Furniture Photography

Furniture Photography Service in Mumbai

Furniture is not only a part of your home but also becomes a part of your lifestyle!

They are bought after a lot of research and consultation and assurances from friends.

This is because of two reasons. It costs a fortune, and it defines who you are.

Now with the introduction of Ecommerce, furniture photography has entered a new league.

Such photography majorly deals with the descriptive style of photography that shows the furniture in the best possible ways and here will discuss a few technical points of furniture photography.

Furniture product photography studio

The furniture should be shot from all the angels. Availability of pictures from all angles gives a complete picture of the furniture, thus helping the customers to make better decisions.

Doing interior photography of the furniture or in a living room setup helps the customers to imagine it better in their living rooms.

Additionally, they get an accurate idea of its size and fitting.

Using natural light for furniture photography is very appealing! This is because it gives the furniture a touch of authenticity, and the customer may like the product at first sight.

Similarly adding subjects to the furniture can also trigger some emotions in a customer.

9 DIY Furniture Photography Tips

1. Prepare your Furniture for photography

furniture Photos

Prepare your furniture for the shot as soon as possible. Set arrange the furniture in front of the camera. The goods should be powder and attractively framed.

Working on your furniture product photographic presentation is crucial. In this case, you want to inform your client graphically about the goods. Leaner content is better for e-commerce. People are more engaged with images when they are tidy and well-presented.

Post-production can eliminate any undesired marks or dirt left behind. The furniture may be easily cleaned in eCommerce image post-production if there is any dust left.

2. Showcase your product

furniture Photos

Furniture eCommerce typically overlooks the value of showing the product photos in its natural environment. Plan a shoot day for furniture product photography when the objects are used in real-life.

This will let the customer envision the product in their space. Try shooting in natural light as well. This will let your customer choose the greatest goods from you.

3. Set up your lighting for Photograph furniture

photograph furniture

We fully appreciate that in most circumstances, natural illumination will be an issue. But if you use artificial illumination for multiple photos, make sure these three things.

  • 1. Avoid using bright lighting that obscures the product's texture.
  • 2. Illuminate the goods evenly from all sides to help customers assess their length and depth.
  • 3. Make sure the lighting doesn't alter the product's hues.

During furniture photography, the illumination must be steady throughout. Natural lighting is difficult, therefore we will use softbox and umbrella lighting to stimulate you.

4. Background for furniture product photography

furniture products

While presenting furniture in its natural environment is vital, it is also necessary to capture them on a plain background. As stated previously, furniture product images inform the customer.

The first photographing furniture photo you shared was how the product will look surrounded by everyday items. It's now time to show off the furniture. Sides, front, angles, and details. You must ensure that a buyer can see all sides of the goods without distraction. Using a plain background is advised.

The most popular web-recommended background is white for furniture pieces. For furniture pictures, more and more businesses are opting for a grey or off-white background.

5. Finding the right lens

lens camera

When it comes to furniture product photography, a camera lens is your main tool. So choosing the appropriate lens is crucial. The most popular lens is the 24-70 mm. camera settings allow you to zoom in and out simply without losing your frame and don't camera shake.

7. Take numerous pictures from various perspectives and settings.

focus  different angle shot

More is better. quantity always wins. Rather than taking one shot, it is best to shoot several from different angles.

Getting a beautiful product image in one image shot takes practice. Multiple shots are advised to maximize the chance of getting flawless photographs.

Shoot furniture in a well-lit area. Photograph the furniture polish from several angles to ensure it looks its best. Shoot at a high f/stop number like f11 on a tripod for sharp image quality.

8. Use Props in the Shot for furniture photos

Bed Furniture Photography

As long as you use the proper furniture photography techniques, using product photography props can assist improve your photo.

Props are also required in lifestyle product photography. A vase of flowers, pillows, or a painting on the wall can help set the scene and captivate the spectator.

While experimenting with different props can be enjoyable, avoid overdoing it. Some people may not like your choice of words. A defect or a dirty spot may also be suspected. I recommend taking shots with and without props.

9. Deeply focus on the furniture

light source

To get the full product in focus, the longer side of the furniture with the long focal length requires a tiny aperture.

Aperture priority on the camera and change the aperture dial. Small aperture settings capture minute details, improving image quality.

10. Don’t Over Style

entire product

This is frequently a mistake when styling furniture. If you style your furniture piece poorly, your buyer will be distracted or disappointed. Props can cover or attract and remove unwanted objects or Props. You can contact us if you have any such needs or if you want to photograph in designed sets.