Furniture Photography

Furniture Photography Service in Mumbai

Furniture is not only a part of your home but also becomes a part of your lifestyle!

They are bought after a lot of research and consultation and assurances from friends.
This is because of two reasons. It costs a fortune, and it defines who you are.

Now with the introduction of Ecommerce, furniture photography has led a new style of photography.
Such photography majorly deals with the descriptive style of photography that shows the furniture in the best possible ways and here will discuss a few technical points of furniture photography.

The furniture should be shot from all the angels. Availability of pictures from all angels gives a complete picture of the furniture, thus helping the customers to make better decisions.

Doing interior photography of the furniture or in a living room setup helps the customers to imagine it better in their living rooms.
Additionally, they get an accurate idea of its size and fitting.

Using natural light for furniture photography is very appealing! This is because it gives the furniture a touch of authenticity, and the customer may like the product in the first sight.

Similarly adding subjects to the furniture can also trigger some emotions in a customer. For example, keeping a flower pot on a tea table or asking two or three models to pose naturally while sitting on a sofa will ensure an attachment with the product and the customer may end up in buying it only for this reason.

The last but the essential tip is being creative in your lighting and angels!
It is said that creativity has no rule book, and this is true for photography also.
Sometimes an element will click with the furniture like a photo frame just above a tuxedo sofa set.

In such cases, follow your instincts and add those elements in your frame to make it unique and outstanding.

For any such requirements and photography in designed sets, you can contact us!