Toys Photography

Toys Photography Service in Mumbai

The term photography means the art of taking and developing a photograph!

Regularly photographers invent new subjects to be more specific in their profession. Similarly, the concept of Toy photography has come around.

It may sound alien, but it has been in the market for sometimes.

We will briefly discuss how toy photography can be used in versatile fields.

Catalogs- Any toy shop with a substantial amount of collection can do a photo-shoot and compile it in a catalog. Similarly, if they want to go online, they can use the same photos to make an online catalog.

Product Photography- Any toy is a product. If a toy-making company wants to promote its product, it can always go for the photo-shoot which can have usages in multiple platforms. Narrative- Some YouTube channels design miniatures for the characters. They do excellent photography of these miniatures in certain poses that fits and arrange it make a narrative visual.

Since toys are tiny objects, it needs some precision and expertise to make a better photography session of the toys.

These are some essential points that one should keep in mind while doing a Toy- Photography.

The Focus- The focus for the small objects should be exact. The camera should precisely at a distance where the focus is the clearest. One should not try from a more considerable distance to focus on an object.

The background- When an object is in focus, the background gets ignored. It is an amateurish mistake, but it is crucial to note that the background also plays a vital role in the overall look of the photograph.

The Lighting- The lighting can be a very tricky business, especially in toy photography, because of their small size. Sometimes the lights can be too much, and at other time it can be very mild. In such cases, the aspect of the aperture and shutter speed comes very handily, which needs to be adjusted according to the amount of lighting.
One essential thing to remember is that when the aperture number is less, the opening of the lens is more and the amount of lighting is more. On the other hand, the slower the shutter speed, the more amount of light enters.

We as a photography studio are planning to do a narrative show using the miniatures. Our professional photographers are expert in lighting and framing and we aim to provide such service if there is a requirement.