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Kitchen Photography

It is said that for food to be tasty it needs to look appetising. But while photographing food, how can we forget the kitchen utensil and several kitchen accessories, without which the food will never get ready for shoot. And that is what is our endeavour at E-Commerce Photography India.

We are a company specialised in all kinds of photography, which includes photography of kitchen utensils and other kitchenware products.

We have shot cutlery, crockery, and utensils, as well as chromium and copper plated pots, silverware, and kitchen appliances such as mixers, blenders, and dishwashers.

We make sure that reflections do not detract from the beauty of your product when photographing it in the kitchen.

We also employ props and even food to make the product's entire packaging look highly appealing to the buyer.

kitchen photography

Kitchen Product Photography

The following are some insights on what is included in kitchenware photography services:


Where would we be without utensils to cook an serve. An making your utensils look pleasing to the eye is something that we do best. We have the expertise in shooting all kinds of utensils including stainless steel, Aluminum, copper and even silverware.

Crockery :

The crockery is the prettiest thing of a kitchen. Items like kettles, cups, and saucers, etc. which are made of earthenware or China soil are worth photographing. Setting them in a proper dining table or cupboard highlights its beauty even more.

Cutlery :

Cutleries are the items that are used to cut the food, picks it up, or do any other activity using the hands.

You can specifically shoot each item like the spoon or knife or put them in a set.

forks and knives
Bakeware :

When you think of bakeware, images of baked cakes, cookies and of course balking ovens come to the mind. We provide ecommerce as well as lifestyle photography of bakeware products.

Cookware :

While in cookware we do both ecommerce and lifestyle, we will have to confess that we are partial to lifestyle photography in this category.

forks and knives on a plate

Handling Reflections in Kitchen Photography

Cutlery and cooking utensils are great accessories for food photography. Shooting silverware, like photographing any glossy object, may be difficult for food photographers. A photo with poor specular reflections on silverware will be completely ruined. If you have already learned the hard way, you have probably avoided the cutlery drawer ever since.

You'll need to shoot a dish with a knife and fork sooner or later. Or, much worse, the dreaded spoon!

Specular Reflections/ Direct Reflection

Here, light bounces off the surface of the subject you're photographing and into your camera lens. These reflections are particularly tricky to control, and we'll take a closer look at them in a moment.

Diffuse Reflections

Light does not bounce straight off the surface and into the camera with diffuse reflections; instead, it bounces about everywhere. Because the light is evenly reflected in all directions, it seems to have the same brightness regardless of the angle from which it is viewed. In other words, if you photographed an object that creates diffuse reflections from all sides with the identical settings for each frame, the subject would seem equally lit and bright in every photograph.


Silverware photography without the dreaded reflections is ideal condition. But when there is will there is way. Reflectors, Diffusors are always there to cancel the reflections.

Lifestyle Kitchen Photography

We are completely obsessed with executing unique concepts and enhancing products with the help of art directors and food stylists. We firmly believe that lifestyle photography can gently nudge internet customers toward purchasing your products. While we have nothing against white backdrop photographs, we do use them frequently. In the case of cookware, however, we believe that lifestyle photography reigns supreme.


Besides this we also do a lot of photography work in the following categories:

1.Cooking accessories

cooking accessories

2.Kitchen appliances

kitchen appliances

3.Wooden kitchen tools

wooden kitchen table

There are many product photographers across the country but there are very few who provide product specific services.

We have skilled photographers who shoots great stock photos for almost all kinds of product. Medical Product Photography, Sports Product Photography, Baby Product Photography, Beauty Product Photography, Kitchenware Product Photography and some of the most uncommon ones.

Our services includes 360 degree photo and 360 degree videos for kitchen products. Graphics and illustrations are frequently required for kitchenware pictures, and we have the ability to integrate them as well.

We offer photographic services in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Panvel, Pune, Nagpur, Tirupur, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and other cities in India.

You can easily search for eCommerce Photography India and you will get to know a lot by our customer reviews and do not forget to look at our content section for more such blogs.