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The decorative profession in show business. And to capture the beautiful decor even more beautifully you need professional photographers and videographers. The designers prepare modules displaying their details, which are used as blueprints in the further preparation of the interior design and decoration of the house. Professional photographers and videographers are often used to capture the intricate details of the designs for posterity. These photographs and videos are kept as a reference by the designers for their future client list.

Home Decor Photographers in Mumbai

lamp light photography

If you have decorated your house according to your tastes and you are confident enough to showcase it.

Interior Photography

dining table photography

Interior Photography is generally done in an antique house. The designs and the elements are old, and photography or videography is done to celebrate the past time and old trends.

If you have such a place to showcase, we will help you to fulfill your vision.

Architecture Photography


Architectural Photography aims in capturing the essence of the exterior design of a home.

Home Decor Photography Tips

Home Decor Photography Tips

1. Wide angle lens

In interior photography, a wide-angle lens is a requirement, yet it is recommended to see other photographers who use it as widely as feasible. You should use lenses that are wider than 22-24 mm.

You won't be able to catch an entire space in one image, but it will display capturing everything in the most natural light possible in the photos.

2. Closer Shots

Create room summaries, but don't forget to include vignettes and close-ups as well to drive sales for helped builders or team for your website too. You can capture or search for the photos of mood of the space in those.

Change the aperture of your camera: Because the depth of field is determined by the size of the hole of light in your apartment or property that enters your camera by capturing photo, make it as large as feasible.

3. Create Space

The lack of room is the most difficult aspect of indoor photography for target audience and home owners or helped builders if they want a new set-up(apart from the light) to drive sales. So, if the furniture is getting in the way of a wonderful shot, don't be scared to relocate it. Alternatively, shoot from the hallway inside the room until the doorposts are no longer visible in the viewfinder.

4. Keep your lines straight

Keep your verticals vertical and your horizontals horizontal while shooting a one-point view photography for target audience and home owners and website too. Even if we observe doors from a slanted view, our brain can recognize that they are vertical, but the camera cannot. It's easier to maintain the lines straight by capturing photo when you use a tripod and a tripod head with bubble levels.

5. Use Tripod for best experience

Indoors for interior photographers it is to be noted that the lighting is rarely good enough to shoot handheld. As a result, a tripod is necessary! To achieve an overall sharp photograph, keep the aperture between F/9 and F/11 and the ISO as low as feasible. The shutter speed is no longer a problem when your camera is mounted on a tripod.

Home Decor and Architectural Photographers

Home Decor and Architectural Photographers

The field of interior and architecture photography design by capturing infrastructure with interior photographers is well-established for architecture photographers. However, this has resulted in a new direction for architecture photographers. They not only shoot in real locations but also in an architecture photography studios.

The architecture photographers designers create module interiors for their clients to view, which serve as blueprints for the creative home's subsequent décor services with cost-effective and videos with interiors for architecture photographers and interiors preparations services and videos for many people’s lives.

After famous architecture photography pictures or in events by capturing best features infrastructure designers with aspects of architectural accomplishments have finally entered a room, professional architecture photography makers and videographers catch their modules. The architecture photographer's designers keep these reviews photos or particular photographs and films as a reference for their future customer list and also for other inspiring architecture photographers.

It is important to note for architecture photographers and interior photographers in Mumbai, however, that trends have shifted.

Some of our clients photographers in Mumbai many people’s lives. don't have a formal education but are skilled architecture photography designers and interiors. They continue to engage professionals and do their job to capture their creation's interiors, which they do just for the love of it.

Top Home Decor and Architecture Photographers in Mumbai

Home Decor and Architecture Photographers in Mumbai

1. Ecommerce Photography India

We at Ecommerce Photography India are experts in Home Decor Photography. Our well-experienced, skilled and talented photographs have years of experience in Home Decor Photography. We produce the most authentic and beautiful photos that will surely blow off your mind. Photos produced by us gives strange yet aesthetic feel. We have worked with various clients and have dealt with wide variety of home decor format and patterns which gives us an edge over others to get the shot that you want. Our services are very affordable and promising.

2. Shamanth Patil

Shamanth Patil is an Indian commercial and one of architecture photographer in Mumbai with architectural accomplishments with a degree in professional interiors. For him, photography is a journey with many other rental agents. He creates visuals in interior photographers that are avant-garde, strange, and hypnotic. He was guided to investigate the area of humanitarian photography by the late Mr. T S Satyan, an outstanding photojournalist.

He holds a master's degree in Commercial and wedding Photography and Digital Imaging from Mumbai's Shari Academy of Photography. A recognized one of the interior photographers International Award winner for the portrait 'Eyes Never Age,' as well as the winner of five international prizes in three years. He is many interior designers' first choice.

3. Prachi Khasgiwala

After studying architecture and his interests grew in capturing infrastructure, Prachi Khasgiwala decided to pursue her interest confirmed in an architectural photography studio with many other rental agents. An enthusiastic, also one of the interior photographers, a traveler who tries to capture the essence of the various civilization she sees. A dedicated learner or chat system and also one of the professional interiors capturing photos who believes in the concept of forwarding growth via education. The design interiors doing capturing photos and structures always astounded the architect's side.

4. Tejas Shah

Tejas Shah has a photographing architecture studio and wedding photography for nearly two decades in his professional interiors also. His photographs are the best among photographers in Mumbai has been on the cover pages of almost 400 issues of reputable periodicals and architectural books photographers in Mumbai, and has appeared on the cover pages of these publications 29 times.

Tejas has developed synergy to match the architect's vision more than any other photographers in Mumbai with his photographic skills details, having worked on projects for some of the world's finest architects and production.

5. Prashant Bhat

Prashant Bhat one of the famous, photographers in Mumbai, Maharashtra interiors, page interiors details, and homeowners display providers also photographed, has nearly reached his silver jubilee in the world of architecture and interior design photography. He has had his work published by photographers in Andheri West, Mumbai in all of India's main architecture, page interiors and homeowners display providers and design periodicals, as well as numerous international publications.

6. Noaidwin Bharucha

He is one of the best architectural photographers in Mumbai, Maharashtra interiors at Noaidwin Bharucha architecture photography studio.

Our one-of-a-kind, photographers in Andheri West, Mumbai, approach to styling and painstaking attention to detail produces amazing images is best among photographers in Mumbai that aid businesses and entrepreneurs in marketing, advertising photographed, and branding.

7. Ricken Desai

Ricken is a well-known photographer in Mumbai architectural photographer and home decor photo maker who believes in capturing the designs and details in all of their architectural splendor among photographers in Andheri West, Mumbai.

Ricken is imaginative, open-minded, and unafraid to take chances when the time is right. As a result, he's had to come up with inventive ways among all photographers in Mumbai to take some challenging photographs on several occasions.

We provide both photography and videography services to capture your passion.

For such quality home decor and architecture photographers or any help, contact us.