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What is Jewellery Photography?


If the way to a man's heart is Food then the way to a women's heart is jewelry.

Photography is the most important part of selling a product. And when the product is jewellery, then it becomes very important to balance the angles, manage the reflections, choose the props, background and capture the minute details becomes very important.

Jewellery Photography involves capturing the jewellery as a product, which is usually done by the clients to increase sales, displaying on the website or online stores and promotion and branding.

There are several types of Jewellery Photography, like- Ecommerce Jewellery Photography, Editorial or Commercial Jewellery photoshoots and Creative Jewellery Photography.

How to do Jewellery photography?

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Many individuals believe that jewellery has a story to tell. Product photography statistics show that when supported by the right lens, lights, backgrounds, and a few basic accessories, creative jewellery photography has a higher appeal.

It is the work of the jewellery photographer to make the jewellery appear as appealing as reality in the photograph. A jewellery Photographer will always want to put forward the best view of the piece in front of the clients or customers, and that can only happen if the photographer is aware of the factors affecting the quality of a jewellery photography.

Let us see how to photograph jewellery:

Lights, Camera & Reflections!

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If you are a constant follower of our article, then you are already familiar with this heading.
However, let us discuss it for the new readers.


Lighting is the most crucial part of jewellery photography! It does not matter what camera you use; if the lighting is not right. With wrong light setup your jewellery photo will suffer.

The lighting in your home, studio, shop or indoor may appear adequate to your eyes, but it appears dim to a camera. As a result, when you take photos outside, they frequently turn out grainy or blurry when you bring them inside.

Therefore, try to shoot photograph jewellery in natural lighting or a diffused or reflected light to soften it up a little.

Never shoot jewellery under direct lighting setup.


As long as the lighting is good, any camera can take amazing jewellery photographs. It is not as important as you might think; most contemporary camera phones are fantastic! It doesn't matter how many megapixels your shot is unless you're displaying your jewellery on the side of a skyscraper.

The most important components of any camera are the sensor and lens, and the larger the camera, the larger these components may be. As a result, a compact camera is typically preferred over a smartphone, and a DSLR is even better.

The most major advantage of owning a DSLR is the possibility to acquire a lens specialized for small-scale photography, such as jewellery photography.


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Light is often difficult to control when it comes to the brightest, finest components of your jewellery. You don't want distracting reflections on your glistening gems, either. It's very obvious on polished metals like silver, and it's even more noticeable if your design incorporates spherical elements like arches.

Rearranging your jewellery, changing your position, or utilizing diffusors, reflectors, and polarizers are a few of the elements that can help you avoid or minimize jewellery reflections.

Some techniques for avoiding reflection in jewellery photography include:

  • Adjust the jewelry's placement.
  • Position yourself differently.
  • Avoid using the camera's flash and instead shoot in natural light.
  • Use a diffuser when shooting.
  • Use a reflector when shooting.
  • Use a polarizer if possible.
  • Make use of a lens hood.
  • Make Use of the Appropriate Props.
  • Take several photos with various exposures.
  • In post-production, control the reflection.
  • Use of Flash.
  • Never point the camera's small flash towards your jewellery; it looks really odd since the light is coming back from super close to the lens. If you're going to use a flash, make sure it's not focused towards your jewellery but at a wall or ceiling instead. The light can bounce off, giving you a more soft, professional appearance.


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    Selecting the right background for jewellery photography is as important as balancing lights, camera and Reflections.

    When photographing jewellery, make sure it gets center stage. Keep it as a single point of attraction.

    Because a crowded background can distract from the attractiveness of your jewellery piece. stick to basic colours and simplicity while choosing background for your jewellery photography. Slate, marble, or wood slabs make lovely backdrops for your diamonds, putting them in touch with nature.

    Consider the colours of your backcloth in the same way. On a white background, they will stray in lighter styles with materials like silver and diamonds, but on a darker background, they will dazzle.

    Angle & Focus

    Macro photography is the practice of photographing small objects up close, and there are lenses made specifically for this purpose. It is just a good idea to take that extra step closer to your jewellery for a good sharp shot.

    Though a larger DSLR camera is recommended but if you have just started and want to explore this genre then you go for phone cameras as well.

    One thing to keep in mind is that you should have at least one photo with the entire jewellery piece focused. After you've snapped your photo, pay attention to make sure it's not hazy. Because high quality photos are very important for your business to grow better.


    We enjoy photo retouching, but solely to show our customers how beautiful the diamonds are in person. You should never try to make your jewellery look anything other than what it is - that's how you end up with dissatisfied customers.

