Amazon 360 Degree Product View

Amazon 360 Degree Product View

What is a 360-degree photo or view?

A 360-degree picture is a panoramic image that can be rotated around the originating point of the photograph. 360-degree images mimic being a camera and looking in any direction, including to the left, middle, up, and down, as well as occasionally zooming.

You might have seen 360 degree photos on ecommerce sites or on Facebook. Nowadays, such photos can also be made using smartphones.

Amazon 360 Degree Product View

Although you will need to invest money on a specialised 360-degree camera to do so, anyone can create 360-degree photos and share them to social media. The 360-degree photos are created by combining the images captured by each individual lens to create a full 360-degree panorama. Two or three lenses, each pointed in a different direction, are present in these cameras.

What is Amazon 360-degree product view about?

Amazon 360 will be used by vendors from all around the world in 2020 to show their product information to online shoppers with spectacular 360-degree photos. One of the largest online companies in the world, Amazon, made billions of dollars in sales in 2019 alone and has established itself as a top choice for consumers. The possibilities of this platform, especially the utilisation of spin images, is being utilised by major online stores, cars, and luxury jewellery companies.

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Amazon slowly began distributing 360-degree images to a select group of carefully chosen retailers in 2018. Following the first 60-day pilot, the results were positive and demonstrated higher conversion rates across the entire group of selected businesses. As a result, Amazon began implementing this feature throughout its marketplace.

Since then, the company has provided thousands of online retailers with this functionality as a top option for a number of product categories. Among them are goods like vehicles, cameras, furniture, lawn and garden tools, kitchenware, jewellery, sports gear, and outdoor activities.

What are the advantages of Amazon 360-degree product view or 360-degree product video?

There are many benefits to utilising 360 degree product views on Amazon. In this article, we'll go over the benefits of using 360-degree product view images. You will be astonished to learn how useful it is.

1. The Correct Path to Enhance the Overall Mobile Experience

In 2018, 58 percent of site visits came from mobile devices, which also accounted for 42 percent of all online time. As more and more sales processes migrate to mobile devices, Amazon has focused heavily on its mobile platform. 360�� imagery is the best way to utilise screen real estate because it gives users total control over their viewing experience. The ability to move a product around with your finger in different directions is a significant improvement over the horizontal scrolling of the image carousel. Customers frequently forget what was displayed on previous images, especially an image that was displayed five swipes prior.

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The beta testing of Amazon's video search advertisements has just begun. The most recent video products aim to be as informative as possible, assisting customers in making well-informed purchasing decisions. A 360-degree spin video can exemplify the entire product in less than 9 seconds, despite the fact that businesses spend a lot of money on product movies. Why then wouldn't you spin? Better product information is provided, and it is economical and efficient.

2. Enhances the visual searching of items

Amazon is always coming up with new ideas and trying to change the way people shop. The online store understood the drawbacks of visual browsing. It has therefore introduced a browsing feature called "Scout Search" that enables users to give items a thumbs-up or -down. Customers can browse using only images if they give it a thumbs up because related products will load.

For a visual search engine to recognise your product, you need high-quality imagery. Not only that, but you also need to name those images appropriately so that your visual search system can find them. 360-degree/3D imagery can be used to close the technological gap much more quickly.

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3. Increase conversion and sales rates

Finally, you have yet another reason to use Amazon 360 because 360-degree imagery is currently the most effective type of product content when sales and conversion rates are taken into account.

Any Amazon merchant can start improving their product listings right away with dynamic consumer experiences that include spin and zoom features. Spin graphics will soon be the standard on online marketplaces, and as the market as a whole continues to move toward mobile platforms, suppliers will need to make the necessary preparations to ensure that their goods and experiences are appropriately expandable across all devices and platforms where they trade their goods.

There is currently intense competition in image optimization, and there is no better way to increase conversion rates, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce overall Amazon returns.

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4. Establishing consistency

By showcasing the best possible product photography online, brands can demonstrate their commitment to providing customers with the best possible product experience.

When a product's quality is consistent throughout all platforms, from store websites to online stores like Amazon and Shopify, retailers gain more visibility and customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to buy the products as well as trust the business.

Finally, marketers must demonstrate that they are creating and implementing consistent, scalable content design processes across the board, including on large online marketplaces, retailer websites, and online distributors.

Establishing Consistency in Amazon 360 View

5. Making the whole experience interactive

Getting your internet customers' trust is one of the hardest parts of remote sales. These customers want a hands-on experience, so your product images should come as close as you can to simulating an actual in-store purchase.

Customers should be able to spin an item in their hands using your complete 360-degree image, but they should also be able to zoom in closely to see all of your product's intricate details. Additionally, you want your product image to be distinctive from the other online competition and generate beneficial SEO for your website.

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What is the cost of a 360-degree product view?

Depending on how it is taken and published, 360-degree product view photography can range in price. The price starts at about INR 2500 per product if the 360-degree product video is created by first filming the product and then converting that clip into a 360-degree product video.

cost of a 360-degree product view in Mumbai

A 3D model of the product is first created, and it is then used to create a 360-degree product video if the clients request one that is stunning, more splendid, richer, and much more detailed. The type of product we have been trying to shoot and the level of detailing will determine the price in this case.

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