Client Review

Ecommerce photography - Testimonials

1-Julie by julie shah

Julie by Julie Shah is a brand we have been associated with for the past year and we provide our best resources at their disposal. Our team of expert photographers and professional videographers provided their complete attention to their festive apparel line trials. The fashion designer for Julie, Ms. Divya, had only praises for the work we presented to her. They have been regular customers, and our quick response and delivery of services were very well appreciated.

2- Emprall clothing

Our team comprising of expert professionals in the photography and videography department, provided extensive guidance and support to the Emprall team. Their clothing brand for men and women had a variety of products which has the potential to garner attention.A right-at-home environment for the brand gave us better insight to the brand’s vision and mission, enabling us to provide exactly what was asked for.