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To start with this content, let us take a help of a story.

A+ content creator in Mumbai.

There is a boy called Karan. He wants to buy a smartphone. He prefers to purchase electronic gadgets from Amazon. He wants to buy an android smartphone and has several choices to buy from. There are so many brands selling smartphones and so many varied options with different specifications out there.

Whenever he searches for a smartphone on Amazon, he gets the result of the smartphones which he can buy. But he is observing a pattern from the beginning. Whenever he searches for a smartphone, some devices of some brands always show up at the top. He did not know why. But do you know why it happens so?

A+ content creator in Mumbai.

Why in the search results do some specific devices of a definite brand always show up at the apex? Now, this has something to do with the content matter, engaging layout, rich texts, videos, trends, additional information, and Amazon itself.

In this article, we are going to publish you to create an interactive experience and a complete guide to explore the ways that can help you how you or can go for an ad.

A+ content creator in Mumbai.

This is nothing but all about digital marketing, how the brand owners make up at the top of the customers, and also about content writing. This time we expected a discount for the relevant experience. For a content creator or a content manager, customer experience and first impression should the main motive apart from the strategy to increase sales.

A+ content creator in Mumbai.

About Amazon.com and A plus Content

I, you, and even everyone are very much familiar with the name Amazon.

A+ content creator in Mumbai.

Whenever someone hears of Amazon, the first thought that comes to mind is an online e-commerce shopping platform from where one can buy items at a discounted price, the latest brands and latest trends are available here.

They have many categories and have excellent practices, management, and marketers by creating videos for digital marketing.

One can discuss the video content to what the customer wants.

Amazon.com Inc is an American Multinational Tech company with a broad range of products and services for us. It provides services as one of the largest e-commerce platforms where millions of shoppers buy items daily.

Apart from that, Amazon is a cloud computing company, digital streaming company, and artificial intelligence firm as well.

In order to increase product sales and boost online selling performance, Amazon.com has recently introduced a new feature in their e-commerce platform termed the A+ content for online selling.

This feature also boosts conversion rates, thus increasing the potential of the product being bought by the customers. Let us see more about A+ content.

More about A+ content

According to Amazon, A+ content has the capability to boost overall sales by an average of around 3% to 10%. The figures might seem little, but the actual effect is a lot more in terms of overall revenue for a company or a business. This is done by doing a lot of research.

A+ content can be designated as premium content that aids the sellers in incorporating more multimedia elements into product descriptions, including elements such as high-quality images, description charts, bigger and stylistic fonts, and sometimes High Definition (HD) videos as well.

A+ content makes the product description much richer, rich in images and multimedia like short video clips or animations. Such a rich product description attracts customers more than an ordinarily written simple product description.

It also eases the effort of looking into the product details by many folds. Thus, helping the customer to stay hooked on it. Sellers also get the opportunity to talk more about the brand, thus creating a sense of trust.

You get to add a detailed description of each product, which can convince the buyer to buy it. It helps them realize the details of those products they will get upon receiving.

A+ content is basically enhanced brand content. A+ content is a whole different approach to sharing the details of the product. The enrichment of the product contents using multimedia helps enhance the overall user experience, which in turn aids in driving high conversions and huge traffic to the listings.

In brief, it goes above and beyond what most sellers do to guarantee that a potential customer understands the product characteristics more effectively and has a smart online purchasing experience.

A quick look into Amazon A+ premium content feature

Another popular feature to highlight the brand story with the help of amazon a content feature is Amazon premium a content. It is the more premium version of amazon a content that can effectively boost sales with enhanced brand content, enhanced image resolution, full screen video and so on.

As mentioned Amazon a plus content of premium version is always one step ahead of amazon a content. Amazon sellers can take advantage of enhanced content to increase sales and improving purchasing process of the potential customers by highlighting brand's story with interactive content features to boost customer engagement. Valuable content can drive more sales and more units sold.