    In ecommerce it is very much essential that the authenticity of the jewellery remain intact in your jewelry product photography. In online stores people do not get the chance to touch the jewelry piece, so your photograph is the decision making factor for the customers.

    Editing is used to improve the appearance of your photograph, such as ensuring that it is bright enough, cropping it if necessary, and changing that nagging white balance! To show everyone what your jewellery looks like in person, you can bring out the brilliance and colour in it.

    So edit until necessary. Do not over the pics so that it loses its authenticity.

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    Jewellery photography ideas?

    Another strategy to improve the jewellery selling method is to display them in several distinct styles:

  • With a faster and easier light-colored background.
  • With the help of a model.
  • On a stand or a silhouette.
  • With the use of original jewellery photography props.
  • Let's look at what props are used in jewellery photography and some creative ideas for photographing jewellery.

    Creative Jewellery photography ideas?

    Photography is the place to show show your utmost creativity, but while being creative during jewellery photography ensure you are not distracting customers away from the piece of jewellery.

    Professional product photography enhance the product's beauty and the professional jewellery photographers provide creative solutions to achieve that quality of the final image.

    Some of the creative ideas for your next jewellery shoot are:

    The Nature's Touch

    Use Twigs

    Using a twig to display jewellery is a fantastic example of specialized creative thinking, as little things may make a huge difference in your life if you know how to thank for the added important results. You can hang chains, earrings and rings in the twigs.

    Tiny plans, Petals or Leaves

    If you are shooting jewellery products for some special occasion like wedding, engagement or valentine's day, then using petals gives a calming experience to the eyes.


    If you have some wonderful gemstones in your jewellery, place them between some similar-colored fruits with water drops, such as recent cherries, which would go well with a red stone.

    Pebbles, woodlands, or pages from a book

    These three items are perfect for capturing rustic antiques or junk jewellery. Book sheets can be used for fashion jewellery photography.


    Basic cowl cardboard will come in in if none of the other props are available.

    Skin with slits

    When photographing jewellery, it's better to photograph it while it's being worn by a model. This gives jewellery photos a sense of style. No matter what hue your skin is, it always appears to be chilly on the surface. The beast and, as a result, the shocking. This is included in the category of fashion jewellery photos.


    Whatever prop you use, a piece of jewellery looks best when it is accompanied by human touches. A figure dressed in complementing clothing is frequently used as a supporting prop in jewellery photography.

    Top 10 Easy and Creative Tips for Jewellery

    1. Use a Tripod

    You cannot afford to have shaky jewellery photos. Therefore use a tripod as it makes it easier to adjust the aperture and focus points. Also, it helps to use lower shutter speed and ISO to avoid noise.

    2. Choose the right cameras and lens

    The camera is not a much concerning factor in jewelry photography but the lens are indeed.

    Standard lens can go with editorial photography but for detail jewelry shots, macro lenses are preffered.

    3. Have the Right Lighting Setup

    Ring or continuous light soft box are usually preferred for shooting product photographs. We have already discussed about using flashes and avoid reflections in jewelry photography.

    4. Keep a simple set up

    Creating business around your jewellery piece would divert the attention of the viewer away from the jewellery itself.

    5.Settings Tips

    Focus mode: As jewelries never move on their own, so One-Shot mode can be used as it eliminates the fear of focus shifting
    ISO + Shutter Speed: Lower ISO and Shutter Speed is preffered.
    Aperture: To brings out the intricate details, you must have a deeper depth of field. f/8 is preffered.
    Using shallow depth of field would point out the detail you want to have on focus but will melt away the rest parts.

    6. Take multiple shots and from different angles

    We have a tendency to become so focused on the larger image that we forget the importance of the small print area. Don't forget to take those close-ups. Jewellery's intricacies are admired by many.

    7. Do not touch the Jewelry with bare hands and clean the jewelry before shooting

    Smudge removal in post-production can be time-consuming and frustrating. Jewellery is small and has a lot of delicate details to work out.

    Just keep in mind how the items beneath your lighting units appear. Always carry a cleansing cloth with you. To avoid finger marks, wear gloves when handling jewellery.

    8. Create Sharp Images

    Nobody wants to look for a ring with a dull diamond. If your images aren't properly centred, the quality of your client's product will be called into question.

    10. Spend Enough Time on Post Production

    Jewelry photographs are meticulously detailed. Poor post-production work will not be tolerated! Make sure your Photoshop work is flawless, with no colour errors or cloning gaps!

    Jewellery photography ideas with model

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