Product Photography Companies in Mumbai

Product Photography Companies in Mumbai

We are one of India’s best Product Photography Companies. But how did we get here? We have reached this pinnacle of product photography by ensuring that our photographs are crisp, clear, sharp and best in every aspect.

To ensure this we have used the best equipment from companies like Canon, (use the name of the light company). The photographers that collaborate with us have a wide range of experience and have learnt their ropes from Film and Television Institute of India.

Our Company offers you associate insight into our industrial photography services, studio facilities and shoppers, with an in-depth photography portfolio to point out your ways we are able to assist you.

When you have had a glance over our website, you may have an honest plan of why we tend to be the chosen industrial creative person and videographer to infinite firms and agencies to Mumbai, India.

When your product arrives in our studio, we will contact you to allow you to grasp. Currently that we have your product on-hand, we will reconsider the small print of your order and seek advice from you on any queries or considerations you will have before we tend to begin. Once we've collected your payment details and you offer Mumbai, India your approval to begin, the fun begins and we’ll begin shooting your photos!

Product Photography Companies in Mumbai

What are the rules which one should keep in mind for product photography?

1. Highlighting the product

When used correctly, compositional rules work well. In product photography, you frequently need to disregard the most basic configurational rules and place the product front and centre.

It draws the viewer's attention to the item. There are no distractions, so your gaze is drawn directly to it. The item can be placed in the centre of the frame or the middle ground. It is a clever idea to use negative spaces and create depth in just this compositional method. Depth can be achieved through lighting, colour contrast, and reflections. You should refrain from giving your item a two-dimensional appearance.

Product Photography Services in Mumbai

2. Rule of thirds

We have all heard of the rule of thirds in other regions of photography. This is the core principle that we are taught at the start of our photography careers.

The rule of thirds prohibits trying to place the subject in the centre of the frame. Rather, the product photo's subject should be placed at the signalized intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines. When you divide the chassis in to the three equal columns as well as three rows, the intersections appear.

The rule of thirds enhances the image by forcing our eyes to hunt for the product.

Best Product Photography in Mumbai

3. Application of differential focus

Using a technique called differential focus, you can specify which area of the picture must be in crisp focus and which area should be out of focus.

In product photos, you can blur the background while keeping the foreground sharp. This is a fantastic method to draw attention to the item in the front.

Instead of just showing a plain view of an object, you may provide an accurate tale using product placement, setting, and scene-setting.

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4. Top-Down Perspective

An excellent compositional strategy to highlight your products is to use a top-down or a flat lay viewpoint. The top-down perspective provides a distinctive picture of a product.

We are used to viewing items straight on or at a 45-degree angle. A flat lay image makes products appear more intriguing and distinctive.

The strong appearance is accentuated by the background's hazy, out-of-focus condition.

When photographing food, this viewpoint is frequently employed. The flat space provides an opportunity to add other items to the scene to make it more interesting than a simple picture.

Product Photography Rules

5. Dynamic Diagonal Composition Technique

In product photography, this dynamic diagonal composition strategy is a common technique. It entails either setting up or taking pictures of your product considering lines in mind.

The most powerful design elements are lines. They can help you draw attention to your product. They also give a scene a little bit of movement.

We should arrange the picture's crucial components along diagonal lines in accordance with the diagonal rule.

The lines emphasise the focal point of the scene by leading the viewer's gaze from the frames to the object.

Simple yet powerful, diagonal lines can provide motion and vitality to a static scene.
Dynamic Diagonal Composition Technique for Product Photography

6. Rule of Odds

A helpful composition strategy for product photography is the rule of odds. The fact that it operates on a very deeper level is what tends to make it so thrilling.

The theory is that an even number of items makes it simple for viewers' minds to organise a scene. That situation therefore seems uninteresting.

An odd number creates uncertainty and intrigue.

If you only have one product, you can add more elements to the scene to support the advertisement's main idea. For instance, shaving foam and a towel and razor work well together.

This makes the result more credible by using the setting to tell a tale.

Product Photography Rule of Odds

7. Choosing Angles

Not only do camera angles make products intriguing. Similarly, the ways our eyeballs scan items on shelves and tables at a 45-degree angle. This tactic gives the goods a more approachable and realistic appearance. like the watcher already has it.

The ideal camera angle can reveal a generous portion of the product as much as possible while also adding depth. Some of the elements might not be seen in photos taken top-down or directly on.

Your choice of camera angle can expand some products and produce unusual textures. Try many angles and pick the one that best displays the advantages of the product.

