Product Image Editing in Mumbai

Product Image Editing in Mumbai


Making your product photographs go from good to great is our motto and to achieve this, our experienced and trained product image editors use the best tools available in the market.

We ensure that the Product Image Editing done at our studio passes the stringent quality standards set by various ecommerce portals.

Our industry-leading eCommerce or web shop product images editing service is guaranteed to deliver satisfying results for you or your business.

We work with all digital file formats, including jpg, tiff, pong, psd and gif.

We clean up dust from your images.

E-commerce product images that will raise your sales more send us an inquiry at any time of day and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

 Product Image Editing Services in Mumbai

What are the Apps that can be used for Product image editing?

There are currently many applications available in the parket for various platforms ranging from Android to MacOS or Windows for editing pictures.

Desktop Based Apps

Following is the desktop-based apps for product image editing. Give them a look.

Capture One

Capture One is available for both Windows and MacOS and it is one of the best desktop photo editing programs often being the first choice among the photo editors. Licensing starts from around INR 23269.

Adobe Photoshop

Everyone has heard about Adobe Photoshop. It is one of the most popular image editing software and is one of the most amazing tools when it is in the hands of some of the most amazing photo editors.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Being a cloud-based, multi-platform image editing suite, it falls under the list of the best product photo editors undoubtedly.

Mobile Apps

 Product Image Editing Services in Mumbai

Mobile Apps for product photo image editing includes the following:

  • VSCO
  • Snapseed
  • TouchRetouch

What are the distinct kinds of photo editing techniques for product images?

Professional Photographers surely capture high quality product images but, if those pictures are just posted on social media channels or on websites, ecommerce platforms, would not just attract the customers and make them buy those products. Some work needs to be done before posting them. There are multiple dimensions that need to be taken into consideration before they are ready for the digital platform.

 kinds of photo editing techniques for product images

Fixing Colours

Isn’t it normal that a picture which looks punchier will attract you more than a dull picture like food with great colour will attract you and make your tongue dribble with saliva. But any object with dull colour or fading colour will lose its appeal to anybody. That is why colour fixing plays a significant role here.

Colour correction is a basic photo-editing technique that involves adjusting the uneven exposure of light as well as correcting colour imbalance by adjusting saturation, contrast, and brightness.

Shadow Fixing

A product image without shadows can appear one-dimensional and unrealistic. The effect of assigning shadows to an image to make it more appealing is known as shadow fixing. While a shadowless image appears unreal, simply adding shadows may not suffice. They might end up confusing the audience!

Shadows draw attention to the product's details, emphasising its shape and size through contrast. Customers may not notice the shadow, but it aids in their understanding of the product's 3D geometry.

Background Removal using Photoshop

To remove the background the effortless way, select the eraser icon, then the background eraser sub-category. Place a second layer with the desired background colour for the final image below the main image. Finally, begin painting away the background with the tool.

Adjusting Brightness, Contrast and Sharpness

On many occasions, simply increasing the brightness may be all that is needed, especially if the product itself needs to stand out more.

This is the most common way to compensate for a lack of concentration. I had a habit of going overboard when I first started because I liked how increasing the levels here made them truly stand out. The problem is that doing so distorts the image even more from its true appearance. If you present the product in a way that differs from what they receive, you will only receive a refund request or a negative review. The use of composition as well as the product itself ought to be sufficient to entice a sale. The purpose of editing is to normalise the image.

What is the cost of editing product images?

Editing product images is a very tiresome job. There are many parameters on which the overall cost of editing product images depends. Professional product photo editors may charge based on time spent on hourly basis to edit the product images. Cost can be also dependent on the type of product photos being edited and editing done per image, or based on payment package, industry experience, location of the clients etc. On an average the cost for editing product photos begins from INR 50 to INR 100 and onwards depends on the amount of work done.

We are a professional team of product photo editors, and we excel in editing various kinds of product images. Photo editing like clipart, photo manipulation and infographics, background removal, shadow fixing and a ton of other types of editing. We are ready to serve you, contact us and get started.