email.

Such kind of product demo videos features higher resonance with the target audience.

Demo Video

2) User Onboarding videos

I guess you can relate to the title itself. A company utilizes user onboarding videos to make its onboarding process easier for the new users than the conventional process.

When creating onboarding videos, it is normal to consider a single feature or only a few of them and give the customers a head start.

An onboarding video basically comes in the latter part of the conversion funnel when the user has already made up his mind to use the product which you are offering.

Creating onboarding videos is quite a challenging task. It is basically used to simplify things and facts that can help the user to figure out where to begin. It is important to take care of the fact that new products can be much overwhelming for new customers.

Onboarding Video

3) Product Walkthrough Videos

In Product Walkthrough videos, the video content is much similar to what we can see in product demo videos but do not get it wrong, and it is not the same. These videos are like a detailed tour of a product that also showcases product benefits and brand success.

Product Walkthrough videos are basically created by using a screen recorder software, by taking its overall recording and voice-over. These videos also reveal the product use cases as well. Since we create such videos, we also have to take care of the extensive video covering the complete product. Such videos are essential for a business or company to promote its marketing services. While video creation, it is important for the video creators to make the video as engaging as possible.

Walkthrough Video

4) Product tutorial videos

A product tutorial video almost feels like holding the user’s hand and instructing them on how to perform a specific task or an action using a product.

A product tutorial video can be longer if there are many steps that needed to be followed by performing than action. It can also be shorter if the action is as easy as clicking, selecting, and pressing the "OK" button.

Whenever the audience can see and understand the teacher, product tutorial videos are amazing and become more successful. It makes the video extra interesting and enjoyable for the audience than simply seeing an animated video.

Tutorial Video

5) Feature Explanation Video

This is especially important if you utilize a SaaS solution. SaaS solutions have a profusion of capabilities, and feature-specific movies are typically recorded to assist their audience in comprehending their functioning.

The material in these films is Feature Explanation Video is brief and to the point to make the most perfect product video. So, if you really want to learn much about a feature, you may view such videos and learn everything you need to know. You don't have to watch a whole product tour video to learn about the function.

Feature Explanation Video

6) Product Explainer Videos

A product explainer film, like a product demo video, describes just what the product is about and how it may benefit customers. The distinction is that there are certainly shorter and less intimate than demo videos. Explainer films are frequently published to YouTube channels or included in landing pages, so visitors may use them as a visual aid for the website's information.

Animated explainer videos remain popular because they keep things simple while emphasizing the feature capabilities.

Product Explanater Video

7) Product unboxing videos

Unlike the other sorts of product videos on this list, Unboxing videos are often created by product evaluators and consumers who have acquired a product. This renders it more honest, hence a go-to decision for many consumers considering purchasing the same product. The idea behind unpacking films is straightforward: open the box, display the contents, and describe them to the audience. These films are extremely popular, and they are the most sought form of product video.

Product unboxing videos

8) Product support videos

If you haven't already discovered it, product videos are excellent problem solvers. They exist to make things simpler to grasp and remember. As a result, it's logical for videos are an excellent resource for resolving customer support issues. Many businesses, it appears, are already doing so.

Product support video

When a client reports a problem or trouble understanding our capability, the support staff instantly creates a video that provides visual guidance on how to solve the problem. Because this is a more intimate product film, a screen + webcam filming with voice commentary will be ideal.

So that was a quick look at some of the most common product videos. In the next section of this article, we will discuss how to create a product video and what recommendations you can use to improve the content.

What are the steps to make great product videos?

steps to make great product videos

Product videography is a unique combination of videography and cinematography, which means you'll not only be shooting raw video footage but also have the opportunity to think creatively about the many scenes and how they must come.

Together in such a full tale. Here are a few questions to think about when designing yours:
questions video

  • What is the kind of problem that this product aims to solve?
  • Will this product be able to make customers' lives better?
  • How can this product make an impact?
  • What are the specifications of this product?
  • What are the special features of this product which are not present in other products?
  • How about customers drawing inspiration from this product?
drawing video

As we are concerned with high-quality video production and catching the attention of potential customers, your team needs to work together to produce quality output. Considering these questions while product video production and forming ideas and vision, determining what kind of message you want to create and portray.

video production

What about product video editing?

The editing process is just as vital as the filmmaking process in product videography. Aside from trimming and transitioning, your film may benefit from eye-catching visuals or voiceovers to clarify further and don't forget the emotional impact of music. It all boils down to the tale you want to convey.

product video editing

There is no right and wrong way to capture product videography, but with the correct suggestions, equipment, and methods, the possibilities for letting your creativity show are limitless.

Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro to create a high-quality video that will fascinate anyone.

adobe premiere pro

What is the role of a product video production company?

Video production companies play a vital role here from the beginning of the production of the videos, including pre-production, production, and post-production. Product video production companies conduct the product, perform extensive market research, and look deeper into the business and its potential customers.

They not only just take care of the production of videos and creating them, but they also take care of the sales, service, editing, marketing, and managing the clients as well.

video production company

For marketing purposes, they meet and collaborate with clients to discuss the ideas, goals, and how to reach the consumer on a massive scale. They take care of the production in such a way that it boosts both the quality of production and boosting the brand image.

These product video production companies have professional teams to shoot creative videos also while taking care of their quality.

They also start to conceptualize various ideas for the next project earlier so that the process becomes a little faster and the team can work smoothly.

When the customer agrees, the product video production businesses may also arrange for video release through the medium or share the finished output on other channels. Additionally, they could continue to advertise it and collect analytics.

Final thoughts about product video production

video production company

When coming up with ideas for video content, it is frequently advised that modern businesses engage the expertise of product video production firms.

Before choosing the best video maker for your company's needs, it is important to understand what a product video production firm is and what video creation entails.

After all, a video may help you present your company's services and products with a fresh approach. Production businesses fulfill these high standards by creating advertising campaigns that are of the highest caliber since current consumers only want to see advertisements of the highest caliber.

video production company

So, in this article, we have elaborated on product videos, types of product videos, and also how to make some great product videos, efficiently editing, and most importantly, the role played by a product video production company in this regard.

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