Amazon premium a content provides sixteen more additional modules i.e., brand story module, this way it creates a great and impactful shopping experience which are used by some of the major brands to include their brand stories in the seller central or vendor central, forming a major portion of the premium amazon exclusives to attract potential customers.

Contents of a premium content

  • Videos of excellent quality (720p) and three minutes in length have been integrated.
  • Product graphics and visuals that are appealing, including 7 modules with HD images.
  • With an attractive layout, the FAQs list has been enhanced to clear up confusions and increase trust.
  • Hotspot modules, which respond to a customer's hover over the product's characteristics, or carousel modules, which allow customers to easily scroll through, are examples of interactive experiences.
  • Product pages that are mobile- and voice-friendly and integrate with the Alexa system.

  • Constituents of A+ Content

    Enhanced brand content for Amazon or A+ content consists of the following components:

    • Multiple images of the product or item to be sold. It can include close-up shots, shots from different angles, or lifestyle shots as well.
    • Concise and a clear list of bullet points about the product. The catchier, the better. This should be within a word limit of 100 words. Moreover, each and every line should make an impact on the person who is willing to buy.
    • An element is known as “What’s in the Box.”. This helps the buyers who are buying the product to know more about the components of that product in a detailed manner.
    • A product view of 360 degrees.
    • Infographics to further elaborate on the various features of the product.
    • Comparison Matrix or chart (includes point of comparison of other comparable products, which help the customer to get to know more about your product and why it is better than others).
    • High-Definition video content.

    What is the purpose of creating A+ content for the brands?

    1.Casting a good and stronger first emotion:

    By including value-added graphics and videos into your Amazon marketing strategy of A+ materials, you can grab the initial impression.

    Casting stronger impression

    You may showcase your commodities using infographics, short movies, and interactive bullet points using scan-able headings for an overview of a completed digital purchasing experience.

    This emphasizes the information that the consumer is looking for or that you want to draw attention to.

    2.Forming a visual perspective:

    The dimension and quality of each image on your web pages should be appropriate. It can provide the consumer with a 360-degree product perspective.

    Other platforms allow for variation, which leads to consumer choice confusion. However, Amazon improved A+ brand content rejects any size variation.

    The error content itself is rejected. Furthermore, you may use this service to add leverage banners that draw attention to a new purchasing department.

    As a result, A+ contents are effective with correct product image, substance, and segment selection. It accepts less text in exchange for greater images and consistent designs. In reality, this is an excellent tool for Ecommerce PR.

    3.Cross sale using comparison chart:

    In the age of digital competition, every company has a plethora of ways to entice clients. However, in order to distinguish your brand as the very first choice of clients, you must virtually compare items in the same category.

    Cross sale comparison using chart

    You may use Amazon A Plus Content to create a comparison chart of comparable ASINs or items, allowing customers to find or contrast the same product from multiple companies without leaving the description page of your product.

    4.Interactive and premium experience:

    It has a high-quality user interface and an engaging experience. The 7 modules improved visual system displays full-width product visuals that leave an imprint on the viewer's mind.

    The hotspot module reacts to customers hovering over product features, while the carousel module allows them to cycle through support.

    POWERED BY Amazon's Alexa technology, each product page has voice-friendly and mobile-friendly features.


    It addresses all of the consumer's inquiries in an entertaining form using a specifically created interactive FAQ list.

    It also caters to various buying styles with interactive information. In a nutshell, the consumer should be able to obtain all of the details about the object in a single fast search.

    5 For (1P) clients, the basic A+ material is provided at no cost. However, the Amazon A plus detail is the incorporation of virtual shopping, which provides a retail-like touch with hand experience.

    However, contrary to retail, the efficacy of web purchasing may provide all comparative facts to your palates without any further bouncing about.

    What are the benefits of using A+ content?

    When it comes to the benefits and advantages of using A+ content or enhanced brand content, then there are plenty. The benefits of A+ content is based on recent trends, expertise, research.

    Catching Attention

    A plus content helps to catch the attention of potential buyers on a large scale. Popularizing a brand or a company can also be easily done with the help of a plus content. This should be the primary motive of a content creator or a content manager.

