Product Photography Studio in Mumbai

Product Photography Studio in Mumbai

What is Product Photography?

Product photography has become one of the most important factors in the selling of your products. And to click great photographs you need a great photography studio.

The basic thing to pursue in product photography is about emphasising the subject to draw the attention of all the viewers in such a way that it readily highlights the subject itself.

Here are certain tips which you can follow to make a good product photo.

Tips for Product Photography

1. The Need for highlighting the product:

Well compositional rules are good to capture good pictures which can be easily obtained when applied in the correct way. But, when capturing photos of the products, there are these times when it is often needed to do away with most of the compositional rules and place the product in front and centre and this results in making the item very catchy. Eyes go straight to the product without the presence of any distractions.

Also, instead of showing the complete product and to create a hype a part of the product can also be shown off and letting the viewers to imagine the rest of the portion and fill the gap. Whether it is foreground or middle ground, the product can be placed in any way. You can also utilise the negative spaces and make some depth in this type of compositional method using light or colour contrast and reflections.

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2. Drawing attention to the product by using negative spaces

One of the ways which could actually work to draw the eye to the products in the image is to use negative spaces. No, not only that it just helps to catch attention better, it also definitely gives the product photos some room to breathe.

You often add text to the photos in product photography and allowing space for it makes the job more simple as you can add text to the photos in any place and in any way. Sometimes, if it happens that you wish to add the text later in the post production phase, you can also do so by leaving some space for the text to be added later. Adding textual elements to the photos is often a requirement often put up by the designers when they create any form of banner, advertisements or posters.

The situation can get pretty tricky when you are dealing with negative spaces and all. It is more acceptable to avoid the composition looking too forced. You can be streets ahead in the regard if you just shift your focus and expectations from regular product images and just maintain your eyeball on the billboards to learn and notice how professionals use the negative spaces.

Product Photography in Mumbai

3. Take advantage of the Rule of Thirds to capture more exciting product images.

Rule of thirds is something that most of us are already accustomed with while shooting images. This rule is certainly very popular and is often used in other areas of photography quite frequently and this golden rule is learned by photographers at the beginning of their photography career.

In the rule of thirds, the subject of the product photo is intended to be placed at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines instead of placing the subject to be shooted in the middle of the frame.

This intersection can easily emerge by splitting up the frame into three equal rows and three equal columns. This rule actually makes the product photos more exciting as we have to search for the products in those photos.

Take advantage of the Rule of Thirds to capture more exciting product images.

4. Utilising dynamic diagonals in product photography to lead the viewer’s eyes.

In product photography, the dynamic diagonal composition technique involves arranging the product or photographing it with the lines in the mind. When it comes to the strongest elements of designs, lines hold the top spot as you can use them to maintain the focus on your products with ease. Using lines can also add a touch of movement to a scene.

According to this rule Dynamic Diagonals, we place all the important elements of a picture along the diagonal lines as these are the lines which guide the eyes of the viewers from the whole frame to the product and hence they are highly important to put emphasis on. This rule adds lifelike energy into a static composition and that too in a very effective and simple way.

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Photographing products by choosing angles that highlight the best features of the products.

Camera angle while capturing product photos is one of the most distinguishing factors that makes product photos a whole lot more interesting than ever before. Our eyes look at the objects on tables and shelves at an angle of forty five degrees with a downward glance and using the same for product photos makes the products seem more realistic, obtainable and appealing. It gives the viewers a feel of belonging, as if the product is already owned by them and it belongs to them.

You can show off the product as much as possible by capturing the photo of the product by keeping it at the right angle. This also adds a sense of depth to the photos.

Product Photography Studio in Mumbai

Generally, what we do is photograph the products directly with a straight-on approach or a top-down approach.

Sometimes, the camera which is chosen for photographing can also enlarge some of the product shots and add some extraordinary textures in them. You can always choose to experiment with various angles while photographing a product and pick the one which highlights the features of the product in an effective way.

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