Choosing the right angle for Product Photograohy

8. Using patterns to attract attention

An extremely flexible strategy for adding interest to your product images is to use patterns. You may do this by using different shapes, colours, or textures. By grouping patterns in regular or irregular ways, you can also offer variation. You can also begin with a predictable pattern and then break it to include an interesting element.

Patterns can be used to significant effect in flat lay product photography. You may create a wide variety of obvious patterned arrangements because you have the entire area of the frame to put your products on.

In addition, using patterns while shooting a product with a variety of flavours or colours is a phenomenally successful strategy.

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What are the top ten companies in product photography?

1.Ecommerce Photography India

Ecommerce Photography is one of the top companies providing numerous services related to product photography. We are ready to serve you as a brand who are excelling in this field of photography for years. We have served thousands and thousands of customers and clients till date, and we are hoping to serve more. Our product photography services have helped so many brands to increase their sales of their products and services. Our product photography services include both creative photography and plain background photography. We have the best equipment and the best professionals to get you covered. We love to shoot product photos for you and make your dreams come true.


Ecommerce Photography in Mumbai

In this century, ecommerce is the growing marketing style across the world and in India as well. As ecommerce is growing so is product photography because without its sales on ecommerce platforms would be so difficult. provides numerous services in the sphere of marketing and ecommerce. knows how to capture the perfect shot of your product so that you can show it off on ecommerce platforms and boost up your sales.


3.Product Photography Mumbai

Product Photography Mumbai is a photography company providing product photography services in Mumbai and across the cities for around twenty-five years. They have a well-equipped studio with all the top-quality collection of equipment and tools, with a well organised set up and arrangements for lighting with proper background. Their studio is situated at Malad (W) in Mumbai. Their product photography is used by many companies for marketing and promotion and other collateral. Product Photography Mumbai provides their services among Industries, corporates, businesses to businesses, manufacturing companies, consumer and marketing companies, pharmaceutical companies and so on. They also own a separate branch and team for photo editing services to make them look perfect.


4.Creative King Photography Studio

Creative King Photography Studio has also well-established their name in the top list of product photography in the city of Mumbai. Their product photography services are spread of various genres including creative product photography, 360-degree product photography, jewellery photography, white background product photography etc. Their expert photographers have domain experience in Ajio, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong and so on.


Best ecommerce photography in Mumbai

5.Pawan Manglani Product Photography

Pawan Manglani Product Photography is a product photography studio set up by quite popular and well-established photographer Pawan Manglani whose experience in this domain has added a lot of richness to it. Their dedicated product and postproduction team can well handle all kinds of photographic scenes for capturing products. You can also look at the product photography samples on the website of Pawan Manglani Studio to get a preliminary idea of how their shots are and how they work.


6. Amir Abbasi Product Photography

Amir Abbasi Product Photography studio has an excellent understanding of what sells and what doesn't after spending more than 15 years in the advertising industry crafting award-winning campaigns out of thin air. They contributed a culmination of their experiences to our photography business. They know how to take pictures that will blow you away, whether it is for simple model portfolios or a session for a significant advertising campaign. They become fixated on the tiniest. Because they consistently observe the outcomes of this strategy, obsession with perfection is just how they do things.


7.Zoom Mantra Production House

ZoomMantra is a Production House in Mumbai providing services for product photography. In addition to this, ZoomMantra is also a popular ecommerce photography studio. Their production house is in Andheri. Professional photographers working in Zoom Mantra are well versed with creativity and to capture some stunning product shots.


Product Photography

8.Sandesh Jayakar Photography Studio

Sandesh Jayakar Photography Studio provides professional product services with their expertise of more than 15 years of experience. Their photos are featured in several catalogues, brochures, advertisements, exhibitions, posters, photo galleries, packaging, websites etc. in high resolution.


9.Digital Studio

Digital Studio specialises in industrial products photography, they even provide their services in such a way that they can set up their professional studio at your location and take photos as per the requirements of their client. They capture industrial products and provide post processing services to give their clients the most amazing and high impact results.


10. Ravi Jain Photography

Ravi Jain is an immensely popular photographer based in Mumbai. He is a master’s in it and captures photos in such a way that it tells a story through it. Ravi Jain provides product photography services at a very affordable price. Some of his clients are Copper Chimney, The Studs, Juice Saloon and so on.


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And as you can see the list, this provides you information about the top ten companies providing product photography services in Mumbai. These companies have lots of experience and well-trained employees as well which will help you take excellent product photography shoots.