    With inclusion of comparison charts, enhanced brand content which includes interactive content features in product detail page with product descriptions also improves indexing in google search results.

    Catching Attention of Viewers

    Displaying the product details and brand story

    A plus content also gave a key role in displaying the brand and the creation in front of everybody else. It will also help with the improvement of the conversion rate. This is a very much proven marketing strategy.

    Improved product listings for the target audience

    Enhanced or A plus content also helps improve the organic SEO or Search Engine Optimization score to a great extent, thus keeping the product at the apex.

    Audience is the target

    Retaining customer interest and getting better reviews

    It helps to retain the customer’s interest and helps them to differentiate between the basic product lines and the premium product lines. Customers could easily choose their requirements then.

    Multiple enhanced images and videos for business marketing

    Also, the presence of multiple images of the product, 360 degrees viewing, video content in the high definition about the product, and comparison chart helps the customers or buyers to know about the product in more detail while buying.

    Helps in increasing the conversion rates

    According to Amazon, product listing with a plus content typically sell ten per cent more. The a plus content function improves content conversion, increases product branding, and improves the customer buying experience.

    Attractive photos combined with solid content persuade on-the-fence buyers to make a purchase, resulting in a rise in ROAS that is Return on Advertising Spend and a decrease in ACoS.

    Thus it eventually helps in increasing the conversion rates also enhancing brand recognition in amazon listings.

    Publishing brand content details for achieving success in the business

    Thus, a plus content helps the shoppers to educate themselves about the features and variations of the product while also showing them other options to choose from and to determine which is better for them.

    Brand content in the product description helps uplift the brand value.

    Marketing and business

    People get to know more about the brand and its goals and strategy, which help in increasing the overall sales of its products. The more popular a brand, the more people know about a good brand, and the more its sales will be. Isn’t that obvious?

    What is the cost of creating enhanced brand content or A+ content?

    Till now, we have discussed the Amazon A plus content, the constituents or the components of the Amazon content, and what are the perks of using A+ content, how it can boost your sales and increase conversion rates and attract customers so that they can so that they buy your products.

    We have also discussed how using A plus content creates a good and a better brand image and creates stronger emotions and forms a visual perspective.

    Enhanced brand content

    A plus content gives a premium touch to the product description and improves the user experience. So now it's time to discuss the cost of Amazon A plus content as of now Amazon.

    There are a lot of agencies in Mumbai that create A plus content. As we have discussed earlier, A plus content includes many different pieces like text, graphics, photos, illustrations, video, and animation.

    A+ Content

    Hence the cost of the content can vary quite a lot depending upon the exact requirement. The table below gives you an estimate of costs for various types of A Plus content.

    Can brand owners make Amazon a plus content?

    When Amazon initially launched it Amazon a plus content strategies in the market, up until 2019, it only allowed brand owner, sellers, vendor manager to use the Amazon Enhanced brand content or EBC which was just a basic service allow them to detailed descriptions, multimedia content, specs detail, comparison charts which appears alongside text with embed videos and few images.

    Later, Amazon introduced a plus content for sellers who comes under amazon brand registry or are brand registered amazon sellers.

    One thing to mention is that a plus content can only be added to the items which are a part of approved brand catalog.

    While, those amazon sellers who are under the Amazon exclusive program or Launchpad can automatically access a plus content.

    If sellers are registered under amazon brand registry 1.0, it is highly advised to upgrade it to amazon brand registry 2.0.

    What are the guidelines for publishing amazon content for a plus category?

    Because A+ content isn't indexed by Amazon, it has no effect on your page ranking.

    Amazon A+ content management now displays a glimpse of the both your desktop and smartphone versions on the same screen, according to a recent upgrade.

    You will be required to pay more to create A+ enhanced content for things that are already available from other vendors.

    To qualify for the promotion, you must submit your A+ material within one month of confirming your purchase.

    Any changes or modifications to the page are only permitted within the first two business days of publication.

    Guidelines for A+ Content

    On your pages, you are not permitted to acknowledge your competitor or the things they sell.

    The stuff you submit should be original.

    Amazon reserves the right to remove your A plus page at any time. However, this occurs only when a vendor decides to close her or his account, fails to fulfill orders on time, or breaches Amazon's terms and conditions.

    What are some of the best practices for creating amazon a plus content?

    The guidelines for employing A+ content are plain and easy to understand. As a result, you should have no problems meeting the eligibility rules.

    A+ content creator in Mumbai.

    However, maintaining one step ahead of the standards and then maximizing your A+ content is where you will feel the strain to stay ahead of other Amazon sellers.

    1.Keeping content short & precise

    Even just a non-skimmer is unlikely to want to wade through so much content to determine whether or not your product is appropriate for his or her requirements.

    Stick to concise and accurate content that informs shoppers fast about the product and allows them to make an informed purchasing decision.

    Best practices to create  A+ content

    Also, make sure to begin by adding A+ content to the best-selling products first. Use this feature when the likelihood of profit is higher.

    Profits from A+ Content

    2.Keeping the designs as uniform as possible

    Here's something vital for you to remember. The most important point is that you should not design for just one landing page. Instead, it applies to the full product portfolio, which you should never overlook.

    Keeping designs uniform as possible

    Your excellent content should be consistent across the layout. It should represent the extension of your brand as well as the website. Consider it in terms of the big picture and how you want to see your brand as a whole.

    3.Leveraging the power of product reviews

    Customer reviews are really valuable, and you should not disregard them. Read over your customer reviews and even those made on your competitors' listings that offer a very comparable product to yours before crafting A+ material. This will provide you with a clear image of the type of material that your customers prefer.

    Product Reviews

    4.Avoiding errors in the content

    Some specific characters and symbols, such as the copyrights, trademarks, registered brand marks, are prohibited when developing A+ content. Furthermore, you are not permitted to provide a reference to another website.

    5.Keeping things visual and less textual

    A plus material should be more visually appealing, which implies using more graphics and less words. The language should be written in basic terms and should convey the message to the customer clearly. Maintain a suitable balance of lifestyle product photos vs real product photos, as well as a feature that promotes the ASIN.

    6.Using banners for effective communication

    Banners are an excellent approach to divide your product's information page. In fact, it presents it to the consumer as a new category, entices the buyer using HD visuals, and provides additional details about the company and product.

    7.Emphasizing USP

    Begin by asking yourself a basic question: what is the USP or Unique Selling Point of the product?

    Once you get the response, write it down and ask yourself two additional questions: what are the main advantages of using my product? And how may my product assist people in their daily lives?

    Remember that "benefits" and "features" are not synonymous. While "features" are vital, "benefits" are what will elicit emotions. And when emotions are evoked, purchases are made.

    8.Combining the images and the texts

    Of course, high-quality photographs help with conversions, however you can do a lot more by including some engaging language that highlights the benefits or qualities of your product. Including this is a smart strategy, especially for skimmers looking for specific information rather than your content pieces.

    9.Proofreading the contents once more every time before submitting

    As previously stated, Amazon can take up to seven days to review your content. However, they normally do it far faster than that. As a result, make sure to review your text before submitting it. If your a plus page is posted and you later discover that it contains a grammar error, you will resubmit the page. This implies that your error will be visible for a week.

    A+ content creators in Mumbai

    So, we now know that content and product description is an important parts of selling a product.

    So, when it comes to content creation, content developers who have knowledge about A-plus content and how to create them are sought after the most. Sellers look for those content developers who can follow the guidelines stated by Amazon for writing content.

    We are one of the best A+ content creators in Mumbai. So, to get your job done at affordable prices, do contact us by mail or via call.


    Developing A plus content for the product listings is undeniably one of the best strategies to attract more customers and increase sales. This is, in reality, the ideal strategy to differentiate yourself from competition and convert additional buyers. All that is required is the proper knowledge and competence.

    A Plus Content